Feb 3, 2012

2012 CrossFit Games !! IMCF How to


Bottom line up front 
The CrossFit games are designed to identify the fittest human being on the planet...that isn't any of us ...but doesn't mean it isn't fun to compete. We had a blast with this last year and athletes of all abilities competed. The games created a fantastic team environment in the bubble and gave athletes opportunities that they otherwise might not have had. Get involved!!!

If you want more general info visit the CrossFit 2012 games site.


- The CrossFit Open Sectionals are the qualifying event for the CrossFit games regionals held  sometime in 27 Apr - 28 May 28 somewhere in our region (Chicago/KC??). Beyond that are the BIG games in LA in July.

- The top 30 teams and top 60 individuals from each region advance from the sectionals to the regionals;

- This is determined over 5 WODs, one per week starting 22 Feb 12, which ultimately ranks the
athletes from top to bottom. The team results are determined by the top 3 female and male
competitors from each affiliate.

- To count as a "qualified athlete", that is to be considered for advancement from sectionals to regionals you must: do all of the six WOD's RXED. Each "qualified" team must contain three "qualified" male athletes and three "qualified females athletes".

- If you qualify for the regionals as an individual and your team does then you still proceed as an individual to the regionals.

Getting involved

Okay - I get it - how do I participate with IMCF:

Step One. Go register as an individual it costs twenty bucks.

Step Two. Join the IMCF team using the "Join team" button in your profile. I get a request to add you to the team and once its approved you get an email.

Step Three. Watch  CF mainsite after 1900 on Tuesday and the games WOD for that week will be posted. You have until Sunday 1900 to complete the WOD. Your options for completing it are:

- IMCF will post the WOD as its WOD for Thursday. Turn up to the bubble and WOD. Each athlete must have a level one coach observe that they perform the WOD IAW the movement standards. You then submit the result on the website (exactly how we aren't sure yet - more to follow). 

- Do it by yourself at the bubble, if you are going to do this then you still need an IMCF level coach to judge you. Submit the result on the website.

- Go to any other registered affiliate and do it. For example if you are away over spring break this might be an option.

- Video your workout and submit. Be aware - there are strict criteria and instructions and rules.

Go do it - any questions ask. If you are not sure enter !!!- its only twenty bucks and it will be fun and drive you to higher levels of performance.


Ed said...

I'm in. Looking forward to the WODs.

Only 8 names on the team thus far - I know we can do better!

Greg M said...

I am so in, this was so fun last year. Don't miss out and support our team. I thought you had to be Chris Spealler to do this, you don't. You just need to be ready to come out and support the community and have some fun!!

Dave Hudson said...

Putting my $.02 in from Fort Bragg.

Last year's open was the first CF competition that I ever did (aside from every day at the Bubble), and it was awesome. I really believe that the community that is IMCF can be tracked through last year's open.

I only ended up in the middle of the pack (around 4,000 of the 8,000 or so worldwide and 300 of the 800 or so in the North Central region). I figure to probably finish around the same (though hopefully better) this year....and yet I wouldn't miss it for the world. (I'm even going to have to do the first WOD in Afganistan.)

Other things to consider:
- you're probably all going to do the open WODs anyway...if IMCF follows last year's model, the open WODs will be put in the programming
- there were at least two IMCFers who didn't register last year, but did the WODs, and scored in the top 3 in thr gym. In other words, had they registered their score would have counted in the affiliate team score and helped us get to regionals
- MULTIPLE PRs by folks who would have otherwise not have even TRIED said weight
- can you really not afford $20?

Greg M said...

Who ever has the most members on their team get free tickets to the CrossFit games, who doesn't love a road trip?

Greg M said...


Great article about why we should compete in CrossFit.

Erin Anderson said...

Just joined. I was told we can participate for the fun of it and that my score can never drag the team down only help because the top 3 scores count in each WOD. Thanks for clarifying this Greg.

Air Force Steve said...

North Central Regionals are May 18-20. That's the day after SAMS graduation.

Dave Hudson said...

Man! Why does that keep happening to IMCF?

Bridget said...

I am signed up today!