Mar 7, 2012

030812 Thursday

Skill / Mobility Work:
CrossFit Standard Push ups (CFSPU) - keeping the glutes tight through the whole exercise, not 'springing' off the ground with the hips/thighs, maintaining a tight core and neutral head.

3 Rounds of Warm up
Run/Row 400m
15s Samson Stretch per side
10 Overhead Squat (PVC)
10 Pull up
10 Dip
10 GHD/ABMAT Sit up
10 Back extension
10 CFS Push up

Skill work on a goat for 10 minutes

Jamie Z's 0530 Class

Push Press: 5-5-5-5-5


Ross said...

12.3 just posted

MEN - includes Masters Men up to 54 years old

Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 18 minutes of:
15 Box jumps, 24" box
115 pound Push press, 12 reps
9 Toes-to-bar

WOMEN - includes Masters Women up to 54 years old

Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 18 minutes of:
15 Box jumps, 20" box
75 pound Push press, 12 reps
9 Toes-to-bar

james said...

I am sure that I said to someone that it would have boxjumps and TTB....just can't remember who

Julie said...

It was me and Rich called it too!

John T. said...

Oh wow. This might be sporty after doing Iron Major competition tomorrow against the Brits. Ugh.

Alex E. said...

Anyone else nervous after watching Annie double over during this workout?

Mike Anderson said...

Let's make a plan tomorrow for Friday morning. We'll need to manage time closely because this is a longer workout.

Any L1s available, I'll be in the bubble until about 0550 tomorrow.

Julie said...

James, I will go at 515 on Friday and then run home to switch out with Rich. He can grade. Will that help?

rob said...

WOD 12.3 complete at Elevated CrossFit in Springville, Utah. Tyson C. is the owner/coach and he just opened his box in January. He's got a great box with a growing clientele. Tyson is also a ski coach for the Sundance Ski team in Provo, Utah and a super nice guy. I'm glad 12.3 is complete; good luck to the rest of IMCF.

15 x BJ
3 x PP

scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

Did the WOD (15:36 but wasn't really pushing for time)then worked on MUs.

No rings so I used a pull-up bar. Focused on getting my chest forward over the bar rather than wrenching my shoulder forward. Last time I did a MU I did the latter and hurt for two weeks.

Mark Weaver said...

WOD in 19:10.

FYI the CGSC Foundation office said they have XL IMCF t-shirts on order and will be here in a few weeks.

Matt B. said...

12.3 WOD, graded by L1 Greg.
Coached and cheered by Greg, Meg, Elizabeth, Debbie, and many others.

4 rds BJ
3 rds +3 Press
3 rds TTB
= 126

I set the goal of doing 4 rounds only because Rob almost got 8 rounds and I just halved what Rob did. Awesome job, Rob!

Highly suggest a (re)read of the mental prep article posted the other day:

This was as much, or more, of a mental WOD as physical. Since I can do all things through Him who strenghens me, my mantra was "Lord, give me strength." Negative messages got pretty frequent after minute 10, including the thought of just giving up, but I thought "I don't have to do 12 presses right now... just do one." Encouragement from the team was instrumental in turning negative self talk into positive self talk. Even afterwards, comments like "good job pushing through those presses" can overcome what would be the lasting thought of "man, I suck at presses." Finishing a tough WOD and being satisfied with effort and results = Big Win.

Lance said...

Any L1's going to be in the bubble this afternoon?

james said...

I have Wade, Mike A and I scheduled to do 12.3 at 0515 tmw and Chris C and Greg M to grade there another volunteer grader? We can then grade at 0545.

Well done to all those athletes who did the workout today and embraced significantly heavier weights than they otherwise would. The games is great for getting out of your comfort zone.

Ed said...

James, I can be in early

james said...

Thanks Ed.

Julie said...

Totally agree with James! The 75 Push Press was out of my comfort
zone! It was a PR for me to get one much less make it through two rounds. I was thrilled! I can't thank everyone enough for sticking with me this morning! Thanks for James and Elizabeth for the extra coaching! Thanks for the encouraging words! My grader was James:

2 Rounds Plus 15 Box Jumps and 5 Push Press

It kicked my rear end! And Debbie, Elizabeth, Kim, Chris and everyone YOU CRUSHED IT! Good luck to everyone tomorrow!

