Feb 13, 2012

021412 Tuesday

2 rounds for time:

14 reps each:
kettlebell swings (53/35)
double unders
GHD sit ups
Pull ups
Wall balls (20/14)
Ring dips
Push press (75/55)
Hang cleans (95/65)
Row (14 Calories)

This WOD during busy hours can get bogged up. Since two bars need to be used for each athlete, this will work better if we start in groups at different stations. This will allow more than one athlete to use the same bars. Also be considerate tomorrow since the GHD and Rowers are being used for the WOD, try not to warm up on these devices so you don't jump in front of someone working out.

Groups tentatively starting at 0515, 0545, and 615 in the morning. 3, 2, 1 go........

Jamie Z's 0530 Class

Clean:  5-5-5-5-5    
Weighted Dips: 5-5-5-5-5


Noah said...

Not a time many people can make but Ross and I will 3.2.1 at 0800 for anyone interested.

Mike said...

I'll be ready to kick off at 0515.

rob said...

I'm going for a 0545 start. Anyone else?

Debbie said...

i'll be there for a 0545 start

Ed said...

0545 sounds good

nutt said...

I wish I could give a go at the morning class, do you guys eat before go? Do you do the full warmup?

April said...

It won't take away from the WOD if the order of the movements are switched up within the round. For example, it would be acceptable to do pullups then go back to GHDs because the machines were full. However, the round should be completed before moving to the second set.

Speed takes priority over sequence. I wish I could say there was some awesome physiological magic in the order I listed them, but there isn't. Maybe next time.

Mike said...

Nutt -
I don't eat anything before I workout at 0515. I drink water as soon as I get up. I modify the warmup to get at joints/muscles that need extra work.

Greg M said...

I will be there at 515

Progimg - Proging going to be exhausted after this WOD!!

Colin said...

0800 will work tomorrow

nutt said...

Thanks mike, I have been doing Meg's class since August. Would love to see how you early birds do it. Not sure I can get up that early for a wod when I'm so used to having ample warm up time. I hear it's incredibly crowded too.

scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:


Subbed/scaled as follows:
DB swing (55lb)
Incline SU
Bar dips
Push-press @ 95lb
200m run
Transitioning killed my time (esp. going from inside to outside for run in the snow!)

Ed said...


Worked as a three-man group with Rob and John - good WOD. Things did get out of order, but April was right, the suck was there even out of order.

Greg M said...


I did Push Press at 95lbs and 75lbs on Cleans. Totally screwed that up.

Still need more people on our Crossfit Open team. It is your chance to compete and have some good fun.

james said...

I am officially in "rest" mode to attempt to heal a gammy (yes Kay, that's a word in Australia) leg.

10 x 2 Bench press 60 second rest between sets @215

(needed a spot on the last 2 rounds, thanks Dustin)

Alex E. said...

20:00 flat. Just now breathing again.

Meghan Smith said...

21:47, Rx except a red band on the ring dips.

I was highly motivated by the fear of Debbie catching me within the rounds since we started together on different events. I'm lucky that burpees don't slow me down, because the push press definitely did!

Great WOD...Happy Valentine's Day!

Brian S said...

Started with 5x5 of trap bar deadlifts at 225-245-275-275-275

Then did the WOD in 18:30. Did RX with a plus up on weights, did 95lbs on clean and push press.

Lance said...

@Mike: Although it is gluten free, the bread is still made with some sort of grain...rice starch or something along that lines. Grains, no matter if they are gluten free or not, are still very high on the glycemic index and will still spike your blood glucose. I think gluten free bread is still somewhere in the 70s (scale is 0-100, with a higher number being worse).
In the end, if you need some bread, gluten free is a better option, but no bread is best.
Hope this helps a bit.

Rich M. said...

16:30 RXd. Probably a little sloppy on ring dips....but all else I think form was pretty good. I made the turn (completed first round) in around 7 minutes, but lost some gas on round 2. Good WOD.

Air Force Steve said...

My official "Deadlift-a-thon" binder has been banned by the staff from the bubble...so, you will soon find an "AF Steve's 'Workout Log'" labeled binder in one of the cubbies. It just may happen to have info on the Deadlift-a-thon.
I still don't have the team sign-up sheet, but I'll have Elizabeth put it in there.

Tiffany said...

20:39 Rx'd except red band ring dips.

Great WOD April, I felt like I was never going to get the last 14 calories on the rower. Good ass whoopin' :)

Jamie Z said...

