Jan 23, 2012

022412 TUESDAY

So everyday we post a mobility video ...you might watch them ...you might not. This one is long ..12 minutes or so but it is CENTRAL to the whole business of why we even come to the gym.

Physical capacity, now and in the future, is a function of body position......its a simple matter of physics ..some structures are stronger and more efficient than others ...not because the materials are stronger (muscles etc) but because they are inherently stronger structures in the way they are ordered and positioned. Bottom line - form and position is critical to sustaining physical capacity for the rest of your life.

For time

Run 5000m or Swim 1000m or Row 5000m

Jamie Z's 0530 Class

Row 200 warm up then 1x 500, 2x 400, 3x 300, 4x 200, and 5x 100. Use 30 sec rest between sets and interations.


Mike said...

I'll start rowing at 0515 for anyone that wants to row a pretend boat across a fake lake.

james said...

Mike - I will be there to start with you to catch up todays WOD.

Rich M. said...

our pool is in yards right? Any idea how many laps swimming 1000m would be?

Ed said...

About 43.75 laps . . . so 44 if you're feeling saucy.

scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

5,000m run - 32:32 @ 148 bpm
included my cooldown

My first official "run" since 4 October. Have been recovering from plantar fasciaitis and heel spur. Awesome German doctor (Dr. Hecht) has helped exponentially. 5K run and no pain!

Rich M. said...

I will be there tomorrow to start the WOD with you Mike and James. I was feeling under the weather yesterday and think I over did it. I had to sit out today. See you in the morning!


Rich M. said...

26:45- I swam 22 laps (44 lengths) to equal 1000m

Glad to hear you're back to running Scott.

Mike said...

20:04 rowing my pretend boat. I wonder if rowing a real boat is more fun.

Jimmy S. said...

Five rounds for time of:
5 Push Presses, 135/95 pounds
7 Supine Ring Rows
9 Toes-to-bar

6:52; getting better at TTB

10 x 100M this afternoon.

james said...

I scaled this morning to 20 minutes worth of 95lb suck - completed the round of 15 - subbed squat cleans for pwr cleans.

Chris C. said...

Front Squat: 3 x 5
155 x 15-12-9 (one min rest between sets)

WOD: Row 5k @ 10

rob said...

5km row, 19:45

Mike took the boat out 5k and then I jumped in and brought it back to shore. Neither of us had any fun.

Erin Anderson said...

31 or 32 min. Swim. 24 laps. I added 4 but I didn't convert to laps correctly. Sorry for slowing other lane members down.

Tony said...

5000M Row @ 6 22:21

Mac said...

Made up yesterday's 95lb suck...couldn't pass up a good suckfest.
17:38 (PR by 20 seconds)

After reading yesterday's comments, I think grip choice is vital for this WOD. If you weren't using a hook grip, give it a try. Wrap your thumbs around the bar first, and then your fingers around the bar and over your thumbs. Grip strength will still be suffering in the end, but not quite as bad.

Tiffany said...

20:35 (36 lenths of swimming)

I woke up wide-eyed at 0630 this morning after oversleeping by 1.5 hours...sorry Erin! I only had 20 minutes to swim and I managed to get 36 lengths before my time was up.

Ross said...

Was feeling spunky this morning, so I took the hound for a 3 mile ~ (5000m) run - 24:00. Then went to the gym and row row row the fake boat, (which I do not believe will float very well if dropped in the water), for 5000 m - 20:26.....

Ross said...

No I really wasn't that spunky, I have to run my dog every day or he goes nuts..

Noah said...

19:55 for the row at 140 drag count. I always disliked running, I will always dislike running. I am now starting to dislke rowing, especially 5000m of rowing.

Rich V. said...

44 laps 30 min.Smoker!!

Doug said...

I must be psychic - ran 5K yesterday afternoon. Legs smoked from 95lb suck, but 21:05.

Headed out now to do the CFE S&C WOD and the swim WOD.

Lance said...

5x5 HC...135-155-175-185-205(4)

3 RFT:

10 (40#) DB HC
10 Flag Push-Ups
10 Box Jumps

3x10 135# RDL

Agree with Mac on the hook...it's just so damn uncomfortable for me. I know Mark Rippetoe has alot of info out there on grip strength, may just have to take a look. His book Starting Strength 1st and 2nd eds and Practical Programming are excellent.

Soraya said...

20:19 for 44 lap swim.

John T. said...

23:37 for 44 length swim. Oh how i dislike to swim....

Brian S said...

18:16 for the swim. I'm augmenting with Lances BB Workout so I did 5 rds of 5 rep max for Hang Cleans @ 135-145-165-170-175 the did the WOD of 3 RDS for Time of:
10 x dumbell hang cleans @ 50lbs
10 x T pushups
10 x 24 inch box jump

Debbie said...

Did yesterday's WOD
only did 21,18,15,12 and scaled last 15,12 push jerks to 45#
22:39 of complete suckiness!

My word verification- didly

As in my body can do didly squat after these last two days!

Scott said...

21:50 on the 3 mile Loop around Barton Field. Dirt track. Don't know actualy distance, but this was my fastest time for this course by about 20 seconds.

Bridget said...

I did Stewarts PL WOD then did the 3.26 around the Golf Course (nice & rolly!!) 28:48.06

Bubbles & Bike tomorrow!

Amy said...

Did yesterday's WOD and Hated everything about it except for the light dead lift.
21 - Rx'd
18,15,12,9 - 65 lb dead lift and 45 lb for the rest of the suck.