Feb 5, 2012

Iron Major CrossFit – L1 Trainer Scholarship Scheme

Iron Major CrossFit – L1 Scholarship Scheme


1. The Level 1 Trainer Course is an introductory course on CrossFit's methodology, concepts, and movements certified and conducted by CrossFit HQ. Upon completing a Level 1 CrossFit Trainer Course, attendees will have the resources and sufficient foundation from which to continue independent and successful development as a CrossFit trainer or athlete. The course will be conducted at Fort Leavenworth 28 and 29 Apr 12.

2. CGSC will award a number of scholarship positions to CGSC and SAMS students in the Spring certification hosted by Iron Major CrossFit (IMCF). These scholarships cost $800 each. Implicit in the award of these scholarships is an obligation of the individual to contribute their time as trainers in support of Iron Major CrossFit.


3. The purpose of these scholarships is to increase the number of personnel certified to support Iron Major CrossFit to expose the Leavenworth Military community to functional fitness through the CrossFit methodology.


4. The criterion for awarding of scholarships is:

a. What is the applications current level of commitment to the CrossFit methodology or a functional fitness routines.

b. What is the applicants current level of invovlement with Iron Major Crossfit or other CrossFit affiliates and activities.

c. What contribution or involvement does the applicant currently have in the fitness community? Applicants who demonstrate an existing involvement as an administrator, organizer, coach or participant in existing programs of any nature are preferred.

d. What contribution could the applicant make to the Military fitness community in the future? Applicants with longer tenure in Leavenworth or a subsequent posting which will allow them to influence the fitness habits of the military are preferred.


5. If requested the IMCF committee will provide the applicant with a statement of reasons why there were not selected for a scholarship. There is no appeal process.

6.   To apply please  download the application save it as an excel file with the filename as firstname_lastname_L1 and email to thomas.elmore@us.army.mil and gregory.mclean@us.army.mil . Applications close 01 Mar 12.


Soraya said...

If anyone from yesterday's Foundations class (or anyone from IMCF for that matter) would like me to e-mail them information and further resources, please e-mail me at soraya.turner@us.army.mil and I will send them a few good Crossfit Journal articles, a Zone food calculator and some great nutrition links.

Chuck Anderson said...