Feb 14, 2012

021512 Wednesday


We would like to met all those who have applied for scholarships. The purpose of this is to allow us to provide some feedback on the applications which may cause some people to reapply and put faces to names.

The first opportunity to do this is 0600 tomorrow, meet in front of the wall ball walls. Don't worry, if you can't make it tomorrow we will run two subsequent meetings.


Push Press
Push Jerk

The idea here is to find your press 1RM and then hold that for push press and push jerk.

Jamie 's 0530 Class



Thrusters (95/65)


Lance said...

Seen some questions over the last few weeks about pre-workout nutrition. For the early crew, it's tough, but check out the link for some advice on what to take in:


April said...

There is a small posse rallying at the bubble around 1630 tomorrow for those who are interested.

nutt said...

I needed a reason to try the morning class, thank you! The scholarship meeting gave me a reason. I tried to click on the link about pre-workout nutrition and it didn't pull up. Not sure I could work out without a little fuel. Interested to see what it said.

Bridget said...

Is there an afternoon POC for the scholarship program.. 1630 ish?

james said...

Bridget - the 1630 rally is not connected to the scholarship meeting. This weeks meeting is 0600 tmw. We will run another meeting next Wednesday - probably in the afternoon as well as the morning.


james said...

Jimmy - maybe don't scale but challenge yourself to go with the 3's and 5's - you will find that with a three breath rest you can generally find another 3 reps particularly at lighter weights

Meghan Smith said...

Nutt--I usually eat a handful of almonds if nothing else...I cut and pasted the link and it worked ok. See you in the AM.

April said...

I didn't mean to mislead or confuse people... the 1630 is a non-scholarship-related get-together for the WOD. An early class tomorrow for me is the only reason.

Amy said...

I registered for the IMCF 2012 CF Games team! Fun times.

If I were to work out first thing in the morning, I would probably eat a banana with some natural almond butter or peanut butter on it and have a big glass of water. The night before I would have 1-2 heart healthy glasses of red wine. My second breakfast would be a delicious homemade breakfast sandwich with omega eggs, real cheese, nitrate free ham, and evil thin bread.

scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

Push Press:
Push Jerk:

Greg M said...

135 across the board.

Worked hard on form today.

On Press worked on not over-extending my back while pressing.

On Push press worked on exploding my hips and pressing through my heels.

On Jerk, worked on opening my hips, and not going to wide with my feet.

Thanks for the help Rob and Meg.

james said...

Press 145
PP - 145
PJ - 165

Amy J - welcome to the team. Real eggs, sans Omega, at Woody's Gas Station cnr Eisenhower and Grand Shire every Saturday 0830 -1030. Do you have to revoke your US citizenship if you confess to eating real cheese? Isn't that what French people do?

Nutt - another perspective on eating pre workout. http://www.crossfitmansfield.com/files/cfj_amundson_tupperwareman.pdf

I think most Australians tend to have a six pack of beer and a meat pie before they workout

Brian S said...

OH Press

165 across

Had to bow out early to get some work done.

Jimmy S. said...

115 across the board. Failed several times trying to go heavier on the press. Well below my PR.

Erin Anderson said...

Loved being wrong today! We could press 65#. And then 70. Failed on 75. Meg, James, Greg & Rob, thx for the form tips!

Tiffany & I are challenging everyone to wear crossfit socks or anything crazy on Friday workouts!

There is a new store in Leavenworth, Hibbett sports, 3400 South 4th St, I saw some bold solid colored socks there. (since the whole point is to protect our chins during deadlifts & box jumps, right?)

Scott said...

Double WOD morning.

JAG PT WOD: Running with Cindy
AMRAP 15 minutes:
- 5 Pull Ups
- 10 Push Ups
- 15 Squats
- Rum 300 meters [approx]

I did 7 rounds + 100 meters run.

Press: 95-105-115-115-125
Push Press: 125 x 5
Push Jerk: 125 x 5

Little Right shoulder pop in two of rounds. But no injury. Weight is slowly going up on Press. Really tried to focus on just pushing weight up without the usuall little dip I used to do.

