Feb 27, 2012

022812 Tuesday

3 rounds for reps

1 min box jumps 
30 sec rest 
1 min med ball cleans (20/14)
30 sec rest
1 min CFS pushups
30 sec rest

If anyone would like a 10 minute lesson on medball cleans, meet James at the whiteboard at 0545.

Jamie Z's 0530 Class

Clean 1-1-1-1-1


Rich M. said...

James, et al.- As for the games, I'm officially withdrawing. The doctor said today, that the tendon in my hand was more damaged than he thought originally....thus I can't any wrist flexion and/or extension motion for at least 4 weeks. I'm sorry to drop from the team.

Greg M said...

Just finished todays WOD of Bear Complex and Burpees.


The push presses were the hardest part. Especially from the back to the front.

Good WOD!!

Dan said...

Gotsta love some MBCs! If anybody is interested in a lesson on medice ball cleans a little later, I can do one ~0615-0630. Meet me at the whiteboard - I'll be the goofy guy with the CrossFit shirt on.

Greg M said...


I just found this tape of James, this is when he was still in Aussie land before he came to America. I think maybe he needs to show us this move in the morning.

Doug said...

Is there an actual physiological benefit to the CFS pushup? Sure, it ensures full range of motion, but I can think of no reason to lift my hands from the ground except that it makes it easier to judge for the CF Games. Subjectively, I think the CFS pushup is less effective than a full ROM pushup without the break at the bottom. Any insights?

Mike Anderson said...

Rich -
No worries, man. You need to take care of your wrist now or you'll be out a lot more than 4 weeks later.
You are obligated to cheer the rest of the team on!

Greg M said...

Doug - Here on my thoughts on Hand release pushups.

First, hand release push-ups are a more complete movement – and in CrossFit, we are always searching for full range of motion. Next, yes, they are easier to judge but they also keep the standards the same across the board by forcing athletes to complete the full range of motion. This also helps athletes from getting sloppy. Next, from a strength standpoint, hand release pushups work counter to acting muscles, this helps to even out the chest muscles, which then allows the athletes to work at a higher volume before becoming burnt out. Finally, hand release pushups are better for the core, as you disengage and then re-engage your core at the bottom of each push-up. So to get the full-range of motion and perform at the CrossFit standard you should make sure you go all the way down on the ground, palms clear the surface and then back up.

Here are some tips from a CrossFit Journal article as well for sloppy technique with push-ups.

Avoid each of these and you are nearly guaranteed an honest push-up.
1. Sagging: Dropping the belly in an attempt to hit, or reach bottom early
2. Piking: Sticking the butt up in the air. This is usually accompanying a rest (see resting, below).
3. Resting: Coming to a stop. This is usually tried at the top, often while piking, but may manifest as a collapse at the bottom.
4. Bouncing: This cheat is, exactly as the name implies, bouncing off the floor to rise to top again without effort. This is a big hit with fat guys.
5. Yogaing: With this cheat, the head and neck lead up followed by the chest then belly. It is a dynamic variant of sagging, but often performed as though it were a plus or artistic.
6. Reaching: Reaching’s most common form is with the head and neck. Some cheaters can extend their head and neck an extra six inches in an attempt to find bottom early and avoid the pain of a real push-up. Look for the nose a foot below the chest.
7. Speeding: The count should be a slow “one-two” up and “one-two” down unless doing timed efforts like the Tabata Interval. For reps, they have to be slow and controlled.
8. Shorting: This is the worst and most common cheat where the cheater typically doesn’t go all the way down. Not rising to the top is less common but still cheating.

scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

203 reps

65 Box Jumps
56 MB Cleans

"scaled" MB to 18lbs b/c we don't have a 20lb'er

Julie said...

202 Rx'd. I had to fight to keep up with James!

Greg M said...


RD 1:
RD 2:
RD 3:

james said...


Erin Anderson said...


Rob, thx for the answer on burpees. I don't want to cheat.

Rich, sorry about your wrist. I guess your workouts will be even harder if they are full of lunges,pistols & hundreds of air squats etc! I bet we could help come up with some great workouts if we don't have to do them too!

Jake78 said...

183 total

Ross said...

Last set of box jumps did about 8 step ups
Rd 1- 23, 22, 40= 85
Rd2- 22,21,34= 77
Rd3- 20,19,25=64
Total 226

Mac said...

Boxjumps - 38, 34, 33 (105)
MBCs - 24, 24, 21 (69)
CF PUs - 31, 28, 25 (84)

Total - 258

Greg, good thoughts on the CF pushup. I would just add that this is only one type of pushup to work on. In much the same way as you shouldn't stop doing dead-hang pullups just because you can kip, you shouldn't stop doing regular pushups just because some WODs mandate "Crossfit" pushups. There is definitely a mental "suck factor" that exists when you can't lay on your belly at the bottom of the movement.