Did the following:
Clean: 135x5, 155x5, 185x4 (f5), 185x5, 190x3 (f4&5)
Weighted Dips: BW of 213 +70lbs x5, +135x4 (F5), +135x5, +70x5, +70x5

Just ran out of Gas on the dips.

dopus: what I feel like when I do something stupid.

Noah said...

16:10 with some band assist on the last 6 ring dips. Hit a wall on the second set of cleans and had to break them up. Smoked after this one.

Ross said...

14 is now my least favorite number!!!

Tried to hang with Noah this morning, only worked through the first set, just couldn't control my breathing on the second round. Ended with a 18:03, used the red band on second set of ring dips, all else as written.. Good WOD..

Paige said...


Red band PU on the second set, red band ring dips with a little box assist on both sets. The push press whooped me. Thanks Tiffany for letting me work in and cleaning up!

Dan said...

Keeping in my tradition of posting the slowest time on the blog - this time by minutes - 25:42. Yippee.

scottnkelly9901 said...

@Dan - but you posted. I bet there are many who participate and do not. Good job (coming from the "second slowest" guy)

Scott said...

20.15 for the GLOBO Gym cray run all over the place circuit. Lots of stares today, so that should be a bonus on my time.

I subbed as follows:
- 50# DB Swing
- 43 Single unders
- GHD using back extention set up [I made the best of it]
Thruster #45 b/c no wall ball
- Reg Dips
- Run 3 laps back and forth from one end of gym infront of all the mindless hampsters on the ellipticals and treadmills b/c no rower. About 200m I think.

Jamie Z said...

Apologies...I had a sloppy post an apparently delusional loading on my weighted dips.

Where I posted 135lbs it was actually 105. I had a 70lb KB and a 35lb KB hanging from the belt during those sets. Sorry for the mispost.

Rich V. said...

Swam 1000 meters 27 min

Mike said...

Lance - it does help. I made a lot of progress during the Whole 30 Challenge and now I'm figuring out what, if anything, I will add back in over time.

19:42 for the WOD. I had no get up and go in the second round.

Soraya said...

I had to cut my 2nd round a little short because I had 0730 class... 16:22 for everything but wallballs and push presses, which I'm sure would have added a few minutes. Used red band for PUs and purple band for dips. Another good workout, April....

Mike D said...

New to IMCF; with an injury, holidays and PCS leave, this is only the second WOD done Rx.

Not bad for just getting back

Also looking for someone to workout with at lunch. Please let me know if anyone is interested.

Greg E said...

16:20 - RX everything but double unders (subbed 3:1 SU)

Kay said...

IMCF Pentagon: somewhere around 25 min.
I sure could have used the group push on this WOD, and I need to find my dang stopwatch so I can get the exact times again.

James - This sheila hopes your gammy leg gets better, mate.

Alex E. said...


Is this article about you?


rob said...

Nice work with Ed and John: 15:25 as Rx'd

Jake78 said...


Lost a lot of time in transition, lol must be the early start time, I'm all discombobulated!

Jake Atkins

Mark Weaver said...

20:30 with several subs...

SU for DUs (3:1)
Green / then blue band on PU
Blue band / Dip machine
2nd hang clean @ 75#

Good fast-paced and varied workout

Jimmy S. said...

21:00; thinking I may start scaling the weight so I don't take as many breaks. Thoughts?

james said...

Jimmy - depends ...how long are the breaks if you are down to single reps with longish breaks you need to scale if you are still with 3 and 5's (3 reps, 3 breath's, 5 reps, 3 breaths, etc etc) then you are probably okay

Bridget said...

19:16 (motivated by working workout w/ Amy today)
DU's: cobbled first and did 42 singles
PU: Blue
Wallball: RX
Ring Dips: BLUE
HC: RX first 10- #60 rest

Jimmy S. said...

Thanks James. I think I'm probably somewhere in the middle. Today I was within those parameters for round one, but certainly not on round two.

Amy said...

Used red band on ring dips IOT maintain intensity. All else Rx'd.
Motivated by working out with Bridget! Alone is no fun.

On a side note... I am sore from Gruber's "body pump" yesterday. I really felt the burn of high rep muscle isolation if that makes sense.

Jess said...

21:33 scaled pullups to green band, dips on a box, push press round 1 x45#, round 2x35# for form, hang was 35# both rounds. Used the abmat instead due to back issues