Feb 28, 2012

022912 Wednesday

For time 
double unders 
10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1  dips (ring dips/bar dips)

Jamie Z's 0530 Class

Helen: 3x RFT of: 400m Run 21x 1.5 Pood KB swing 12x Pull-ups


Mark Weaver said...

As a side note, I went to buy a IMCF T-shirt today and wanted to get an XL based on the earlier comments about shrinkage.

The girl in the Foundation office said they are out of XL and won't order any until they sell all t-shirts they have on-site (about 20 or so in smaller sized).

So I'm personally hoping that the new Welcome to IMCF and Fundamentals classes brings a wave of CF-doing and T-shirt buying bubbas and bubbetts.

Matt B. said...

I bought me a large today! I asked about the shrinking. i wasn't sure if that was for real or if ya'll were implying you're bulking up into your shirts.

james said...

From Diablo CrossFit:

"Tony walks into the gym a couple weeks ago with a bright blue cast on his arm. Being the gym owner, my first thought is 'Uh oh - why haven't I heard about someone breaking their arm at the gym?'

He comes up to me asking for training advice to work around his injury. Actually he didn't do it at the gym. He did it at work ... In a fight.

It turns out that Tony is police officer in Richmond, California. Yes, THAT Richmond. (The one that is ranked the most dangerous city in California). His blue cast represents the thin blue line of law enforcement officers standing between the sheep and the wolves.

Fast forward a couple weeks and Tony is looking for someone to judge him on the CrossFit Open 12.1 workout: 7 minutes of burpees. I think he is just going to do a few reps to stay in the game ... you know, because he probably signed up right before he broke his arm.

Nope. He signed up AFTER he broke his arm. His goal is to finish all the workouts as prescribed.

He is off to a good start. He got 91."

Matt B. said...

I have two fitness/wellness questions for the group. One on Paleo, one on MobiliyWOD. I'll put out the Paleo one first.
Question: Is there a benefit to performance or overall wellness that I'm missing by not being 100% Paleo? Is the benefit all or nothing, or are there "linear" benefits associated with more Paleo and less modern, processed crap diet?
Background: I see a lot of comments about performance bennies and Paleo. I eat about 80% Paleo, but about 95% whole, unprocessed, non-GM. Am I missing something by not being "all in?" My main difference is that I eat a LOT of dairy - protein shake with milk for b-fast, eggs, and cheese. I'm diabetic, so after I eat my 45g allocation of carbs per meal (5 Zone blocks) I need a zero carb food to snack on. That's eggs and cheese. For meals I eat lots of meats, fish, fruit, veggies, nuts, and seeds. When I have grain (oats, millet, quinoa, wheat) it's local and organic. For Friday pizza and Saturday pancakes we grind our own wheat berries for flour. So, I eat "Paleo-like" with additional dairy and some whole grain. Am I missing the boat on some additional performance/wellness benefit by not being "all in?" At my last checkup the docs raved about my very good cholesterol and blood pressure numbers, but I still have work to do keeping blood sugars under control.

Air Force Steve said...

I have 7 signed up so far for the March 10th Deadlift-a-thon. It's only $15 bucks and the $$ goes to the Leavenworth High School Powerlifting Team. You don't have to be a monster deadlifter like
Benedikt Magnusson
to sign up...anybody and all are encouraged to join us.
The sign-up book is in the cubby holes at the bubble...look for the AF Steve binder.

Please send me an e-mail if you sign up. email@sdolson.net

Lance said...


Don't confuse the Zone with Paleo. Zone is great for beginners...it teaches portion control and getting good carbs. Paleo is not about portion size, but about the right foods. If you are still heavy on grains (no matter what they are), then you are spiking your blood glucose levels every time you ingest them...even worse, you're ingesting that devil protein gluten via wheat or corn (corn is not a vegetable, it's a grain). Try replacing "grain" flour with almond or coconut flour. One of my favorite breakfasts is Paleo Pancakes...one egg, one banana, some almond butter, cinnamon, and a little almond milk...this concoction will make 4 regular sized pancakes, but they are thin.

As for dairy, A1 milk or milk products really don't do a body good. It's A1 if it's not straight from the cow.

Check out The Underground Wellness website for some informative discussions about dairy and gluten. If I had a whiteboard, I'd draw it out.

As stated, no need for portion control with Paleo...don't worry you will fill up and feel full longer.

I'm 80% Paleo 100% of the time. Got to give yourself some cheats to remain sane. Started in 2009 and saw big gains and felt better in 30 days.

Greg M said...

Matt - I don't know the science behind it like Lance does. But I can tell you I went cold turkey and did Paleo only for about 8 weeks now. I have seen tremendous gains in work capacity, the way I feel, recover, and look. I love eating this way and my wife and i have never felt better. I would recommend trying the Whole 30 challenge if you are thinking of starting out. We did this as a group at the first of the year and the majority of the folk involved had the same results as my wife and I.

Matt B. said...

Lance, Greg, thanks. I had not yet "framed" gluten as evil. I will dive into that idea. I have been considering whole grains (millet, quinoa, oats) as better than processed crap, esp. my nemesis high fructose corn syrup. I'll be curious to dig more into why dairy isn't good. We drank raw milk for about a year recently, but then moved on from that CSA. After visiting the Shatto milk plant a few years ago, I was kinda grossed out by the homogenization process.

