Feb 7, 2012

020812 Wednesday

You may or may not do the whole mobility thing ...I know some of us do big time. The "mobility project" served up its 365th episode today and Kstar posted a concluding list of mobility rules to live by. It's worth reading, part physical therapy, part CrossFit, not doubt a SAMSter can even find some Boyd or Dolman sprinkled in there. It's worth reading for mine.  

Other Events. See below for the details on the deadliftathon - if you would like an entry form etc then post to comments.




Jamie Z's 0530 Class

Weighted Pullup



Alex E. said...

What % of our 1 rep max should we aim for here?

Lance said...

I'm down for the deadlift comp...do we want to get a team together?

Lance said...

Alex: if I'm not mistaken, you should be at about 80-90% by set 3 or 4. Also, if you haven't failed by set 4 or 5, you've went to light.

If I'm wrong, somebody please throw out the knowledge.

Alex E. said...

Appreciate the help, Lance.

james said...


Did I read this right? is 3ID running 10 L1 trainer courses?

Meghan Smith said...

Alex, I'm with Lance. Ultimately, you want to push for that last set to be legitimately a 3 rep max where 4 wasn't even conceivable...a 3 rep max is a great tool for WOD planning. After you've got this number, you can look at a WOD with 5 DL as part of it and know you want to push to about 85-90% of your 3 rep max. Big fan of 1R and 3R maxes.

Greg M, since you practically begged, I'm going to make plans for 0545 a few times a week. I like my 0600 group, too, but I'll make the occasional exception for you. :-P

james said...


good news!! look out piggies everyone will be coming for you soon...well not Everyone..

the diagrams are fantastic

Kay said...

Yea, my old division is embracing CF. The article is poorly written; I am confused by the last paragraph; I think it's impossible to have 8 more L1 certs by the end of March, unless they have hired CF HQ for the weekdays to hold 8 more sessions. Anyway, "Rock of the Marne!"

james said...

Kay - Thanks for translating "Marne speak" to Australian.

Jamie Z said...

It depends on what you are going for with the 3x rep max...I push my guys for just that, achieve a new three rep max or at least tie their last one by set 4. Set five is a repeat or an increase.

Matt B. said...

I love when I'm hoping to do a certain WOD the next day, then I check IMCF and see just that! Happens more than you'd think.

Erin Anderson said...

Looking forward to deadlifts with the group but mostly watching Tiffany and Greg's bear crawl race tomorrow!

Air Force Steve said...

OK, here goes a Dave Hudson sized post. I am sending this via e-mail to the L1's, but in attempting to reach a larger audience, I'll post the e-mail here. I'll see if the website gurus can post the complete attachment regarding the Deadlifting competition:

Iron Majors,

I've attached some info about Leavenworth High School Powerlifting Team's "Deadlift-A-Thon" fundraiser coming up March 10th (not Spring Break/Monograph week). Please consider competing with an IMCF t-shirt on (rules require a t-shirt...sorry Mac). The money goes towards sending the High School team to Nationals in Oklahoma.

Here's why:

Commentary and ranting to follow: CrossFit blends elements of weightlifting, gymnastics, and monostructural/metcon movements. The community benefits from the experts in all three (Pose running, Westside barbell, Burgener, Mary Lou Retton?). They are the experts in their field and we owe them a debt of gratitude for what they teach our community. Just because we blend them all doesn't mean we should blow off the specialties. That being said, in the competitive spirit of CrossFit, I would encourage everyone in IMCF to get involved in competition whenever they can, regardless of how qualified they "feel" that they are. I competed in my first Olympic lifting competition a few weeks ago at Gruber gym, not because I felt ready, but because I felt it was important to support that community. Guess what? It was fun. I watched and learned from some good lifters (including Mike Rutherford, aka "Coach Rut", one of the original CrossFit affiliate owners; and Alex...one of Stewart's prodigies and crazy strong) and am better for it. Unfortunately, the IMCF showing at the competition, held on our own post, was pathetic. So, with only a handful of IMCF'ers attending the on-post Olympic comp and about the same number attending the Kansas City CrossFit competition, we have done our community a disservice. Coach Glassman would be turning in his grave, if he was dead, at our lack of support of all that makes CrossFit successful. You're busy, I get it...so am I. You have families...me too. Here's an idea-take a rest day on one of the weekdays like the rest of the CrossFit community and save that day for a competition. Take the kids and let them see other kids (high school...close enough) getting stronger. Then let them see Mom and/or Dad pull some weight off the ground (without rounding your back) for a good cause. Just because it's not happening in the bubble doesn't mean you can't attend.