Bridget said...

James thanks! I don't want to miss the boat! Is there a sign up list for volunteering for PAIR day?

nutt said...

James, is that 6 pack of beer fosters?

Did 95 across the board.

Did not eat before today but would definitely need to if it was a cardio wod. Have a friend that wants to start coming so I'm going to be making this more of a routine.

Thanks for a great start to the day!

Mac said...

Made up yesterday's WOD today, because it looked so fun!

16:39. Blew through the first round, but somehow that second round seemed a lot harder.

Alex E. said...


I have the list and you are on it now! Send me an email with what times you can be there. Thanks

125 - P
125 - PP
125 x 3 sets - PJ

Ran out of time. But learned you can leave the bubble at 0755 and still make class by 0825 showered and dressed.

Ross said...

Press x1
135, 155, 165, 175, 185(F), 180

Push Press x3
180, 180, 185, 195, 200PR

Push Jerk x5
180, 185, 195(F), 185(F), 185, 195PR

Push jerk still needs some work, coordination is coming along but not there...

nutt said...

James, kidding about the fosters. My friend nicole Ross told me how much she hates fosters.

Joined the IMCF open games team. Should be fun!

Noah said...

P: 115x5 (failed x2@120, aargh!)
PP: 125x2, 130x3
PJ: 130x3, 125x2

innertu...as in I won't be able to press 120 until I can control my innertu.

Rich M. said...

A sad 115 across. I took Rob and Greg's advice that the idea was to stay with the same weight on all sets. So, my sad 1RM for Press of 115 today was it. I could PP and PJ a bit more, but stayed with it. Sad...

Tiffany said...


Stayed at 75# for PP and PJ. Thanks Greg for the tips, I think you are right, I could have gotten 75 on my first attempt if I had the right form!

Jess - I'm sorry I won't be able to make it in earlier tomorrow, the earliest I can do is 0615. Sorry about that!

Everyone - Don't forget to wear your crazy knee socks on Friday!

james said...

Nutt - Nicole Ross is probably qualified to comment!! I confess the only fosters I have ever drunk is here.

Greg M said...

Rich - totally disagree. You stayed within the intent of the programmer and WOD. So well done!! No egos, remember?

I think todays WOD illustrated how you can do more reps doing different techniques and how powerful each of the movements are.

Matt said...

I am very interested in hleping out on pair day. I am available all day.

Alex E. said...

Matt - shoot me your email and what times your are available. thomas.elmore@us.army.mil

rob said...

I bounced around bit on my weight, but settled on 155 across all sets. Greg's coaching highlighed a consistent 'rocking' motion as I drive from the dip position. I fixed it by decreasing my dip and a deliberate bend with the knee and hip. I would have liked to used more weight for the PP and PJ, but 155lbs was all I could get on the press wihtout compromising good form.

Ross said...

just signed up for the open on IMCF Team. Still relatiely new to this so I hope my scores help and not hurt.

Mark Weaver said...

I definitely needed the advice on form and look forward to putting up more weight next time.

125 for Press/PP and then we did lighter weights on the push jerk to get the form down without hurting the back. Great improvement during the WOD thanks to Rich coming over and giving us pointers.

Arod said...

Peaked at 135 today, need to work on my wrists during the jerk-felt some uncomfortable pain. I luv the sock idea, will have to visit the new sports store when i get back from my president's day trip. Appreciate all the motivation from everyone today.

Mike said...

Press - 135/155/165/175/185(f)
PP - 5 x 3 @ 175
PJ - 175 x 5 - terrible form
135 x 5 to work on form

Had to stop there for time, but my shoulder was giving me problems anyway.

Thanks to James for the tips.

I did this workout on my own, but should have had a partner to help with coaching form. It would have helped my form in executing the lift and my coaching by looking for cues in another athlete.

Anybody have Dave Hudson's email?

james said...

