Feb 16, 2012

021712 Friday


AMRAP 30 min

Divide into ~8-10 pax teams, each member of the team must complete one round of all exercises, then can use the remainder of the time to increase their teams score by completing additional sets for points. (mandatory round = 0 points)

20 x double unders - 1
10 x push ups - 1
15 x GHD - 1
10 WB (20/14) - 1
15 pull ups – 2
15 T2B – 2
5 muscle ups – 3
5 HSPU – 3
400m run/500m row - 4

April will brief the concept at 0545.


Alex E. said...

I feel like I'll need an abacus for this one...

Greg M said...

Then you would be an abacist.

Tiffany said...

A few of us are starting a little later around 0615 if anyone wants to go then!

Alex E. said...

Here is who I am tracking for PAIR day. There is still plenty of opportunity to help! If I missed your name I apologize please just post in comments and I'll add you or send me an email at thomas.elmore@us.army.mil.

Alex Elmore
James Davis
April Verlo
Ed Gavin
Colin Fleming
Matt Miletich
Bridget Wetzler
Chuck Anderson

Tony said...

Please add Tony Pete to the PAIR Day volunteer list.

Rich M. said...

Alex, please make sure you are tracking Julie and I. We just have to offset times.

Mike, james- julie wants to know if your guys are going to start the WOD early of wait until 5:45? She will be ready to start early if you want/care to.

Alex E. said...

I'll add you Tony, Rich and Julie.

Noah said...

Mac, just read your comments regarding pose running from the Thursday post...right in my wheelhouse. I have been trying it for about 7 months but solely based on what I read and watch online. No formal instruction from anyone more knowledgeable than me, which I would benefit from. A few weeks ago I logged a few miles with pose and had hobbled calves for a week afterwards. Clearly need to be watched by someone. Maybe AF Steve-O and I could talk running sometime with you.

Mike said...

Julie - I'm going to be there early. I may have to modify a little for my shoulder - but I'll be ready to start at 0515.

Dan said...

Alex - I'm in for PAIR Day.

james said...

Noah et al - I have been a wannabe poser for a while and have done a few of the drills etc in the past - maybe we can link up and talk and practice a little pose one fine afternoon or such

Julie - sorry I am heading off for a long weekend so will WOD at home.

Rudy said...

Nancy 16:20. If you need any help for pair day I can come in after my morning workout.

Lance said...

For all the posers...got into "toe running" while I was in Hawaii in 2005. Dealt with sore calves for about a month and it went away. Also, the chronic knee and hip pain from long runs also went away. So, along with proper nutrition and Crossfit, I'm an advocate, lol.

Greg M said...

I want to be a poser as well.

Tried out my new jump rope today. I got an SR-1 from Rogue. I went from 31 DU to 51 DU (PR) I am loving this thing so far. It has much longer handles than the RX rope.

Jake78 said...

3 rounds

Tough workout!


Mark Weaver said...

Rudy and I did Nancy, 16:19 but the bar seemed a little light (35# vs 45#?)

Mike said...

It was a good WOD this morning - a lot of variety. I can't remember who got the 0515 team total.

Thanks for the support, Adam.

Ross said...

Solo on the team wod this morning no work = relaxing wake up and late workout . Had to scale pullups on rds 2 &3 w/blue band and HSPU bandwidth blue green combo.. 3 rds complete + 4rd of DUs and CFPU

Ross said...

oh yeah had to scale muscle ups also

Soraya said...

Great WOD. I have never done so many HSPUs in my life, which I may regret tomorrow.

Just wanted to put my two cents in on the pose/chi running stuff. I am a huge fan, and I also have been able to get rid of chronic knee pain once I made the switch. If there are people trying to consider the switch but feel that wearing a thin Vibram sole (Merrel, VFFs, New Balance minimus trail) is maybe a step too far, you can consider making the switch to Newtons. Newtons have a little more padding/cushioning than a strict barefoot shoe, but have a pronounced lug ridge underneath the balls of your feet to force you to land on the lugs. So, you really can't heel strike without feeling very strange- you will quickly self correct your foot strike. All that is left is to apply a little Mobility WOD "organization" (stomach somewhat braced, head position, and shoulders back), and you are good to go. I recommend looking at the MV2 model, which is also a zero drop shoe, although any of the Newtons will achieve the same mid-foot strike. I use the MV2s for any run over 6 miles just to give a little padding while running on concrete (I wear my Merrells for anything shorter). If anyone is interested, Newton has a 20% military discount when you order from their website. Click on the Police/EMS/Military tab at the bottom of their homepage and entner in a .mil account to register. Happy running!

Erin Anderson said...

Team Mark, Charles, Amber, Debbie, Tiffany & Erin: 31.6 average score.

April: Fun WOD!

Seeing a fellow crossfitter at the store helps one skip on purchasing a treat! Thx Matt! I know Amy would have walked by the treats!

Ed said...

Worked out this morning with Meg's BAMs and got to team up with my wife.

Tabata Team WOD, partners swap exercises after a full Tabata (8 round) cycle. Scores are only for the 'primary' exercise,

Wall Ball (Wall Sit)
Row for Cal. (Plank)
CFS PU (Plate overhead)
ABMAT SU (Run 400m)

9 / 8 / 10 / 11

And the bonus round

Overhead lunge (K2E): 6

Great WOD, I am all kinds of tired.

Off to the zoo!

Rich V. said...

swam 1500 meters in 40 min.

Greg E said...

3 rounds + 10 GHD
Good WOD

Mike D said...

Did the WOD solo, late...

Can't DU; subbed 3 for 1
subbed GHD for Abmat (back injury recovery)
also used a ploy box for assist with muscle up

3 rds +2 wallballs

Good WOD!

Matt B. said...

Great discussion on pose. I'd like to tag along on any coaching you do. I switched to pose and NB minimus about 6 weeks ago. Love the shoes, and the way pose feels, but my calves and arches kill for days after a run, even relatively short sprints. Perhaps, like someone said, I don't need to be totally on the balls of my feet. I' ve been figuring that I'm relearning major muscle movements and it will take time for muscles to adapt... certainly trusting in the pros that it will be better on the other side.

Noah, we haven't met, but I think our kiddos have through Awana cubbies out in Parkville. My wife was talking to one of the moms, and learned one of the girls dad's is a marine named Noah that does CF out at Leavenworth. Who knows how CF came up among two new girlfriends...

Jake78 said...

Some Pose shoe recommendations if anyone is interested:

If you're just starting it - don't go all out it literally does take a few weeks of light runs to strengthen your ankles and calf enough to endure. To ease this and provide a bit of a safety net the Nick Frees are a good shoe and have a little padding just in case you heal strike on accident.

If you're already good with it and looking for a cheap shoe other than Chuck Tailors, go with a standard wrestling shoe. That's literally how I learned to "pose" without knowing it was "pose".

Good luck posing out there ;-)