Mar 5, 2012

030612 Tuesday

Skill / Mobility Work:
In addition to the CF Standard warmup, go through the Burgener Warm-Up

Clean and Jerk: 5-5-4-4-3-3-2-2-1-1

Jamie Z's 0530 Class

Squat: 5-5-5-5-5


Chuck Anderson said...

Great technical info thx.

Meg Smith said...

Appreciate the discussion supporting a "Coach of the Day" (see the Monday WOD comment section). If you a L1 interested in providing coaching tips to the masses/intro to the WOD for new folks, please email me at your preferred day of the week, to include morning or afternoon, and I'll get a calendar together so we've got something in place after Spring Break, if not sooner.

The goal is to have someone there who isn't working out but is providing support to the athletes in the gym--tweaking of form, ensuring safe execution of skills, feedback on performance. We'll all benefit and I encourage you to consider volunteering a day or two a month--especially if you earned any scholarships through CGSC for your certifications.

Alex E. said...

Another way to do the coach of the day option is to use your iPad or phone and make a video. James and I have done it enough times and can walk someone through it. It is super quick, helps you with your coaching, and is easily distributed. That way even if someone can make a predetermined coaching time they still have an example. I like the coach of the day idea but our big issue is that we are not a "regular" crossfit box with a paid staff so we need to create other options to fill this void.

Videos, meetings at whiteboards... all good ideas. I think this discussion will definitely improve the overall performance of our athletes.

Meg Smith said...

Alex, I agree that the videos, etc are extremely helpful to teach the movements and the movement standards, especially when it's something we haven't done in awhile. Unfortunately, that doesn't cover any "teachable moments" when an athlete needs to be corrected for safety, efficiency, etc or on the "I can't make my body do what the video says!" days.

I can't imagine we'll have someone every day, but even a few days a week would be a great asset to the community. Maybe linking up the coach on days we know we are doing something that needs it?? Since I help with programming, I might be able to link the two somewhat successfully.

scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:


Failed twice at 195lbs. Nevertheless, a new PR (185).

Julie said...

PR today at 75lb! I also did my first 10 pull ups in a row no band.

Thanks James for all the help with the warm up and technique! I really needed the help and I think I am starting to "get under the bar!"

Ed said...

5x115, 5x115, 4x135, 4x135, 3x165, 3x165, 2x175, 2x175, 1x185, 1x190(PR)

I think I should have gone heavier earlier - probably should have hit 185 in the round of 2. I was also short on the squats - basically a power clean, with a couple tweaks I should get over 200.

james said...

145(5) 165(4) 185(2) 195 (1) happy with form generally.

rob said...

Yesterday I worked with my brother in law's high school football in their off-season conditioning program. He's got 40+ kids coming this winter. I helped them with power clean and deadlift then had the opportunity to talk to them about leadership, teamwork, etc. I've done this a few times over the years when on leave and it's always a fun experience. If anyone has experience with CrossFit Football I'd appreciate talking to you.

I did 3RFT
10 OHS 95lbs
15 pull ups
20 burpees

rob said...

I like Meg's 'coach of the day' idea. We've consistently talked about it in the past, but no one has worked through the details and created a framework, much less implemented it. I'll help in any way I can.

Mike Anderson said...

135x5, 135x5, 155x4, 155x4, 165x3, 165x3, 185x2, 185x2, 205x1, 215x1

Thanks to James for the assistance in the warmup. I need to work on getting under the bar; almost everything is a power clean. Like Ed, I think I should have moved up in weight sooner.

james said...

Mike et al. Good point. I know I bang on about mobility, not just because being flexibile is component of fitness but because it allows us to adopt the positions that are optimumal for power generation and safety. Mobility is about performance, more working out is not always more - better is more. Okay enough of me ...time to segeway to todays mobility WOD titled "The problem with compromised position.

Everything" Julie "Low elbows" Martin take note.

Jake78 said...

Love the Olympic Lifts, but boy they'll tire you out!


5 at 115
4 at 135
3 at 165
2 at 185
1 at 185 (was pooped after the others!)

Tiffany said...

5's- 65
4's- 75
3's- 80 (PR)
2's- 85 (PR)
1- 95 (PR)
1- 100(F) cleaned but couldn't jerk

I have to admit that after the first round of 5 @65 I was ready to quit, but thanks to Erin and the energy in the bubble I didn't. This just goes to show how doing this with a partner is so motivating and encouraging. In January my PR was 78, its nice to see progress.

Paige said...


Failed at 105, but this is definitely the heaviest I've lifted. The cool thing about being a novice with the heavy lifts is that everything is a PR!

Great job Julie with the pull-ups!

chris.m.rowe said...

Didn't do the squat clean, definitely more of a power clean to jerk. But, enjoyed the workout.

5x 115/115
4x 135/135
3x 155/165
2x 175/185
1x 195
1x 205 (couldn't stick the jerk)

nutt said...

65 (5) 75 (4) 85 (3) 95 (3) 105 (2) 110 (1) 115 (1)
Tried 120 without avail. Feel like I could without all the previous reps but I was worried about my form too. 115 is a pr for me

Jess said...

Looking for a partner to do the WOD this afternoon. My son thought it would be fun to wake up at 0230 and stay up so I missed out on the early morning energy! If anyone is available around 1500-1530 to hit it send me a text at 801-698-5616 or email at so I get it on my phone. Great PRs noted so far, great job everyone!

Matt B. said...

