Feb 12, 2012

021212 Monday

For time

400 m run
OHS (95/65)
Push ups
Box jumps (24/20)
400 m run

Jamie Z's 0530 Class

Angie: 100x Pull-ups 100x Push-ups 100x Sit-ups 100 Squats for time


Rich V. said...

are those 100 air squats??

Jimmy S. said...

Just finished up making 2 sets of parallettes for the house. $50 total cost and pretty easy. If anybody is interested in making a set, I have plenty if leftover pcv primer and cement you can have.

Jamie Z said...

Rich V.
Those are Air Squats.

Air Force Steve said...

I placed a binder at the Bubble desk with information and sign-up sheets for the "Deadlift-a-thon" March 10th at Leavenworth High School. When you sign up, please put "IMCF" as your team name and add your name to the roster for the IMCF team (another sheet in the binder).

Have fun running tomorrow morning...bring your cleats or Sorels! "krfoonc" as in, if you try to run in the snow you may get kfroonced!

scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

14:48 as Rx'd

Once again, wx was AWESOME - 6°F with light snow!

Mike said...

12:50 doing the 400m Run in VFF.

Good WOD. Lets were smoked at the end.

Greg M said...

Got started early this morning with Mike and Julie. This was a smoker for the legs and hips.

500m row and 65lbs on OHS


Good way to get Monday going.

Debbie said...

13:13 with 55# OHS and 500m row. great WOD

Brian S said...

Started with 5x5 Push Press at 135-155-165-175-185(f)

Then did the WOD in 13:06 Rxd with Run.

fisnished with 4x10 Romanian DLs at 95lbs.

Alex E. said...

12:08 RXd with run

Scott said...

OHS @ 75#
Had to Run 400's on treadmill. No crashes, but I hate having to wait for belt to get up to speed...takes so long.

Went Skiing this weekend in NC, and my legs are not as sore as they usually are...thanks to IMCF.

Ross said...

I chose to row (500m) instead of run this morning in the snow.. One point, just if you were wondering, 5 fingers are not the best footware for clearing driveways...

I focused on keeping my back verticle and getting my hips below the knees but it forced my feet apart further than normal, still working on the flexibility.

11:47 with 95 lbs on the OHS and rowing vice running..

Tiffany said...

16:20 with run and 55# OHS

I stopped twice on each OHS set because I was about to break. Thanks Debbie for helping me check my ego and not letting me do 65#. I think I would still be there if I did. Way to go Erin for Rx'ing it!

"bilfito" - What the bilfito was wrong with me today! Moving slow.

Erin Anderson said...

17:06. Very tired so obviously no intensity with this time. Its a bad sign when you start on the guys box because walking to the other side of the gym is too much work. But Thx to Kim I used 65# on ohs. Sorry tiff I was not a good partner today.

Tiffany said...

Erin - I think we would have been better off running to starbucks. We were not good for each other today!

Mark Weaver said...

12:16 with 65# OHS and 500m row. Good intensity to start the day off.

Thanks to Reed for working me on form with pipe/bar so that form was good for the workout.

Erin Anderson said...

Tiff, I could have beat Mike's time on the Starbucks wod! Hint hint April! Constantly varied, ready for anything!

Greg M said...

Got this off of the Games site. I think it is pretty good.

Occupy The CrossFit Games

The CrossFit Games season is upon us. The Open begins in 10 days. Do you care? Should you care? Why?

You, me, we are the 99% of CrossFit. Seriously, the chances that you or I will make it to the Regionals is pretty similar to the proverbial snowball thrown across the River Styx. It ain’t gonna happen. Is that the kicker?

The Open is going to be too heavy and too long for you and me. It sure as heck was last year. I don’t expect that we will see too much more in the way of load this year (I think Tony Budding and Dave Castro did a remarkable job making it inclusive last year), but I also don’t see it being any lighter, either. Will that be your tipping point?

It’s impossible to plan for the Open WOD’s. They come right in the middle of the week, and if you push your Open attempt back to the weekend you have to decide how you will prepare once you know what’s coming. It wreaks havoc with your training and your schedule. What’s gonna give?

Do you care? Yes, you do. Why? Because where else can you play Pebble Beach, the same track as the big boys and girls, for $20? The Open is your chance to take a few laps at Indianapolis Speedway or that fancy-dancy roadway in Germany whose name no one can pronounce. Old or young, big or small, you get to dig in at home plate and take your hacks at Fenway Park, field a punt at Candlestick, line up your PK at Wembley.

You are part of a much larger whole, whether you are a member of an Affiliate gym or a solo CrossFitter in a Globo. This is the time of year when everyone still comes to a central cyber-gym, congregates around the CrossFit table, and dines on our particular fitness cuisine. Together.

You…me…we are the 99% of CrossFit, and the Open is ours. You do care. You’re damn right you’re in. Register. Post.

Occupy the CrossFit Games.

Air Force Steve said...

Greg MacLean...posting during class, are we?

I think the road in Germany is called "Schlitterbahn"?

Greg M said...

Afternoon class for me, so now I am posting during class. :)

Alex E. said...

If you think posting in class is bad...I'm posting while we are in contact with the Ahurastani forces. That's dedication.

Noah said...

11:40 with the run. Must have been straining my neck too much because in the second set of OHS got a splitting headache that stayed with me for the rest of the WOD. Good times.

Doug said...

No CF for me the past few days, came down with the Black Plague over the weekend. My abs are actually sore from all the coughing, but I don't think that qualifies as a WOD.

Dan said...

3x5 Thrusters: 135-155-175-195(f)-185(f)

Scaled OHS to 75#

Jake78 said...


Running in the snow was slow and my shoulder slowed me on the OHS and push ups. Great to meet folks afterwards, and amazed to see some of those times good work!

Soraya said...

Awesome WOD and fun to work out with the big crew this afternoon (April, Jeff, Meg and Bridget). 17:22 with 65#, then 55# OHS midway through first set. Subbed 500m row.

Lance said...

5x5 PC...155, 165, 175, 185, 195(2), 185.

Todays WOD with a twist: 11:00

Subbed 115# PC and did 15-12-9

45xReverse Hypers

Bridget said...

Crazy to see a packed afternoon gym but GREAT team to WOD w/ lots of motivation w/ a smoker WOD!
500m row
OHS first round 10 RX & 11@ #55 (had to change out weights), rounds 2-3 #55
PU: RX Thank you MEg for reminding me to keep core tight in round 2.. : )
Box JU: RX
500 m row.. 15 seconds trying to get onto a rower not broken... : (

Mike said...

Lance -
What is your opinion on gluten-free bread - still bad or OK because no gluten?

Rich V. said...

100 PU 100 GHD 25 PU 35 SQUATS pain

April said...

You know you're doing something right when post-WOD, your very own husband tells you how much he hates you.

Kay said...

IMCF Pentagon:
A late post for me - 14:04 with 55#OHS; with no one to watch my form (except myself when looking in the mirror), I decided not to do 65#; still a tough WOD.

Mac said...

11:21, as rx'd using the rower (500m). Great WOD with the variety of complimentary muscle groups worked...left me ready to lay down.

How motivational is it to go in the afternoon and see the crossfit kids getting after it? I might transition to afternoons just to try and steal some of their energy!

Meghan Smith said...

16:58 with some 65, more at 55. Great working out with some of the gang in the afternoon--I'd have found an excuse to move slower! Great WOD...and that second row sucked. A lot. :-)