Matt B. said...

163 for the WOD. Big win was *almost* getting my first muscle up, thanks to some pointers from Noah. It's so close I can feel it!

Yesterday's big loss was getting one of my favorite meals at a restaurant and checking the nutrition info. After I ordered the Chilis Boneless Buffalo Wings, and what the heck I'll get a salad - a Buffalo Chicken Salad - I checked to see how many carbs I'd need to dose my insulin for. Protein, vegetable... 150g of carb (about 15 Zone blocks). Even more shocking was the 10,000mg of sodium, and 2500 calories between the two! I enjoyed eating them, but for the last time. I felt wretched and unwholesome last night, coming from a diet of local, organic meats, nuts, fruits and vegetables.

Noah said...

209 reps. Can't wait til tomorrow when I can't bend my legs!

Alex E. said...

204 this morning. Great work by Dan, John G., and Paige.

Paige said...

193 today - push ups a definite weakness of mine

Dang Julie - you really are mighty mouse - great work!

Thanks Dan for the MBC clinic and Alex for the ring dip help. Those aren't fun.

nutt said...

236 as written except I used a 24 in box.

Jess said...

R1: 17,14,24
R2: 18,14,23
R3: 16, 14.5, 21

james said...

Matt B - sorry to hear about your loss...don't worry there is still Friday and Saturday nights for that stuff.

Justine - 236 is huge !!!!!!!!!!

Greg M - you have beaten me in the last three WOD's ......I should have never told you about Paleo.....

Julie said...

Thanks for the laugh Paige! Now, ask your hubby how I looked with my DUs! :)

Karin said...


Went to knees on last round of PU and my legs stopped being able to jump for the last round of box jumps so stepped up instead.

Mark Weaver said...

215 for today - pretty happy about today's WOD.

nutt said...

Thanks James I had two very awesome workout partners today!

Susi S said...

204 with a 20in box and Push-ups rounds 2 + 3 done from knees.

Justine, Karin and I enjoyed working out with you this morning. You provided great motivation and thanks so much for all the skills stuff too - very helpful indeed. Hope to see you again next week.

Greg M said...

Justine - seriously awesome score. You are a beast!!

Matt B. said...

Did I read the CF Games results right? Is Rob ranked #56 on the globe right now?



Rich V. said...

1 min box jumps
30 sec rest
1 min med ball cleans (20/14)
30 sec rest
1 min CFS pushups
30 sec rest

137 total score PAIN

Mike D said...

Did WOD at lunch:


This was a beast in disguise!

Good WOD

rett.burroughs said...

Rich, Hope you feel better soon.

Miss you, Brother. Glad to see you on here.

IMCF Mountain Warrior
156 reps. Still blaming the elevation.......We have stations around post that have huge ropes, dip and pullup bars and a cement wall with three levels for box jumps. Had to use a rock for WBCleans which makes it much more MetAL.

Worked on handstands and handwalk on our outdoor cement box jump wall (one wall 12, 24, 36 inch sections).

Stay MetAL!


Greg E said...

Loved the 30 sec or rest... hated the MBC.
Rd 1- 28, 25, 28
Rd2- 16, 15, 16
Rd3- 35, 36, 30
Total 229

Dan said...

171 - nice to hit this with a group this morning. Thanks Alex, John, and Paige!

Lance said...

5x1 DL...385, 405, 415(F), 315, 315

WOD: 8:00 AMREP of DB Push Press with 40#...78

45 Hip Ext

Scott said...

Scaled MED Ball Clean to DB clean with #25.

Box Jump = 78
DB Clean = 59
CFSPU = 74.

Got to get faster on cleans.

Good WOD. I was smoked.

Meghan Smith said...

Opted for mobility and then a 1000m swim @ 16:43.

Thanks to the folks that helped out this afternoon...unfortunately we only had 1 person come in, but it was a great opportunity for each of us to work one-on-one with someone and iron out some questions.

Karin, Susi, and Justine, I often go Tuesdays around 9, so if you want to link up, let me know. I'd love some company!!

Tiffany said...


BJ: 23/22/21
MBC: 18/19/19
PU: 34/30/30

nutt said...

Greg, coming from a beast, that is a huge compliment thank you!

Susi, thank you for letting me join in with you and Karin!

Meg, for you three, I will drop my beloved tuesday step class in a heartbeat!

Doug said...

243 as Rx. Rd 1: 28, 24, 35. Rd 2: 26,24,33. Rd 3: 24, 24, 25.

Greg - thanks for the thoughts regarding CFSPU, I can see some point to doing them some.

Mac - I agree with you. CFSPU all the time is like doing Box Squat all the time. It has a purpose, but it takes away some of the dimensions of the exercise.