Jan 29, 2012

013012 Monday


Below is a quick run down of some of the events set to occur in the upcoming months.  With the graduations of SAMS and ILE in May and June many of the people who have championed the efforts for these events will be leaving.  So just like an any other military organization, there needs to be a handover.  If you are interested in taking the lead for any of the events please let me know and I will be more than happy to oblige.  Just because you are leaving in May and June does not exempt you from service.  These are all great opportunities to practice your coaching and or organizational skills.  Of the items listed below, the following need to start soon (as in now):  PAIR Day for the February Start and Programmers for March, April, May.

February 1st - 2012 CrossFit Games Registration opens.
February 3-4 - USAW Olympic Lifting Level 1 Certification at MidAmerica Nazarene Unitversity 
February 4th - Fundamentals 
February 22nd - First 2012 CrossFit Games Open WOD 
February 25th - PAIR day for the February Start February 27th - Level 1 Scholarship Applications Due 2nd Week of March - Scholarship Names due to CrossFit HQ for Level 1 certification 
March 25th - End of 2012 CrossFit Games Open 
April 16-27 - Tentative IMCF Spring Games 
April 28-29 - Level 1 Certification 

Other than these events there are several other positions that need to be filled on the informal IMCF leadership council.  I have listed them below.
Advertising - responsibilities include well ADVERTISING!!  The IMCF community works best if it is growing.  The person(s) in this position will be primarily tasked to make sure all students and permanent party hear about CrossFit and it wonderful benefits.  Obviously there are great things to it or why would we all be up cursing Mac's "95lb Suck"?  Mostly you will be responsible for promoting the events (Foundations, Level 1 Certification, etc.) and what the bubble stands for and who can use it (not just ILE Majors - Open to everyone who wants IWCABTMD.
Programming and Programming Coach - Rob Craig has volunteered to be the sensei concerning programming.  He has a wealth of knowledge and will be responsible for working with the Level 1 trainers as they prepare the programming for the months.  That being said Level 1s will still take responsibility for planning months.  I believe we have through February right now.  So we are looking for volunteers past that date.
T-Shirt / Sweatshirt / Swag Team - Everyone loves t-shirts!!  Kay did spearhead this for us but had to go to DC because she is some sort of hotshot lawyer.  If you want to be instantly liked by the masses sign up for this and make some kick ass shirts and sweatshirts that everyone is proud to wear.

To those who have already volunteered, thank you very much.


Run 1 mile, lunging 30 steps every minute.  Once complete, do 1 complete set of tabata pushups

(don't forget that you have to start with 30 lunge steps... because the time 0.00 is actually "on the minute")


Jamie Z's 0530 class

Thruster 3-3-3-3-3


4x RFT of:
20x Wall Ball Shots
20x Ball Slams


Julie said...

Hey Mike and James. I think Rich and I will take this one at home and hit our street. I will be back in Tuesday at 515am! Have fun!

Mike said...

Julie - see you Tuesday.
James - I'll be at the bubble at 0500. As this is a shorter workout I'm going to use the extra time for some badly needed mobility work.

james said...

Mike - you read my mind - we could do it between the 400m and 800m mark on the bubble track then head back to mobilize etc

Meghan Smith said...

I think I'll be an "at home athlete" tomorrow too. See you all later in the week!

james said...

Righto, put me down for designing and producing a T-shirt.

james said...

oh and the last comment was Susi, not James, but I can't remember my gmail details.....again

Bridget said...

I had volunteered to help w/ ordering shirts but not designing them so, not sure if you still want me to over from Kay? I was getting her excel spread sheet once settled.. plus, I know the newbies are in so getting a list over the next full month would likely be the better choice.. I am available if needed. : )

Kay said...

Bridget - I just sent you an email with the attachments. For the IMCF Games t-shirts last spring, Tanker Steve (Class 11-01) had his sister design it. I'll send you the design if you want to re-use it, but it will probably be more fun to have a new design.

scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

run/lunge 20:21

Tabata CSPU - 9 maxing out on round 5

Tiffany said...

"Cindy" at Alamo CrossFit in San Antonio
15 rounds Rx'd with strict pushups.

This is a great CrossFit box. I highly recommend it if you come to SA. Thanks John and Adam for the recommendation. The $50 each way cab ride was not awesome so I will be making friends with someone that has a car today :)

james said...

Mik A and I scaled after the first 5 rounds of 30 lunges - did 20 each round thereafter - around 16.00ish minutes

Dan said...

Scaled to 20 from the start - 19:56. Tabata rounds were 12, 10, 9, 8, 8, 8, 9, 10. Good stuff!

Jess said...

IMCF Vilsek:

run/lunge: 21:24

tabata: 8 maxed at round 4- tried a 5th round but form was horrible

james said...

oops Tabata was high of 21 low of 10

Noah said...

15:45 on the mile. Came perilously close to being in a never ending cycle of lunges.

A measly 6 on the Tabata pushups.

Brian S said...

Did 5 rds of 3 rep max hang cleans at 135-155-175-185-185. Then did the run/lunge and scaled to 20. Finished at around 13:00. Did tabata with a high of 23 and low of 8. Finished with 35 Romanian deadlifts at 45-65-85-95.

Greg M said...

24:58, no scale did 30 all rounds. I had two rounds were I had to do 2 straight sets of lunges. This WOD was extremely painful.

Tabata was high of 20 low of 8.

Alex E. said...

19:18 RXd

Tabata low was 8.

Then did the stairs to the 4th floor of L&C RXd.

Erin Anderson said...

Scaled to 30 lunges and then 60 seconds of running. 13:33. Thanks for including me Deb and for the pu tips!

rob said...
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rob said...

24:00 as Rx'd. I had 2 rounds where I did back to back lunges i.e. no running!

Tabata push ups: 10

rob said...

Tiffany - with respect to programming, please send me your email address so I can include you in the discussion. To start I have an article for you to read.


Ross said...

I saw the note on the board this morning suggesting 20 vs 30 lunges so I scaled the entire mile to 20 lunges on the minute, looking at the times it made a huge difference - 9:50 on the mile with 20 lunges on the minute.

First exerpeince doing Tabata pushups thought I was smart by stopping at 20reps the first few sets, did not help much.. Ended up with a 14 as my score... smoked arms right now..

Alex E. said...

Noah, I think that you should leave the rocket shoes at home next time and do this one in normal shoes.

Rich V. said...

thrusters and scalled the 20 wall balls after 1st set to 12X3

Debbie said...

After talking to the guys this morning, scaled to 30 lunges with 60 sec of running 12:42.
Tabata 15 high 9 low

great workout!

Meg Smith said...

Did the EMOM 20 lunges version after 1st round of 30...18:46.

Tabata PU: 14 high/10 low

Bridget said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Bridget said...

I jogged to the track 1.25 miles
1&2 laps RX..
3 & 4 scaled 20 lunges Total: 11.23
Jogged home 1.40 miles
Tabata High 12 & Low 6's = SMOKED legs & arms : )

James I got the email from Kay, I will work on a SS tomorrow, I can email you my recommendations and likely post next week for people to start signing up and giving $$... Let me know if this works?
email: bridget.a.wetzler@us.army.mil