Feb 9, 2012

021012 Friday

For reps

3 Rounds

3 minutes Double Unders
2 minutes CrossFit standard Pushups
1 minute Deadlift (135/75)
2 minute rest

Jamie Z' 0530 class


Thrusters (95/65)


Meg Smith said...

I'm really looking forward to this WOD...it's going to suck in the best possible way. Going to try and get there for the 0545 kick off.

It'll be a challenge not to thrust off the thighs during that many CFPUs. (It's worth asking someone to check, since most of us don't know if we do it). I am requesting assistance in keeping myself accountable (I can't believe I just did that) and can return the favor if desired. Who's in?

james said...

Meg - I will be done by then so if you pushup in the vicinity of my mobilizing I will be happy to hurl abuse at you every time you transgress

Mike said...

James - I got hit today by the same truck that hit Adam earlier in the week. I may not be there in the morning.

I'm also thinking of bringing Darin in to work on DL to possibly get him ready for the DL meet in March.

james said...

Total score 316

I subbed the 2 minutes of pushups for two minutes of yesterdays WOD each round. Made the round of 7,14 but rounds 10,12,14 used green band on pullups - HSPU Rxed.

Jake78 said...

DU 110/110/110
PU 30/30/30
DL (135) 10/20/22
Reps per round completed at 0600
Nice to see the early morning group

Jake Atkins

Ross said...

Well I cannot string DU so I did both Su and du
93 DU and 650 SU
140 CFPU
80 DL at 135lbs

Brian S said...

DU: 98/71/68
PU: 40/41/42
DL: 20/22/21

Total was 423. DUs really kicked my butt this morning, I have welts on my shins to prove it.

Ross said...

Sorry that was totals for all three rounds combined.

Meghan Smith said...

DU 118/114/102--really struggled to string them together on round 3!
CFSPU 16/17/14
DL (75) 26, 23, 21

Played with the ever present question of "go to my knees to keep up speed intensity??" but chose to stay with strict, albeit slower Rx. Thanks for the push, James!

On a separate note, my rope is now shot. I just contacted Rx Jump Ropes, as they apparently offer an affiliate bulk discount. I'll get the details and post a sign up next week for anyone interested.

Dan said...

Welcomed John G II today - good stuff.

Came up a little short on time, so no WOD this morning. Will knock it out tomorrow.

Today: CFSWU, skill work on cleans, 5x5 bench press:

Soraya said...

Great WOD. I really liked the programming this week, April. Hitting the same muscle groups in different weights and goals various times in the week was a different approach than we normally take, so I liked the variation

DU: 82/86/91
PU: 30/26/20 (last 10 were modified)
DL: 25/20/22

Thanks for the group start this morning, Greg, Meg and crew.

Greg M said...

525 total

RD 1
DU - 100
CFPU - 50
DL - 30

RD 2
DU - 120
CFPU - 30
DL - 30

RD 3
DU - 97
CFPU - 35
DL - 33

Great WOD!! Thanks for the push Soraya, Meg, Doug, Daniel, Derek, Brian. I was trying hard to keep up with Meg on the DUs.

Jamie Z said...

Fran in 5:17 this morning. Not bad for the first week back to full WODs

Greg M said...

Jake - did not realize you were in this morning, next time you show up in the morning introduce yourself. We usually step off at 0545ish every morning.

Jimmy S. said...

DUs: 160, 162,143
CFPU: 45, 39, 36
DL: 20, 20, 20

Total: 645 reps

Rich M. said...

823 total score

Round 1:
DU- 240
DL- 27

Round 2:
DU- 210
PU- 36
DL- 22

Round 3:
DU- 180
PU- 33
DL- 23

Admittedly, I went very slowly on the DLs- my back was pretty tight this morning, so I didn't want to chance it. My shoulders were screaming by time I did PUs on each round.

Paige said...

DU 115/112/115
PU 35/33/30
DL (75) 25/28/27

Still waiting on my jump rope I ordered last week. I'm hoping it will "magically" help me string together more DU!

Jamie Z said...

I have a nice case of FRAN lung right now...Sweet.

Tiffany said...

Total reps = 638

DU- 142-165-180 (70 strung together in round 3, new PR)
PU - 32-31-25
DL - 20-22-21

Glad I decided to come in this morning after seriously considering staying home since I'd been up since 3am with sick kids. Nice job programming this week April!

Lauren - Welcome to IMCF, see you Monday!

scottnkelly9901 said...

@Jamie Z...did it remind you of the IOCT?

Erin Anderson said...

Did the workout with Darin but I can't count, work on du, watch the clock and Darin all at once yet!

Since I quit counting Thx for the motivation at the end Meg &Greg.

Great to see so many new faces at the bubble!

Jay Luck said...

Dan post my WOD info never got it from ya. 5* 5 rep max after the WOD on bench was 250

Jamie Z said...

There was an IOCT training effect...However, IOCT effect usually involved blood from the lungs resulting from the "insulation" in the gym. Today, just hurt, but in a good way.

Rich V. said...

Did Fran
14 min used blue band then green.

Jess said...

Wow...I had no skills with the rope today- I didn't manage a single DU much less string SUs for longer than 15 sec this morning! I think my son waking at 2am two days in a row stole my mojo!
25 CFPU R1, 20 R2 before going to knees and finishing at 30, 10 R3 before dropping to knees and finishing at 30
DL Rx R1-22, R2-25, R3-25

Jake78 said...

Greg, no worries I don't know what anyone on the IMCF staff looks like, I was the fella in all black with skulls on his shirt I'll do better at getting around next time ;-)

Noah said...

Rd 1: 190/38/20
Rd 2: 131/33/24
Rd 3: 130/30/26

DUs were an exercise in frustration. Can't seem to get the rhythm down with the new rope I started using in January. 622 reps.

Amy said...

759 total Rx'd

Bridget said...

Tore hands chasing some goats on Wend. This WOD was a heck of a way to end the week... thank you April!

DU: 100,97,105 cobbled together happy to say! : )
CF PU: 41,45,45
DL: 15,17,16

james said...

Amy - amuse us with your breakdown please !!

james said...

and sign up for the games team while you are at it

Ed said...

Total: 590 reps

DU: 161 / 102 / 126
PU: 54 / 42 / 23
DL: 26 / 23 / 23

I started round one with 53 consecutive DU, a new PR. I was surprised how tired I was in round two and couldn't string more than 20. For round 3 I swapped to my other jumprope, an RX Ultra 1.8 (my normal is the 2.6) - the thinner 1.8 rope made a huge difference and I actually got 66 strung together.

Amy said...

I didn't write it down, but from what I remember...
DU 218ish - 190ish - 160ish
PU 34ish - 30ish - 25ish
DL 30 something for all three rnds.

Numbers are still on a whiteboard in the gym. LTC Mac was my witness. Deadlifts were light. Usually when males have 135, females do 95. I tried to do as many DUs as possible as I am weak on CFSPU and rest a whole lot inbetween reps IOT complete a good one.

I will sign up. Don't worry.

scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:
Day later...

DU 121/112/92
CSPU 49/40/36
DL 20/20/20

Assuming running clock (FGB style) was the standard

Mac said...

Did this on a Saturday morning, so subbed air squats for the DLs. Not the best alternative, but was short on options:
DU: 165, 165, 155
PU: 43, 40, 39
Squat: 33, 32, 31
Total: 703

james said...

Amy - I believe you !! don't worry about that - I was just interested that's all