Mar 4, 2012

030512 Monday

Skill / Mobility Work:
Air Squat - A basic exercise that we 'forget' about practicing.

Focus on depth, hip crease below the knee but not doing a 'butt wink', maintaining the lumbar curve, chest up, opening the hips fully at the top

5K Run or 1K Swim or 5K Row or 10K Bike

Avoid the temptation to "do this one from the house."  Come to the bubble, work on the skill and get with a partner to help maintain intensity on the run/row.

Also, Another CrossFit Convert Needs Help Spreading the Word. Click the link to see how you can help!

Jamie Z's 0530 Class

AMRAP 20 minutes
5 Pull-ups
10 Push-ups
15 Squats


Rich M. said...

All- If available, we could use some volunteers to help a recent CrossFit convert introduce his staff group to CrossFit. Take a look at the link on the main page, and if interested, shoot me a note at

Matt B. said...

Games website still says my score is pending validation. Is there a lag in the system, or do I need to do something on this end?

Lance said...

Same as Matt B here...still shows pending

james said...

Matt B - I will validate you now - I have until Tuesday to do so don't worry.


Matt B. said...

Thanks James!

G. Scott said...

What's the procedure if someone (meaning me) went to post their games score and the workout says closed?

scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

5K run in 27:27 @ 149bpm and no pain! Was nervous b/c I did a 6-miler just last Thursday. But I feel good. Still haven't completely beat this fascitis yet, but recovering.

Still some stiffness from last Friday - worked squats and some shoulder press for mobility.

Rich M. said...

I have never done a 5000m row, so today I gave it a shot! :) 27:17 Good workout and then worked on my DUs....those are starting to look a LITTLE better!


Jess said...

3.22 mi in 34:05.
Disappointing run time today. However I will caveat that with I indulged in crap food yesterday so ran like crap today. Still running a faster pace on my own than I was prior to October which is about the only good thing about the run this morning :)

Ed said...

5K in 20:49

started the morning with 60 air squats for good measure -

james said...

3 rounds
10 pullups
15 squats
10 TTB
15 Squats


Shout out to Meg and Susi S. who monstered the games WOD yesterday

Scott ..if you missed the cutoff ...then you missed the cutoff if it locked you out before the cutoff then email

Greg M said...

22:34 for my 5k. Ran with Big Mike, he was pushing me hard the whole way.

Way to go Susi and Meg, you guys have awesome Snatches!! ;)

Meghan Smith said...

25:01 on row...about 2 1/2 minutes slower than a PR, but that's ok.

Soap Box time--If you have a skill set and can help in the Bubble, I think you have an obligation to help out your fellow athlete. Regardless of whether someone is Level 1, Level 2, an Oly Lift coach, or someone straight out of a Foundations class, we are all in the Bubble trying to improve ourselves. If we aren't going to have a designated coach each day (which I STRONGLY advocate) then we are doing a disservice to our community by not helping each other out whenever possible. Be open to coaching/mentoring/suggesting to your fellow athlete, and if you're the receiver of the help, be open to it!

Big shout out to Greg M for trying to point out some errors in my row form. The last 1000m hurt less than the first, because I apparently round out my back quite a bit.

Scott said...

Swim 1000m = 22:48.

First time swimming this distance without stopping and all freestyle.

Amber said...

Row= 23:32

Mike Anderson said...

Ran with Greg this morning - 22:48. Thanks for the push. I would have run slower on my own.

Mark Weaver said...

5K vic Zona Rosa - 23:19 Slower than my run yesterday.

Jake78 said...

Rowed 3k before my butt fell asleep, did it 15 minutes


Dan said...

Ran something ~5K this morning in something like 27 min (was wearing an analog watch). Ran the same route last week w/ Alex in 25 and change ... just to put my performance this morning in perspective.

Mac said...

18:50 on the 5k row. Tried to maintain an effective technique to get the most out of every stroke - full body extension before pulling with the arms, and bringing the hands/bar as far forward as possible during the contraction. Rowing is an easy thing to do, but a tough thing to do well.

Amy said...