Boy, I'm fired up reading ya'lls performance. I don't have aPr for c&j yet. Just got my pr for the snatch with the 12.2 @ 135. I introduced a friend to cf this morning. He's done p90x and enjoyed it. He asked this weekend if we could workout sometime and this morning worked. I asked what type of stuff he wanted to do and he said cardio, legs, and core. I taught him air squat, OHS, and burpee then we did a team AMRAP 15 minutes of 10 OHS (PVC) and 10 burpee s. One works, while one runs about 300m. Great time had by all. Probably did about 10 round s total.

On teaching in the bubble, great idea. I love that the in bubble there is no ego, folks are both teachable, and proavtive about teaching/coaching. I've had folks i don't know approach me and give pointers and iso appreciate it. I've worked in meathead gyms before where it's all about how you look and don't you dare tell a dude he's lifting wrong. what helps me to sell cf among friend s and coworkers is that my cf gym is a"lets do this" environment, not a "look at me. I'm so much better, stronger, bigger than you" environment. That certainly helps get folks in andkeep them.

Erin Anderson said...

65-100 some form of clean and more of a push press than jerk. Good partner too! Did some mobility stuff after watching last night. Good info after I couldn't squat down all the way yesterday without winking. Thx Amber for that info!

Rich V. said...

squars light lbs ran 25 min PUs

Julie said...

Good video James! Thanks for sharing and keeps reminding me to mobilize and keep practicing!

Jacob said...

I'll try to keep this short. If you know what American Ninja Warrior is and have any interest in competing in it, please call me @ 760 458 5066. I am competing, the producers called and are looking for more people (especially women). The catch: you need a short video (phone video would work), some paperwork, and you need to be available next week from Tuesday to Friday. I can walk you through the video and paperwork, but this needs to happen today or tomorrow.

Scott said...

115-125-135-145-155F (x2)

NO enerery today. Mental block cleaning 155 pounds, don't think I have gotten past it yet. Head phone broken. Gym playing Elton John on sound system.

Is that enough excuses? Oh well Bad day lifting is better than no day lifting at all....

Something is better than nothing...just got to keep moving forward

Debbie said...

Worked out alone at Genesis boooo!

Bench Pressed 5,5,5,5,5 @ 75

then 4 rounds for time

25 squats
10 dips using red band
10 Cleans 65#
50 DU (strung 39 together PR)


Karin said...

55(5), 65(4), 75(3), 85(2), 95(1), 100(1), 105(1)

PR for me today! Thank you to Susi, Meg, Justine and Jill for the motivation and coaching!

Meg Smith said...

Spent time working on the drop part of the squat's easy to turn it into a clean/front squat. Ugh!

Worked 65x5x2, 75x4x2, 85x3x2, 95x2x2. Didn't get to a 1RM due to time, but faulted on one of my 95s so I wasn't far off. My PR is 105, so I doubt I'd have surpassed it today.

Great working out with Susi, Karin, Nutt, and Jill this morning.

Congrats on all of these PRs!

Arod said...

Finally made it to 155 w/out issue and keeping my form. My stepdaughter also showed up and did some squat work and the burgener routine. We finished with some mobility after. Thank to Erin and TIffany for giving my stepdaughter a warm welcome :0

Mac said...

5- 115, 135
4- 155, 165
3- 175, 185
2- 195, 200
1- 205(f), 205

That's a tough sequence. Having to hit a bunch of reps before heading into the final stretch of doubles and singles definitely reduces the final weight you can hit, but I guess that's a "resiliency" thing, huh?

Ross said...

5@135 x2
3@175 x2

Thanks to Noah and Josh for the tips and help, yeah I am hard headed and seems like I don't listen but I am trying believe me,....

Doug said...

95-165. Cleaned the 165, but failed the jerks. Worked squat yesterday, so mostly did power clean.

Greg M said...

5 x 135
5 x 145
4 x 155
4 x 165
3 x 175
3 x 185
2 x 190(PR)
2 x 195(PR)
1 x 200(PR)
1 x 205(PR)

Had a lot of fun getting PRs and moving on up. I did not try 210, figure I better stop while the going was good. Really large crowd in their this afternoon.

Lance said...

5x5 SQT...225, 245, 265, 275, 295(1)


DB Bench w/45# (alternate arms)
DB HC w/45#

30xHip Bridges

Noah said...

115 x5s and x4s.
125 x3s.
135 x4s.
150 x1s. PR by 5 lbs.

Gym was packed at 1600 today!

Bridget said...

Worked on C & J form & DL's.
Didn't do the WOD by the prescribed WOD.
C&J PR: 105 x 2
DL PR: 215

Kipping clicked!
Warm-up: I was able to nickel & dime 10 PU w/o bands!
Goats post WOD: more PU 7 in a row & finished comlpeted 10.
TTB: 10 took my time but was able to do all together.

Iron Major CrossFit Coordinator said...

Awesome PR Greg M!!

nutt said...

Rich, do you need me for the intro class in the morning? I never heard from you but I wanted to make sure.

G. Scott said...

5 x 115, 125
4 x 135, 145
3 x 155, 165
2 x 175, 175
1 x 185(PR), 185(F)

And a 1630 I had to wait for a bar to start. Good to see so many people coming out.

brocktavern said...

65 (5's)
75 (4's)
85 (3's)
95 (2's)
100 (1's)

Tried 105 first and failed; then did 100 and succeeded. Was great working out with Justine, Meg, Susi & Karin!

Jimmy S. said...

115 x 5, 115 x 5, 135 x 4, 135 x 4, 145 x 3, 145 x 3,155 x 2, 155 x 2fail, 165 x 1, 175 x 1 fail

Felt pretty good with a deep squat; tired out before i got to my final reps