Feb 19, 2012

022012 Monday

                                            Have you signed up yet for the CrossFit Open and joined the Iron Major Team?

Remember the Bubble does not open today until 0800 in observance of Presidents Day.


150 x burpees for time, spend additional time working a goat and mobility


Julie said...

Mike and James,

I will take this one at home since 8am is too late for me. Isn't that sad? :)


james said...

Not sad at all Julie - the best part of the day is before the sun gets up. See you on Tuesday

Mike said...

I have to work at my internship so I'm going to try and get to the bubble at 1700. Varied workouts means sometimes working out at a different time.

scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:


Better than my previous effort by about 1 min. This was a good Monday WOD.

Julie said...

It is the only time when my house is quiet too James! :)

Ed said...

Did this at home this morning - broke into sets of 10, trying to stay under 1 minute per set.


Good 'day off'/Monday WOD!

Greg M said...

Heading in with the BAMs this morning. I may do burpees later today.

rob said...

Headed to the Eisenhower Library in Abeline, KS. I'm going to try and do these later today.

Ross said...

17:54 lungs burning.

Dan said...

5x1 thrusters:

13:34 at the park. You should've seen the looks Alex and I got as people drive by!

And for the record, if k-Star had been grading my burpees, i'd still be at zero...just sayin'

Amy said...


Tiffany said...


Good times sucking air this morning beside Erin. Had the pleasure of watching speedy gonzales (Amy) kill it this morning. Nice job!

Erin Anderson said...

15:18, hoping for faster. Thx for the info Amy.

If anyone wants a new profile picture in the bubble for the games, email me the time you r working out tomorrow and I will bring a camera. Eandersonphotography@gmail.com. (fun pictures at no charge)

Meg Smith said...

12:08 A WOD I hate to love...it sucks in a great way!

Greg M said...

Did a team WOD with the BAMs this morning.

My team was Justine, Jacque M (smoking hot CrossFit wife), and Greg M.

WOD: With a 45lb bar complete the following movements as a team to include the run. The bar cannot touch the ground.

150 x Cleans
800m run
150 x OHS
600m run
150 x lunges
400m run
150 x Snatches
200m run

Time was: 38:39

Meg said my Snatch was really nasty and not in a good way. Great team WOD and fun to work out with Jacque and the girls and AF Steve.

Doug said...

12:35 for the Burpee WOD. It wasn't as bad as I thought, but it wasn't exactly fun. Worked on OHS prior to the WOD.

nutt said...

I did the burpee wod last Wed in 10:40.

Greg, we made a great team. Jacque was awesome and you are a machine! Having you and Steve in there added a whole different level of competitiveness to the BAM's!

Great team wod Meg!

Jay Luck said...

11:08 wheezing after for way to long

Matt said...

If my wife asks, I did the WOD in 9:35.

If anyone else asks, I did the WOD in 10:54.

Alex E. said...

10:48. Matt I think it was 9:27...

Matt B. said...

Apologies in advance if IMCF gets any nasty notes from MWR staff. My boy asked today if we could go see daddy's gym, so I too the four kids in to play on the equipment. Let 'em hang on the rings, hang on the rope, pick up and flop a med ball, flip the tires (with help), and sit on the "boats," till someone official came in and told me no kids allowed. If there are signs posted everywhere on Tuesday about no kids, I'm to blame.

Yesterday's WOD was a CrossFit Kids WOD - weighted dips, pushups, squats, and step ups, where the weight is a 30 or 40 # kid.

Amy said...

You are not the first to get booted out of the gym with kids!

Mike said...

Of all my goats (and it's quite a herd, or flock, or gaggle, I don't know, but it's a lot) burpees is one of my worst ones.


Darin did it in 20:04. He walked in thinking he could only do 75, so knocking out all 150 was pretty good.

Jimmy S. said...


Yup, I still hate burpees!

Chuck Anderson said...

Just over 20 min