22:08 5k on treadmill. I can go a lot faster when I can see my stats in front of my face. I also worked on one of my worst goats... dips.

Meg, I liked the article you posted from the CF games site about having a positive attitude, especially the part about breaking your workouts down into manageable parts. That is how I attack almost every workout. My mantra is "you can do anything for two minutes." I learned that from an old crew coach of mine in college.

Speaking of working on squat form. I greatly improved my flexibility issue with squats by holding a 15-20 lb weight in my hand while holding my squat at the bottom (slightly below parallel) for 10-15 seconds at a time. I did it almost daily for months and it helped a whole lot. Without the weight in my hands to help counter balance, I couldn't get low enough with the correct form.

Erin Anderson said...

I failed at finding a run partner this morning, but I tried. 30-31 min. 5k. But running felt great today.

Tiffany said...

Ran 3.4 miles of hills around 20th St. with one of my International neighbors: 33:45. Definitely a lot slower, I like Jess' motto - crap in crap out from the weekend.

My schedule has changed and I have to workout in the afternoons on M/W/F. What time does the usual afternoon crew go?

Mark said...

26:11. Felt my poor diet from over the weekend. I sure enjoy distance running WODs. It is nice to be outside.

Meghan Smith said...

Big THANK YOU to Erin A. for coming in mid-morning to re-tape the pull up bars. You're efforts are appreciated!!

Rich V. said...

1000 meters 24 min

Mike D said...

I felt the weekend as well.

5K run: 21:03

Amy said...

1630 is usually the time there are some afternoon peeps. I have been hitting Gruber on Mon/Wed in order to use the co-op, so I am in the bubble Tue/Thr/Fri around 1630 now.

Matt B. said...

23:45 5K run over lunch. Longest I've run since last summer, and probably my fastest 5K. (How can that be since I'm not training 5Ks!? j/k) I wore my cusioned Asics instead of my NB minimus, as I'm still getting sore arches/calves from running. Probably ran 60-70% as a Poser, but my body certainaly wanted to regress to using hip extenders, landing on heels, pushing with calves/quads. If I was not consciously thinking of leaning forward and firing the hammy's, i gravitated back to old school running. Posing sure felt good when it happened though. Ran from about 30m east of the Grant/Reynolds intersection, east on Reynolds, south on Sherman to the chain fence/gate, and back for 5K.

Debbie said...

21:13 on 5K row. Was trying to beat Steve's 19 something :-)
so close but not really!

I would like to piggy back on what Meg mentioned earlier.

I agree and think that we should have a "coach of the day." There is enough of us Level 1's that the burden would be small compared to the benefit I think it would have.

Every other CrossFit box works this way and I think for good reason. It helps people improve their performance and prevent injury. I think it could also have a huge impact on retaining new folks we get from Foundation classes which we all now has been an issue.
It matters not if we are leaving here to another CrossFit box or back to a unit we all could use some practice coaching. Meg and I are in, who else??

james said...

sure Debbie - just tell me my day and what I need to do

Tiffany said...

Thanks Amy. I'll probably have to go around 1530 or 1600 on M/W/F in order to make it to the sitter before 1700.

Greg E said...

AM WOD: 6 miles in 58:15
PM WOD: 20 min AMRAP
5 box jumps
10 situps
15 squats

I am probably the worst about trying to get in and out of the bubble quick but I agree with Meg there is allot of goodness in a coach of the day.

If the box is looking to go in this direction it might not be a bad idea to allocate WOD start times throughout the day and tag a volunteer as the set coach.
I run and road march in the morning but can make myself available.
My preferences are T/TH 0600-0700 in the morning and most if not all afternoon between 1530-1630. Thoughts?

Lance said...

5x5 PP...135, 145, 155, 165, 185(1)


10min row for time...2640

45x45# RDL

Ross said...

Ran this morning 24:45 for the 5k. Then went back tonight and did a 5K row for 20:09...

G. Scott said...

Rowed 20:19 despite the posterior being asleep for the last 1k. Thanks to Kevin for the form coaching.

Bridget said...

Did the Sante Fe Bike, did bike trials workout for 88 minutes. Feeling it!