Mar 11, 2012

031212 Monday

Skill / Mobility Work:
Deadlift.  Before loading up the bar and pulling, start with a lower weight and focus on loading from the bottom - hamstrings first.  Get proper position at the start of the lift (shins on the bar, neutral head position, flat back, etc.) and through the lift (hips & shoulders rise together, etc)
Have a L1 Coach watch your lifts before starting the WOD.

And a video for some hip mobility, there's a whole series of deadlift mobility if you're interested -

3 Rounds for Time:
800m run/1000m row
10 ring dips
5 x Deadlift (275/155)  

Focus on depth in the ring dips - if you need to use a band then do so to get enough depth or use bars.  A deep dip is vital to eventually get a muscle up.

Jamie Z's 0530 Class

21-15-9 reps for time:
225lb Deadlift


Mike Anderson said...

James - I'll be there at 0500.

Julie said...

I am for the morning too!

Hey April, how much do I owe you for chocolate Paleonola? Also, could I buy an original too? That would push me through to the next order and get me through Spring Break. If not, then one chocolate would be perfect! Just let me know. Thanks!


james said...

Sorry gang I am on the road until Thursday. James

Air Force Steve said...

Lots of deadlifting tomorrow. Speaking of deadlifts:

Please congratulate the IMCF team members who participated in the Leavenworth High School Deadlift-a-thon on Saturday.

The team won the Mens/Womens Open/Masters (#1 of 1!). Other notables were:

Elizabeth Brown: Overall best lifter for Women's Open/Masters
Mark Monroe: Overall best lifter for Men's Masters.

Here is a list of the max lifts with numerous PRs (I may have missed some PRs):

Chuck Anderson: 365
Lance O'Bryan: 425 - Overall best IMCF lifter by my accounting
Elizabeth Brown: 225
Jason Harlan: 395 (PR)
Alicia Hanf: 245 (PR)
Luster Hobbs: 345 (PR)
Bridgett Wetzler: 220 (PR)
Mark Monroe: 335 (PR)
Debbie Olson: 235 (PR)
Steve Olson: 475

We also saw a 19 year kid pull 600# off the floor and a few high school girls lift 300#...impressive!

Rich M. said...

Congrats to all on the great lifting!

Erin Anderson said...

Deadlifting Pictures

Congrats IMCF Team!

scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:


Scaled bar dips for ring dips (no rings available) o/wise as Rx'd.

Julie said...

That is awesome! Congrats!

Greg M said...

18:10, used band on rounds 2-3 to try and turn out on my ring dips. DL was RX'd.

Ed said...

14:35 as Rx'd.

Still quite sore in the triceps from last week's Games WOD ... the 800s were a nice change, the ring dips, not so much.

Good WOD Mike!

Tiffany said...


Red band ring dips
145# for reps 1-3, then realized that was too much for me so went to 135# for the rest

Thanks alex and rich for the DL pointers and Dan for trying to teach me the butterfly pull ups.

Julie said...

Great pictures Erin!!! You guys looked so good!

LRH said...

16:10 as Rx (+10 lbs on deadlift)

Mike Anderson said...

The last 800 was A LOT slower than the first two!

Noah said...

14:37. Scaled the healthlift to 225#. Enjoyable WOD to start the week.

Ross said...

Well I was hoping my cold and cough that plagued me all last week would have been gone after a weekend of rest, but nope kicked my butt again this morning... 800's felt really slow, of course that could have been because I was chasing Noah the whole time.

RX'd at 15:15 with a lot of hacking in the middle..

Mac said...

13:31, then an additional painful round for the ABN RGR in the sky, 18:21. Guess I was feeling spry this morning. Happy Monday!

Alex E. said...

14:48. Red Band for dips to turn out and 225 on Noah's healthlift.

Really enjoyable coming in from your last 800 as Mac is on his way out to do another round...

Rich M. said...

Had to change the WOD since I can't use my left hand- so...

3 RFT:
Run 800, 15 back ext, 20 GHD.

I haven't posted in a while since I've been so limited. Good to be back doing real WODs

Erin Anderson said...

17:09 Red band dips & scaled dl to 95# (protecting my hamstring) But the scaling allowed me to catch up with Tiffany on the DL only to get passed every lap by her on the run!

Chuck Anderson said...

Erin would you forward me those awesome pictures! thanks.

Jake78 said...

Did it in 15:40, 800s were slow!


Bridget said...

Played in the pool today. 30 minutes 33 x 50 (11 free/11breast/11 back). Helped stretch out from Friday's WOD & SAT DL competition.

Thank you Meg, Erin & Tiffany for cheering us on this weekend. And all the men competitors!
Thank you EZ for getting me to try something new, it was well worth it, I would do that again! The 19 yrs old lifting #600 & HS gal who lifted #300 was pretty freakin cool!

Jay Luck said...

1439 scaled to 225 nice workout

April said...

Yes! I can afford to give you some Chocolate AND Original, no problem. Do you want to just give me two of whatever in exchange after you order yours? That is easier than attempting to calculate cost.

If I don't get in early enough to catch you in the morning, I'll send them home with Rich.

Julie said...

That would be perfect! I will order two in exchange. Meg said we would order over Spring Break and I will pay you back once the order arrives. I sent you a message through FB on Whole 30, so ignore! Thanks a ton!

Jimmy S. said...

15:21 scaled to red band on dips and 225 DL. Felt good to get out and run in the sun

Doug said...

Did the row, DL/dips as Rx. 17:36. 1000m row times were: 3:52, 3:56, 3:59. I think running would have been @3:00 faster based on my normal 800 run times.

Matt B. said...

I'm in a hotel - and the only hotel I've ever been in with a bar and plates. No track on the 3rd floor gym though, nor did I want to mess with treadmills. I did 3 rounds of 10 dips, 5 DL, then went outside on the patio for 300 DU. I predict Games WODs with DU and something like a CF Total. 1st DL at 275#, the rest at 225#.

Dips + DL @ 8:55
Put weights away and toweled things off.
DU @ 12:11.
Total @ 21:06.

My weekend confessional. After getting 3+ rounds on Thursday and being satisfied with effort, I saw everyone elses Thursday/Friday scores in the 4-8+ rounds and started wondering "what the heck happened?" I signed up for the Games to compete against myself and ramp up my own efforts, but I can't say I'm ignoring everyone else's scores or my overall rank. I considered redoing 12.3, but had sore traps, pecs and calves for 3 days. I second-guessed the score I heard while dizzy post-WOD. I recalled a lifetime of next-to-last finishes. I settled on accepting my effort and score and the 20,000 places I would drop in rank, for it really doesn't matter - I have a benchmark/marker to improve on. So after checking the scores after close, 12.3 was my best relative WOD ranking across all 3 and I moved up 1,500 slots to 26,600 in the world. 2 takeaways for me: 1) focus on giving your best effort and let the chips fall where they may. 2) you're blessed to work with a whole bunch of studs in quantities few/no other boxes have, and have great opportunity to learn from and be motivated by them.

Greg M said...

Well said Matt!!

Greg E said...

3 Rounds for Time:
800m run/1000m row
10 ring dips
5 x Deadlift (275/155)

RX @ 15:09 - Glad I went for the 275 even though daylight savings time was telling me to scale.

I predict 12.4 will be allot of pullups and DUs.