With all this said, someone could turn it on me and say, "But Steve, you don't you join the group in the morning!" Touché! Guilty of staying up late and liking to sleep till 0700...but I'm signed up for the CrossFit Open...are you?

Quotes to lift by:

"Strong people are harder to kill than weak people, and more useful in general." - Coach Mark Rippetoe

"Be as strong as you can without being slow. Be as fast as you can without being weak." -Stolen from the whiteboard last year.

Regarding Deadlifting: "Just pick the f***er up" - Dave Tate

Metcon Prom King and Queen - John and Soraya: I expect you to be there! All 3 Andersons are on the hook as well.

If you do sign up, put "IMCF" as the team name.

I love you guys,

Air Force Steve

John T. said...


You are completely correct. I am a big wussy when it comes to weightlifting because I hate doing it. Soraya and I need to get our butts in gear and get our lift on. Funny you made this post as not 15 minute prior to this, I looked at Soraya and said, "Holy Sh*t, Dealifting competition. I'm not doing that crap."

But after your post, I thought. If Air Force Steve can suck down two years on an Army post and do high speed weightlifting competitions so can we.

Yes Soraya and I might be the Metcon Prom King and Queen but on dead lift day we will be just the weak ass Crossfit couple who barely lifted their body weight. This is all time dependent of course as Soraya and I do have a 20 mile "fun run" that morning with Sole Pacers running club. We will definitely be there afterwards though.

And in the loving spirit of getting better on all areas of Crossfit, Soraya and I signed you up for the Oklahoma City Marathon. We guestimated your time to be around 4:00.00. Think about how fun this will be. We learn from you and now we can teach you too! Awesome!

Coach Glassman would be proud Steve!

John and Soraya

Air Force Steve said...

Strong!...Fast! Marathon...yikes!

scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

295 across (~90%(+) ORM)

Best quote (re-quote) of the day - "'Just pick the f***er up' - Dave Tate."

Simple, yet effective!

April said...


John T. said...

305 on my last set but I rounded my back and I only got one for a new single rep PR. Failed on doing 2 and 3.I still need to focus on form and maintaining midline stability but I am getting better.

james said...

325 across - AF Steve - I am too exhausted from reading to reply...more to follow later when my strength returns ..

Mike said...

405-2 (F on 3d rep)

That is 90% of my 1RM, but I wanted to be a little higher

Noah said...


Messed around in the gym for a short bit afterwards with handstands and rings (not at the same time).

Lance said...

AF Steve: I'm in for the meet. Do you have nay other details or do I just need to contact the POC?

Ross said...

Thanks to Noah for continuing to help me inprove my form..

Tiffany said...


Tried 155 and then 150 just to see, but failed. Everything over 115 was a PR for me. Thank you Greg and Alex for helping me! Felt stronger today with better form.

Erin - loving the socks :)

Erin Anderson said...

Exciting seeing some PRs this morning!
I stopped at 135the because I could feel an old hamstring pull from oct. Better to hold off a few more months.

Greg M said...


Thanks to James and Meg with help this morning on rounding. I changed my setup and I felt more powerful. I just need to maintain the tension at the bottom when I am re-loading for the 2/3 rep. First rep was good, 2 & 3 not so much.

Mac said...

225-315-365-385-405 There was a little bit of a break (4-5 seconds) between my second and third 405 lift, so not sure if that counts.
Steve-thanks for clarifying the t-shirt requirement...I'll have to consider my desire to compete in light of not being able to display my love handles.

phowe- the sound that back made when I tried to hit the last lift this morning

Jimmy S. said...

Seminar PT- intervals at the track (no luck trying to catch Rich)
10 x 10 DL at 115 to work on form.

Brian S said...

Started with 1RM of Front Squat with weights at 165-185-205-215(PR)-215.

Then did DL at 225-275-295-305-305. Pretty happy with 305 since my 1RM last time was 310. I feel like I can blow past 310 easy the next time we do 1RM.

Finished with 5rds x 10reps of hip bridges on a 20 inch box.

Oh and last night I did a 3.5 ton push for 100m when my truck decided it wanted to implode. Good times, but strength does help when you have to push a truck out of the road by yourself, just sayin.

