Feb 8, 2012

020912 Thursday

1-2-3-4-5-6-7-6-5 4-3-2-1

handstand push ups

2-4-6-8-10-12-14 -12-10-8-6-4-2

strict pull ups

Do one Handstand Pushup then 2 strict pullups, 2 HSPU and 4 strict pullups and so on

Jamie Z's 0530 Class

5-5-5-5-5 press


Jamie Z said...

For my guys Shoulder Pres for Singles. Go for 1 RM. We will not use chains this week.

scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

Scaled HSPU with blue-green band combo* and some mild "cheating" in the middle of the pull-up sets (not kipping but not "Ranger standard" either)
*switched the bands so most of the assist was from the blue band. Still maintained full range of motion with just enough support.

Ed said...


For HSPU, rounds 1-4 were unassisted, the rest were using the green band and a ring strap off the pullup bar for ROM. Probably should have gone blue band with this, but there was only 1 we could find this morning and it was in use.

For strict pullups, I used the red band to finish three of the middle rounds and the blue band on another round.

Side note for the afternoon crew - check with the Harney folks, the key for the equipment locker should be coming back today - it wasn't here this morning.

Greg M said...


HSPU - chest against the wall for 1-5, 6&7 Piked on 52in box, 5-1 chest against wall.

PU - 2-8 strict, 8-10 red band, 12 on green band.

Good WOD!! My arms are toast!!

Noah said...

20:30, some band assist pullups and some buddy assist headstand pushups.

Ross said...

same as Noah, 20:30, some band assist pullups and some buddy assist headstand pushups.

james said...

Swam for SAMS PT - intervals of 50-100-150-200-250 -200-150-100-50 with about a minute in between - it was good variety

Brian S said...

Started with 5x1 bench press at 225-245-255-265(f)-245.

For the WOD Did 15:00. Did band assisted pullups at 14, 10, and 6 with a green band. Did HSPU RX 1-4 then assumed modified Pike position for the remainder.

Finished with 3 rds KBS @ 53lbs and 2 rds @ 70 lbs.

Tiffany said...


For HSPU I used green/red band because that's what was available, would have rather done blue/red.

For pullups I used red band on rounds 1-4 and then it was either blue or green depending on availability. Good WOD working out with Erin, Rich and Mac!

james said...

Update on IMCF CrossFit games team - we have 15 signed up so far. First WOD is out on 22 Feb 12. It's going to be a blast ..more info at:


Greg E said...

1-7 UP RX
6-1 Down pushed 2 feet from wall
2-14 UP RX
12-10 Down red Band
8-2 Down Blue band

I should of transitioned to a band on Pullups earlier to maintain intensity.

Erin Anderson said...

18:56 scaled everything!

March 10th is on the calendar, please let us know the times so we can come cheer (with an iron major tshirt of course.)

Amy said...

Inside the Cult of CrossFit


Rich M. said...

15:28- I did chest to wall HSPU...on sets 1-5 and then 5-1 I was nearly vertical trying to actually move my head forward like the vidoe vice straight up and down....on the others had a slight incline. On PUs- no bands on sets 2, 4, 6, 8- then due to equipment constraints had to bounce between blue and green bands.

james said...

Its a cult? I though it was a high intensity constantly varied functional movement program ..but I am often slow to catch on to these things

Rich M. said...

It is a GOOD cult.

Greg M said...

I love the line.. Crossfit is the thing I live for most. Well, I love my wife, but Crossfit is a close second and its closing fast.

Alex E. said...

15:33. After round 4 went to bands / box for the rest.

Mac said...

16:50, with a variety of scaling up and down through the course of the WOD. Not my favorite WOD ever, as it's tough to measure, and therefore I'm not sure the time really means much, but enjoyed it nonetheless.

Interesting article, but the misconception about "Crossfit Workouts" continues...there is no such thing, and the methodology isn't random (unless you're a lazy programmer). There are workouts that conform to the methodology, and orient towards functional movements across broad time and modal domains, but you'll find that doing Army obstacle courses. Is moving through an obstacle course rapidly a "Crossfit Workout"?

And I love it when people voluntarilly take part in an activity, push hard, and voluntarilly hurt themselves...and blame someone else. Here's a link that describes the "Makimba" situation, the WOD in question, and the legal brief. Mind blowing.

Jake78 said...

Did the main site workout this morning since todays said nothing about doing it for time ;-)

So 5 rounds for time
1000m row
9 Muscle Ups
51:00 completed at 1200

Rowing to muscle ups is harder then I thought, your grip is exausted after 4 plus minutes of rowing!

- Sincerely Jake

Arod said...

17:15, arms felt like jello in class today. RX till round 6 and i had to use the red band. Moved off the wall a bit for rounds 7,6,5 but was able to get my handstand tight towards the end..

Amy said...

12:34 with abmat under head against wall (should have done it without the abmat as it was too easy)
Strict pull-ups with blue and then green band. I approached this WOD wrong as a felt it necessary feel the quick burn of burpees and wallballs after.

Air Force Steve said...

I did the mainsite WoD today:
800m Run
9 x Muscle-ups

33:40...happy to do all MUs Rx, but wrists are minus some skin.

There will be a binder at the gym (as soon as I can get one) with forms for the Deadlift competition as well as a sheet to put your name and info down for the IMCF team. If we get more than 10, we'll split it up.

James - our akward discourse at the printer makes sense now. I was speaking without reference to the article. This is what I was referencing: http://youtu.be/nJyPha4Rfdo

Jimmy S. said...

17 miles on the bike with Ad this afternoon and tabata KBS, SU, Squats with Michele tonight. Should sleep well.

james said...

AF Steve - strange things happen at the printer - I think its in a different space time continuum