Feb 2, 2012

020312 Friday

Athletes are given the opportunity to execute a benchmark Hero or Girl WOD of their choice.  The intent is to use this opportunity to measure against a past performance or establish a baseline to measure progress in the future.  The list of WODs can be found here: http://www.elementcrossfit.com/index.php/workouts/cf-benchmarks and will be available in hard copy at the bubble.  For those with no preference, the prescribed WOD is Cindy.

You can post your WOD of choice to the comments to organize any small groups or to challenge your peers.  


AMRAP 20 min

5 pull ups
10 push ups
15 air squats

Jamie Z's 0530 Class 

5x RFT of:
400m Row
10x L-Pull-ups
15x GHD-Sit-ups
30x Air Squats         


Rich M. said...

I will go for Cindy Mike and James. Are you guys in for that one or another one?


Tiffany said...

I'm going for Fran tomorrow morning since I missed it this week. Anyone else want to do this one?

Greg M said...

Rob and I are going to do "Helen" at 0545 if anyone else wants some.


3 rounds for time:

400 meter run
21 x 1.5 pood Kettlebell swing
12 x Pull-ups

Any takers?

Adam "Big Helper" Latham said...

Greg, I'm in at 0545

james said...

Julie and Mike, currently under consideration are:

Five rounds of:

*50 Double unders
*35 Knees to elbows
*185 pound Overhead walk, 20 yards

Eight rounds of

*185 pound Front squat, 5 reps
*26 Ring push-up


*20 Muscle-ups
*25 Lowers from an inverted hang on the rings, slowly, with straight body and arms
*30 Ring handstand push-ups
*35 Ring rows
*40 Ring push-ups

So my criteria are 1) upper body focus and 2) should expose us to new things and make us uncomfortable so there can be a good scaling/skills discussion on the front end. therefore "Meadows" gets my vote. Mike - I know your shoulder is still a little off so this might not be exactly your cup of tea.

Ed said...

Greg, I'm in for 0545. I was going to go Murph, but Helen sounds better.


Meg Smith said...

I think I'm going to do Annie (50-40-30-20-10 DU/Abmats) around 6 if anyone is interested.

I LOVE Helen, but I tore my hand on Wed, so I'll give it the weekend before I do pull ups again. ENJOY!

Side note: Got asked tonight about an IMCF Team for the opens. Is it set up yet?

james said...

Meg - yes, join it when you register.


April said...

I'm doing Grace (aka Barbells for Boobs)... sometime around 0545.

I posted the linked list on the white board this evening, it will be there for any last minute considerations.

Ed, ANYTHING sounds better than Murph.

Greg M said...

Meg, I maybe up for a double WOD, so I might join in for Annie.

Mike said...

James - I'll go with the group so I can have intensity, but I was thinking of one of these three:

3 rds
Run 800 meters
50 Back Extensions
50 Sit-ups

5 Rds
Bodyweight bench press
Max Pullups

20 min AMRAP
Run 400 meters
Max rep Pull-ups

We can draw straws or you and Julie can arm wrestle for it.

Mike said...

James - of the three you listed, Paul would be my choice and I'd scale KTE.

Mike said...

James - last post tonight, I promise. We could do Helen and give the 0545 group times to beat.

Tiffany said...

Erin and I are doing Fran at 0530 if anyone want to join us!

Rich M. said...

Julie will arm wrestle you guys for the wod in the morning.

Tony said...

Chuck and Tripp (and or others)

2 of the following 3:

"Annie" 50-40-30-20-10 DU/SU
"Stephen" 30-25-20-15-10-5 GHD/Back Ext/ Knees to Elbows/ 95# Stiff Legged Deadlifts
"Griff" Run 800M/Run 400M Backwards/ Run 800M/ Run 400M Backwards

Tiffany said...

Meg- I'll do Annie with you too @ 6.

Meg Smith said...

Anyone know what the Rx for women would be for "Elizabeth"? (21/15/9 Cleans and Ring Dips)? Men is 135, so I was guessing 85?

Greg M said...


Here is my nerd answer on this. CFHQ considers RX for women to be 70% of mens weight except in the case of cleans then it is 60%.

I've seen the official women's Grace as being 85. Fran is 65. Diane is 155.


This has apparently been confirmed with HQ. I also asked at a Level one Cert (Miranda) and this is what she confirmed also.

I hope that helps,


Greg M said...

Annie Thorsdaughter did this a couple of weeks ago and she did as RX'd at 83lbs, but that was converted from Kilos.

So I would go with 85lbs.

Meg Smith said...

Thanks Greg. Those were the % comparisons I was tracking. Appreciate the confirmation.

J.Gibson said...

Anyone want to do Diane?

225lb Dead Lift

I will be going after this one.


Wade said...

Cindy RX - 18 2/3 rds (7 squats shy of 19 rds). Nice work today, DP.

james said...

21.26 subbed normal HSPU for ring HSPU - turned out on the pushups not so much the muscle ups

Ed said...

9:46 for Helen this morning.

Great group push this morning with Greg, Rob, Adam, Brian, and Ad knocking this one out. And thanks to Meg for the moral support.

Greg M said...