Paige said...

145 DL Max

Then tried Mondays double under paralette work out for a slow 13:12

Greg E said...

Dead lift 5x3: I ended up finishing at 85% of my last 1 RM
225, 255, 275, 280, 285

Big accomplishment of the day was connecting 2 muscle ups but it wasn't pretty.

james said...

Docs for dead_lift_athon



james said...

Some guy called Dave Hudson alerted me to this article, its pretty informative for nerds, and the guy on the cover has red chucks!!


Mark Weaver said...

I did my sets at 205 to work on form. I can hear the coaching from the fundamentals in my head and want to avoid gettIng hurt. Thanks to Reed, Seneca and others with watching form.

Tiff- I started my road to DUs today. I'm a few sessions away from needing help- working on basic coordination first

Alex E. said...


Grip strength was limiting factor

Thanks to everyone who has volunteed to help so far.

Doug said...

225, 275, 315, 335(pr), 345(f). 335 is over double bodyweight, so I'm pleased w/ the effort.

Jake78 said...



1RM is around 385

Completed around 1130


Air Force Steve said...

John T. - You weigh 305#? You hide it well! Nice job.

John T. said...

Forgot on my first post. I wanted to give a thumbs up to Mike A. I saw your last set and it looked really good. Anytime you are picking up a bar and the weights fall of the side because the bar is loaded to the max is a good day.

moist: I kid you not......I'm not touching this one.

Susi S said...

I was about to type 135-155-175-185-195195 and then I realised I have to take off 2lbs for the Bella, so only


Not a PB but getting closer to it with much better technique, at least I think so.

Tiffany said...

A big thank you to all of the L1 trainers that have helped me over the last few months learn how to do the deadlift the right way. This is the first time I haven't had back pain after deadlifts, awesome! My only ache is from my forearms...I'm assuming from grip?

Mark- let me know when your left hand knows what your right hand is doing and we'll get to work on those du's!

Troy said...

Would like an entry form for the deadlift competition, if you put a team together and need an old guy aka master let me know.


Jess said...

135/155/165/185/195-fail, 195-fail, 195-success and new PR

Kay said...

155 across the board; I haven't done DL in months, and it really shows. Great job Susi, Tiffany, Erin, and Jess!

Meghan Smith said...

160--about 35 below what was a PR, because I learned that I was DLing wrong and simply muscled it up some how. I'm glad to be doing it right and working my way back up, but I'm struggling with checking my ego on it.

Soraya said...

135 (PR)
135 - felt my back rounding and stopped.
Went down to 125 to get some more reps in, but I really need to work on hip extension at 135. PR, though, so I guess that's good.

Scott said...

Morning PT WOD:

4 RFT:
20 ABmat SU [without Abmat]
25 Air Squat
Run 400m


Deadlift WOD in pm:

Previous 1 RM was 275 [never tried more because of bad form] so I am happy.

Lance said...

5x1 Front SQTs...225, 245, 255, 265, 285(F)

10min AMRAP:

10 Box Jumps
5/arm Bent ver DB Rows with 50#

6rds...Rx'd until RD3 and subbed with feet on a box and in the pike position

Dan said...

Front squat 5x5:

DL 5x3:
205-225-245-275(f - as in not even 1, so)245-245

Arod said...

Late blogging as usual, one of those days. Thanks to Dan and Greg for the mentoring on my set up form. I reached a new max effort of 275!!!

Bridget said...

Thank you LTC Mac,Chad & Rodger for the afternoon spotting! I was able to hit PR's today!

165,175,185,195 & 210 (PR 195 & 210) RX'd
Feeling stronger... signed up for the DL competition 10MAR

monroe said...

275, 295, 305, 310, 315.
Pretty happy with that. Haven't done much besides O lifting for months. 326 is my one rep PR from one year ago.

Air Force Steve said...

Let me know when you've signed up for the "Deadlift-A-Thon" so I can add you to the team.

A word about lifting near your max: though form is critical and must be first priority, don't be too hard on yourself when that form is lost a bit near your max (1or 3 RM). My back rounds a bit near my max, but I know my limit and that my back can handle it. If I was rounding it during a WoD with high rep Deadlifts (Diane, DT, Lumberjack 20, etc) that's a a different problem to address...and address in other CF'ers.

Don't be afraid to lift heavy...just don't be stupid. Easy, right?