Jan 31, 2012

020112 Wednesday


3 x rounds

200m run
400m run
600m run

Rest = preceding interval completion time

Score = last 600 m

Jamie Z's 0530 Class 

Weighted Pullup 3-3-3-3-3


As many double unders as possible in five minutes


Mike said...

James and Julie - do you want to meet at the track for this?

james said...

Yes Sir - 0515 start?

Rich M. said...

You bet. 515 works for me.


Mike said...

That works for me, too. See you then.

Rich M. said...

I'll tag out with Julie and head to the track to meet anyone who's there at around 0615.


scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

2:33 last 600m (30:44 total w/ last rest cycle)

It's 15°F with an icy snow mix from Saturdays snow fall...perfect weather to run intervals!

Also managed to get my first unassisted muscle up over a pull-up bar (no rings)

Mike said...

Good WOD chasing James around the track.
Last 600 was 2:33

Scott said...

24:24 Overall
SCORE: 2:11 [last 600m]

Did this one with my office today. Great WOD. Splits are almost identical for all rounds, which shows intensity levels are being maintained.

I told them: "all we did today was run 2 and 1/4 miles and you rested for half of it" :)

Scott said...

@scottnkelly. Great job on the Muscle Up. I finnally got a couple on Rings consistently before I left Leavenworth this summer and have't been able to attemp it since becuase Gordon is so un CrossFit Friendly. I'll have to try it on the bars now instead. Motivation!!!!!

Debbie said...

Made up Fran from yesterday. I was challenged by Meg to let go of my security blanket (purple band for PU)and try it as Rx'd.

10:35 what a wonderful/horible feeling!

Thanks for all the encouragement Meg/Amber/Wade, I really appreciated it.

Thanks Meg for doing Fran 2 days in a row, you are a true friend.

Amber your effort this morning was eye watering, keep up the good work!

My new 30 day challenge is to be able to do 10-15 PU without stopping.

The beauty of Fran...I know I can do this even faster :-)

Sorry for the long post, Dave Hudson would be very proud and he is the one who got me started on CrossFit!

Brian S said...

Roughly 27:00 overall with my last 600 at 2:14.

james said...

IMCF Hohenfels - great work on the muscle up!!

last 600 2.18

james said...

a quick heads up - 2012 games registration is now open at https://games.crossfit.com/mygames/

I will promulgate more info soon about how the whole team things works. I encourage everyone to get involved - we had a great experience last year.


Meg Smith said...

Congrats to Debbie on Rx Fran!!! I'm super proud of you! And congrats to Amber for challenging yourself to go lower in band and higher in weight! It was AWESOME to see!

10:42 Rx, day 2. :-) Slower than yesterday by about :45 and well off my PR, but that's ok. Now if I can just figure out how I managed to tear BELOW my callous, that'd be great. Haven't torn in about 7-8 months.

Thanks for the cheer, Wade. It's great to have someone reminding you that "yes you can!"

Bryan said...

Just want to thank the IMCF community. I was earned my LVL I cert last spring with a scholarship, and now the 3rd CAB is looking for me to provide the QC on who we send to future Level I courses here at Hunter AAF. Thanks to James, Neal, Rob, Dave and Greg for all the knowledge you have passed.

james said...

Nice work Bryan and 3rd CAB - talk about growing the program !!!

Mac said...

Total Time: 24:26, 2:14 for the final 600m.

I would definetely argue for a total time to score this WOD, otherwise you could dog the first couple of rounds and save all your gass for the last 600 and get a high "score". I thought my splits were pretty interesting. How did my 200 and 400m sprints slow down, and my 600m speed up? Strange.:
rd1: :38, 1:24, 2:21
rd2: :39, 1:26, 2:19
rd3: :41, 1:34, 2:14

Rich M. said...

sat this one out....late night. no excuses.

Scott- great work on the MU!
Good work Deb!
Good job Bryan! Way to lead the aviation crowd!

Greg M said...

Great to hear Bryan, hope all is well.

Jimmy S. said...

2:12 with a 24:32 total time. Glad it was only 3 rnds.

Erin Anderson said...

31 minute total. I missed that we were supposed to score based on last 600 but thats probably best or I would have saved energy.

Nice job Deb, Amber &Meg!

Jess said...

IMCF Vilsek:

Indoor track total time was 36:24
last 600m time was 3:02

This was the first extended amount of running I did in my New Balance Minimus shoes- I have spent the last 2 weeks breaking them in. Very different feel in my stride but I also felt pretty good. Obviously need to continue improving my run times!

Ross said...

2:22 for the final 600.. Good work out..

Should have pushed harder the first round, rounds ended up as follows.
RD 1: 0:51, 1:45, 2:45
RD 2: 0:47, 1:42, 2:22
RD 3: 0:42, 1:38, 2:22

Air Force Steve said...

I'd like to congratulate the hot blonde mama (and my wife) for taking on Fran as prescribed - your transformation through CrossFit has been wonderful to watch!

I'll second James pitch for signing up for the CrossFit Open. It gets me out of my CrossFit cave. Plus, it will be fun to take on Wilson and Dave Hudson by proxy.


james said...

Lets hope Wilson still can't double under (because I can't either but I am little better than him)...

Dan said...

Legs were not exactly ready for functional movement this morning... Instead modified Lynne - strict, weighted PUs w/ 15# and bench @205.
BP sets: 10-11-10-8-5
PU: 6-6-6-5-5

Doug said...

Score: 2:06
Laps were
:37, 1:20, 2:07,
:39, 1:23, 2:11,
:33, 1:19, 2:06

Score should be total time or avg pace for the sprints (mine was 5:23/mi average).

monroe said...

Today I broke out of the oly regimen to get ready for the games. Went to the track around noon to get some vitamin damn-D! What a beautiful day, couldn't spend it in the bubble. I did four rounds of 400m run, 35 squats, 15 push ups as fast as I could, no rest. It was not fast. Felt good to get back into some metcon though.
In other news I got a message from MG Cardon the other day. He's starting a box in Korea for 2 ID modeled on what we built here.

Noah said...

:42, 1:30, 2:30
:41, 1:35, 2:37
:40, 1:37, 2:28

Continue to work on my pose technique.

Soraya said...

John and I had a speed workout planned for this afternoon, so we chose to sleep in this morning. I cursed Fran today, as she made speedwork a little harder than usual. Great day to run outside, though.

Lance said...

3x5 FS: 205, 225, 235, 245(1), 205

1.5pood KB Snatch 5 per arm
10 Horizontal Rows
10 Single Leg Back Ext

3x15 Hip Bridges

April said...

3:45 for last 600
My largest goat is running thanks to a few traumatic ankle injuries as it is, but I was really off my game this morning. And it wasn't all Fran's fault. I think I needed more fuel or hydration.

John T. said...

As Soraya said we did speed workout. It was:
1 Mile warm up
1 Mile at 5:45
800M jog
1 Mile at 5:47
800M Jog
1 Mile cool down.
This workout is geared towards our marathon training but it's still a smoker that any of you guys can do also.

Tiffany said...

2:20 on treadmill for last round. Set speed at 10 MPH and thought I might fly off the end, but I survived.

Susi S said...

2:48 for last 600, which was faster than the first 2 lots of 600m. Weird!

Been working on my Pose, ran in my converse and now I have very sore calves.