Ross - the scoring system for the games means that for each WOD (of which there are five) only the three best individual male and female scores count. For example:
WOD 1 - you have the highest score in IMCF so your individual score counts for the team.
WOD 2 - you have the lowest score in IMCF but because you aren't in the top three it doesn't count.

Its possible that the IMCF team result could be the product of a different group of athletes each week.

Noah said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Noah said...


Since people are talking about what to eat before a workout...I try to eat at least 6 little chocolate donuts before every workout. I feel it gives me the energy I need to reach peak performance, just see the video clip for proof.

Debbie said...

I was all over the place on this WOD!
75 across the board

During the WOD I push jerked 95 for 4X2 then 3x1 and then 105X2 then 115(F)x 2
Tape really helped my wrists, thanks Greg/Meg for the help.

Greg M said...


Show your box pride at Regionals with your Reebok Affiliate T-shirts and WIN! Win what? Check out the attached for details. Don't miss out!

We need to do this. Having IMCF Reebok CrossFit shirts would be awesome!!

Meghan Smith said...

Really struggled on the press--apparently it has been FOREVER since I've done them, and I had a hard time convincing my legs not to "dip/drive!" for it. Anyway, I stuck at 60# for the WOD and then worked on my 3RM for Jerks. Did 95# for the 3, which I'm happy enough with since my 1RM is 105#.

Greg E said...

135, 155, 185 (f), 165, 170, 175
Push Press:
175 x 5
Push Jerk:
175 x 5

I tried to find the 1 rm a bit to fast. I had allot of wrist discomfort... Anyone have any recommendations to help eliminate that, other then not lifting heavy weight?

Dan said...

FS 3x5: ?-?-185-195(x1)-185(f2)

Press: 95-125-145-155(f)-145
PP: 145 (3x5)
Jerk: 145 (5x3) ran short on time for the last 2 sets

Nice to have Chuck join us for the first time this morning!

Jess said...

Found my press 1RM at 75# and stuck to that with PP and PJ. Thanks Tiffany and Erin for the extra motivation-Tiffany don't sweat tomorrow :) Thanks Greg and Meg for the tips on form!

Lance said...

5x5 DL...275, 295, 315, 335, 365(2)

Snatch @ 85#
Box Jumps

45 Hip Extensions

Lance said...

Made a mistake on those last two sets of DL...345 and 2 reps at 375

John T. said...

New one rep max on press.

105 across the board for push press and push jerk.

After WOD ran 7 miles in 49 minutes 18 seconds.

Rudy said...

P: 110, 115, 120, 125, 130
PP: 125x5
PJ: 115x2, 120x3 (Working on form)

Thanks Rich for helping us with form today. Hope to Rx this next time. Off to my evening combatives class.

Doug said...

Press: 95, 115, 135, 145(f), 135(f)

Did PP and PJ at #135.

Kay said...

75 for Press, 80 for PP, 85 for PJ. I really could have used some coaching today; I could feel my back bending backwards on the press, so perhaps I was going too heavy.

Bridget said...

Nice to see some many friendly faces in afternoon WOD! Thank you April for keeping me in the right form for each of the exercises.

Press:1-1-1-1-1 max = #80
PP: 3-3-3-3-3 =#80
PJ: 5-5-5-5-5 = #80
1:25:00 bike WOD post CF
looking forward to the pool tomorrow!

james said...

Kay - turn your abs and butt on before you press - very difficult to overextend your back when both are locked

Jake78 said...

Very enlightening meeting this morning. I'll definitely re-look my application just in case.

Press 135/140/145/150/155
(3 month break to recover my shoulder was apparent old max was 175!)
Push Press 155 3x3
(cut short)
Push Jerk 155 x1
(meeting and my hesitation to push too hard to soon)

Amy said...

Press: 95lbs (wrists hurt)
PP: 105 (wrists really hurt)
PJ: dropped weight to 75 and did a couple PJs just to remind myself of the movement and decided my wrists had enough pain for the day.

Kay said...

Thanks James; I'll have to work on that.