Rich will come in to grade in the morning and I will sit out.

Matt B. said...

An analytic sidenote. I think I figured out the two numbers associated with Games overall rankings - the number on the left and the number on the right in (parenthesis). I think the first number is the rank based on the sum total of raw score, whereas the parenthetical number is the sum of the weekly ranks. If that's the case, then there are two methods of ranking folks. The () rank is a simple way to "weight" the scores between the five workouts so that a raw score in a given week wouldn't over/underpower other weeks. For example, if someone got 100 burpees, 80 snatch, and 250 on 12.3, the 12.3 score dominates the total raw score and the snatch WOD doesn't count for as much - even if you're a ranked leader on the snatches. However, if you do overall rankings based on the weekly rank you get a "relative" score, but it evens out the differences in scale between the weeks. Looking to future WODs, if final rankings will be base on raw score then the WODs will have to be AMRAPs. If rankings are by the (parenthetical) sum of weekly rank, then there could be "for time" workouts because you wouldn't have the problem of adding different scales, e.g. 60 reps + 2:45 minutes = ?

Ross said...

14:17 for the WOD today, should have been faster, I lost time putting my sweatshirt on /off each time I went to run and returned.... But at least I did it, was very tempted today to just stretch and rest my shoulders for tomorrow's push presses...

Sean G. said...

5 Rds and 15 box jumps- graded by Jon R.

Smoker- thanks for the encouragement!

Jamie Z said...

did 5x5 of push press at 185lbs. Then I gave my knee a test drive for 1600m

Erin Anderson said...

Impressive effort by all doing 12.3 this morning!

I would love to go with the 5:15 group tomorrow, is anyone else willing to grade that early?

Jake78 said...

The main site workout was a games event, no wonder there seemed to be a mass mutiny to IMCF this morning lol.

Did the warmup workout.


Noah said...

Matt B...two good posts. Your analytical sidenote solidifies your position as a true ORSA guy. That's some deep thinkin' there bro!

Tried two rounds of 12.3 today just for practice, really excited about this great WOD. Trying to harness all the good energy I can and block the bad. Harness good, block bad.

Amy said...

I am planning on doing 12.3 around 1730. Hopefully there is still a Level 1 around at that time.

Air Force Steve said...

Amy - I'm not working, but I can drop in at 1730. LTC Mac NEVER posts on here, so we'll never know if he'll be there, but I'm sure there will be others.

Rich V. said...

did the 3 sets of warm ups.

Tiffany said...

12.3 games wod:

5 rounds + 15 box jumps and 7 PP = 202

Limiting factor was definitely the PP. I tried to keep a steady pace throughout, but man, I agree with you Matt B., as I was doing the PP I kept thinking "Why do I do this to myself, I do not like lifting weights", but once I got past the first 2 rounds it became mind over matter. The encouragement from the crew this morning was awesome, thank you to all, and to Matt James for grading me and keeping track of my reps.

Amy said...

I will now be in the bubble earlier... 1600/1630

james said...

Debbie said...

I agree with the eariler posts about this one being a tough mental as well as physical WOD. I kept telling myself that I had to pick up that bar but my body would just stand there. Thought I would be able to handle those presses better. Here is my 2 cents worth PUSH JERK IT when you get tired!!!

When all was said and done:

5 rounds
15 Box jumps
6 PP

201 reps

Mike D said...

5 rounds + 2 Push Press

As Rx'd


Amy said...

8 rounds + 15 + 12 = 315
Level 1 - LTC Mac

Rich M. said...

I'll be there in the morning nice and early to grade.

Tiffany said...

Dang Amy, you ate this one alive! Great job!

Dan said...

Got dared into doing the games WOD this morning; this was my first open WOD. I had a little different experience than some of the others... ...I've got a pretty good PP @115, but struggle to keep my engine from redlining on things like box jumps and TTB. I made a deliberate effort to pace myself through this and was pleased overall. That said, PPs were still a beast by round 4.

5 rounds + 15box jumps.

nutt said...

6 rounds 15 bj 8 pp
236 total

nutt said...

Actually I just did the math and that's 239.
Mike Anderson was my L1