I did Zone for awhile for quantity, but I was always hungry. Now I just keep the 5 blocks of carb per meal so that I can keep my insulin dosing consistent. I don't limit the fat/protein I eat each meal.

Thanks for the tips on two sites to check out, and two topics (gluten and dairy) to focus on. I'm going TDY soon, so now I have good reading material. Besides CFJ.

scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

11:58 as Rx'd with bar dips

Last three "rounds" killed time as I lost my rhythm after stringing 35 DUs together - tied a PR

Julie said...

Since only starting to accomplish DUs as of last week, I scaled today. James suggested I start with 5 and add one per round. I did! So happy I didn't go back to my comfort zone! Tough, but made it through with 8 stringed today. Other than that, pretty ugly with one or two at a time. :) I didn't use band for dips, but should have to get full range of motion. I know I didn't go as low as needed, but trying to pull off the bands a little at a time. Great WOD!

Greg M said...

9:54 w/ring dips

Used the red band on sets 8-4 only.

Good WOD trying to keep up with Daniel and Rob. I finished before Rob but I think the old man counted wrong and did an extra set 50 DUs in there somewhere. I still only beat him by 2 secs. He was moving!!

Ed said...

SAMS PT - Diagnostic APFT for our seminar this morning -

81 push-ups, 84 sit-ups, 12:48 2MR

Consistent scoring with the past, though I've done only IMCF WODs for over a year.

Better news is on the nutrition front, since going 80% paleo in January (yep, I include dairy-yogurt, cheese, and occasional grain) I've lost about 10 lbs and just feel better.

I wasn't "all-in" on the Whole30, but we used the recipes from foodee.com for nearly all our dinner meals - great variety!

james said...

14.28 somehow ended up with a round of 55 double unders in there.

Matt B - I aim for 18 paleo meals a week. I do diary but I get my eggs and milk from a farm.

Erin Anderson said...

33 minutes with abmat sub for dips.

Jimmy S. said...

11:08; used red band for sets after first rnd of 10

Scott said...

JAG WOD this AM with office

Griff Variation:

- Run 400m Forward
- Rum 200m Backward

11:34 Total.

Ross said...
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Ross said...

YES YES YES.... I finally got my first ever muscle up.. So excited.. Thanks to Noah for all the tips and coaching.. (I just hope it does not only occur once every 4 years on Feb 29...)

Wod this morning was 11:48.. I had to switch to SUs after the first three rounds just to keep up the intensity, I kept tripping on the DUs. But I was able to complete all the Ring Dips as RX'd with no bands - I think that is a first for me also... So fun to see the progess...

Ross said...

OK, now i am mad took me like three attempts to get through the security verification to make my post..

ststies ntervitc

Noah said...

9:25. Ran out of schlitz on the ring dips rather quickly, added the band for rds 7-2.

Matt B. said...

Ross, congrats on the muscle-up! You were so close yesterday. You give me hope that (with Noah's tips) I'm not far behind you. I'll bet if the next games WOD is "do 1 MU for time" that I could get my first one, especially with the fire, enthusiasm, and encouragement of the IMCF team at 0600.

Tony said...

15ish completing all DUs for the first time(not in a row), but did PR at 24. Bar dips.

james said...


these are so good

Mark said...

25 minutes. Scaled 8, 7, and 6 dips with the red band. Did them all on the bar. PR with a string of 7 DUs.

rob said...

9:57 as Rx'd

Greg, Daniel, Gwen and I go this one done together. Sorry for the premature start Debbie & Meg; with a little more patience we would have got you in there too. I think I did mess up my count somewhere in the 35 DU area; regardless, another great workout with my CF family!

Meg Smith said...

12:55 with red band for dips--probably lost some intensity there in the middle where Greg's rope viciously attacked me, but a good WOD that is definitely a keeper to do again sometime.

Matt, I do the same pancakes at Lance without the almond milk and they are pretty fluffy like traditional pancakes. Paige (who introduced me to them, thank God) said using pumpkin instead of banana is a good option, too.

Looking at starting another WHOLE 30 Challenge...anyone interested?

Mike D said...

Ring Dips, Subbed 3/1 DU's (they would have taken me forever) I did manage to practice them for my warm-up.


Tiffany said...


Red band dips on bar

Debbie said...

13:38 DU's how I am still waiting to be better aquainted with you! Red band on rings for dips which actually felt pretty strong today.

Scott said...

3/1 SU
Reg Dips

Doug said...

Ran 6x200 w/ minute rest (:36 avg). Then did modified Helen w/ 500m row instead of run. Forgot to start the watch, but the rows were @ 1:50, kbs were good, had trouble holding on to the bar for pullups.

Shoulder is bothering me, so I didn't want to attempt all the ring dips.

Dan said...

So 5x5 cleans: 95-95-105-105-95
Then self-imposed a 15 min cutoff on the WOD:
Hit a PR of 24 DUs; jumped into ~four ring dips to finish set 9, did 4 on a blue band (red ones were busy) in set 8. Rx from there, but this guy turned into a pumpkin 11 reps into 40 DUs.

Jay Luck said...

SU's 12:45

Jacob said...

13 minutes as directed with ring dips. Strung 37 DU together. Nice workout