10:45 for Helen this morning.

Great Group, I love chasing the rabbits (Rob, Ed, Brian S.) great push from Big Helper and Ad.

Good week, even though my quads still don't like Mac very much.

If you have not signed up for the CrossFit games, our team is on the website. We will have more info on the webpage this weekend. Support IMCF and be apart of the team as we compete against the world in three weeks.

Mike said...

Helen - 10:58
I know I can get faster. The 400m intervals really got me.

Great end to a challenging week of WODs

rob said...

Helen this morning with an awesome group; Greg, Ed, Brian, Adam and Ed. The community part of CF is as important as the WOD. If I had to compromise in either area, it wouldn't be on the community part. 9:46 as Rx'd. I would have been at leat 30sec slower without my group; thanks for the push.

Soraya said...

Did Jackie this morning in 11:32.
1000 meter row
33 pound Thruster, 50 reps
30 pull-ups (scaled red band)

This one was an upper body bruiser. Lots of room for improvement.

Brian S said...

10:11, great group work, I concur with Rob I probably would have dogged it through a couple parts if I didn't have people racing ahead of me and chasing behind me. On a seperate note whole 30 ended on monday for me, but we have kept it going in the house for the most part and I believe we are going to stick to it. Of course I did have some sweets on Tuesday to celebrate completion. The goal now is 18 or better paleo meals a week. I think its doable.

Ross said...

Cindy for 16 rds and 5 pull ups...

scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:


20 rounds + 4 pull-ups

Almost a two round improvement over last effort

Mac said...

Knocked out a "rowing" Helen this morning, based on the amphibious weather outside (ie 400m row before the KB swings and pullups). The rowing definitely impacted the length of the WOD, and didn't get much of a rest for the forearms. 9:55 (PR for regular Helen is 8:54)

Adam "Big Helper" Latham said...

10:48 for Helen this morning.
What a great group! Outstanding moto from Brian, Ed, Rob, Greg and Ad. Special thanks to Meg And Mike for rooting me on too!

Tiffany said...

Fran Rx'd - 8:36
Annie Rx'd - 9:10

First time doing Fran and she was a little bitchy, but we'll work it out. Thanks Greg and Meg for the tough love and push! My DU's were suffering after Fran.

Nice job today Erin! You motivated me to keep going. Thank you!

Dan said...


Paige said...

Cindy 16 1/3 rounds

My 2nd time doing this workout, and I did better on the PU - 3 rds RX, then went to the red band.
My push ups are still pretty bad - dropped to knees in the 9th rd. But getting stronger!

Erin Anderson said...

Fran and Annie. Unsure on times. Learned a little about the standard of head through the window, last time I just tried to get the barleftover up. Thx Greg. Pullups started strong but couldn't get all the way up by the end but felt good to practice and do it with a partner. Glad u r back Tiff! This is one to keep practicing.

Rich M. said...

I did a double today, trying to somewhat account for two lax days this week.
Did yesterdays wod (225lb DL and dips)- 9:13
Then I did Annie- (DUs and SUs)- 7:41.

I off my PR by 11 seconds on Annie even after the first WOD....so, that was pretty cool!

Jay Luck said...

957 Annie w/ *3 of SU in place of DU. Got my first DU today

Rich V. said...

Did Cindy 6 Sets started on 7.

Meg Smith said...

8:39 Annie, PR by a little over a minute. Thanks Greg and Tiffany for the push til the end. Did some HSPU work afterwards.

If you want Paleonola (see yesterday's blog post) please let me know by noon tomorrow--order is going in right after the Foundations class.

Doug said...

Chose to go strength/skills today: 10x2 bench on the minute, overhead squat work, worked on pistols and double unders, and then swam 800m because I don't swim well.

Jimmy S. said...

7:56 for Annie

Over 2 min improvement from my last time. Starting to think I'm close to getting DUs off my goat list.

Amy said...

Decided to do filthy fifty. I know it isn't a girl or hero WOD.
RX'd 24:44

rob said...

WOD #2 today:
7 min AMRAP
5 x PC @ 135lbs
10 x barbell burpees
5rds as Rx'd

My son Cody wanted to do a WOD this evening. We did some mobility work and then did this one.

He did 65lbs for PC and got 5rds + 2 PC

rob said...

PC were 155lbs, not 135lbs

Jake78 said...

Howdy all,

Just arrived at Leavenworth for the 12-02 class. I've been doing CrossFit for about 5 years, I'm fairly proficient. I've been coming in around 1630 or so and have yet to meet anyone on the IMCF staff.

I'd love to help out with training new folks in anyway I can. I started up and trained a few groups of now dedicated Crossfiters at my last duty station and would like to keep something like that going. Hit me up on email or perhaps I'll see you in the bubble.


Meghan Smith said...

Jake, Good to hear from you, and welcome! There are a few folks that are in around that time in the afternoon, so maybe you all have just missed each other. I'm in there M/W around 5:15 coaching a different class, so I'll look for you, too. There's a few POCs on the homepage that can give you some specifics on where we could use some experienced help!

Bridget said...

Forgot to post!
8:40 did some bonus SU's

followed by 100 cobbled pretty well together DU's