Jan 21, 2012


Many of you have been doing Crossfit for several months at this point. You have seen great results but maybe they are not what you were looking for. It maybe time to look at the foundation of your program which is NUTRITION. In the video above, Nicole talks about the Crossfit Pyramid, Nutrition is the foundation for everything you should be doing, and without it you might hit a Plateau or a "Failure to Thrive."

Personally, after doing Crossfit for over a year, I have accomplished so many goals. I have lost over 30lbs, and put almost 15lbs of muscle back on. But, I still have that fat tire around my mid-section and hit a plateau. I have changed my nutrition program over 3 weeks ago and I am starting to see the results I was looking for. I encourage many of our senior Crossfitters to write on the blog about your experiences and how nutrition has taken you to the next level.

It took me over a year to figure this out, even though James has been preaching to me the entire time. Don't be hard headed like me, and make the change now!!

Your comments are welcomed, and will help others.


james said...

Preaching!! I thought I was hinting...

james said...


these get better every day

Rich M. said...

Somewhere in the middle between preaching and hinting....

For me I had been CrossFitting off an on for a couple of years before ILE....last year I dropped nearly 20lbs and 8% bodyfat in ILE. I radically changed my diet compared to what it was when I started ILE.

I saw quite a few gains and some good PRs. But, like Greg and many others, I felt like I plateaued. So far, this Whole30 deal seems to be working in that I have better energy levels and I'm losing extra fat. I feel better during the WODs, but haven't looked to set any new PRs in a while.

For me, and for Julie, James' sermon platform of "you can't out PT a crappy diet" started to resonate with us. We were working out hard and doing well but not really feeling like we were getting anywhere. Now, after changing my diet, things feel much different. If I missed a WOD last month, I felt like crap all day. Yesterday I missed the WOD, but felt great....I had good energy, and I didn't feel nearly as guilty since I knew I didn't "have" to work out to make up for what I was eating. I believe it now, more than ever. Diet is EVERYTHING!

To the point that I think our Foundations should include more nutrition information.

Chuck Anderson said...

Thanks for the insight.

Lance said...

Eat Paleo! I've broke through with a few in my SG, whiteboarded the effect of gluten on your body, talked the glycemic effect, hyperinsulinemia, insulin resistance etc. Where most Crossfitters geek out on the exercise physiology, I've geeked on nutrition. By no means am I perfect, but I've seen the effects. If I can be pretty strict Paleo 17 or 18 meals out of 21, I'm happy. I can definitely tell when I've ate bad...I feel hung-over. A few things I'd recommend:

1. Get gluten out of your diet now...pretty much anything that contains wheat.
2. High protein, low carb. Eat meat, nuts and seeds, and green leafy vegetables, and some fruit in the form of berries.
3. Supplement with Omega-3s, zinc, magnesium, and Vitamin D3. Willing to bet if your diet is like the average American, you're deficient in all of the above and they are critical to good health. You"re Omega-6s to Omega-3 ratios are probably out of whack because of preservatives in our food and use of man made oils (vegetable, peanut, canola, etc)
4. If you're going to drink, make it wine or liquor. Beer is made from wheat, wheat contains gluten...see #1. I recommend Jamesons.
5. Stick to the outside aisles at the grocery store.

Nutrition is definitely missing from foundations and as the basis for the pyramid, it certainly needs some more time spent on it. James is right, you can't out-PT a crappy diet.

james said...

I need to footnote "You can't out PT a crappy diet". When Mark Monroe did the nutrition lectures in my first year here that was his bottom line.

Soraya said...

Awesome points made by all. I agree that diet is the foundation for everything. I eliminated about 80% of gluten from my diet almost two years ago and I feel much better and have seen many digestive and performance issues go away.

If you have a bit of spare time, an endocrinologist from UCSF gives a great video lecture titled "Sugar: The Bitter Truth" that I highly recommend watching. It is 1 1/2 hours long, so you may want to break it up into parts to watch.


This lecture talks about recent scientific research about the dangers of consuming sugar. Much of it points to the fact that sucrose and fructose (not glucose, which is naturally occurring in fruits and vegetables) is actually treated by our livers as a toxin, which is extremely harmful and inflammatory to our entire endocrine system and taking away from beneficial processes that should be taking place.

I think it is great info that will make us all better informed about how food fuels us.