Jan 22, 2012

012312 MONDAY


Don't forget that Rich V is running the beep test tomorrow morning in the Harney gym. He will have everything you need to do the test - but the runners will have to bring something to write with. We have the gym from 0530-0730. Warm up at 0545 test starts at 0600 should only last 12 minutes or so. Chuck Taylors are the preferred shoe to wear.


"The 95lb suck"
21, 18, 15, 12, 9 for time

Hang power clean
Front squat
Push jerk

Jamie Z's 0530 Class 

Thruster 5-5-5-5 -5

then 3 rounds for time

15 GHD situps
15 Back extensions


Rich V. said...

Thanks for the post. Hope to see everyone in the WEST GYM just finished the floor so follow the varnish odor.

April said...

Rx men = 95, so Rx women = 65? 45?
Thank you!

james said...

Sorry April .....My bad ..its 65

Tiffany said...

A big congrat's to Amy James for winning the Athletes 4 Athletes CrossFit competition in the Women's scaled division out of 30 competitors this weekend! She totally rocked it.

Greg E. took 2nd in the Men's scaled division out of 18 competitors!

Jacob H. was ranked 7th in the Men's RX division out of 57 competitors!

I was ranked 7th in the Women's scaled division.

This was a well organized event and I would definitely recommend it to anyone interested in trying out a CF competition! 3 WOD's in 5 hours was AWESOME :)

If you want to see the complete results go to: http://crossfitls.com/?page_id=4167 and click on the tabs at the top to see each division.

Thanks Erin and Sydney for coming out and supporting us!

Air Force Steve said...

Tiffany - are the events listed anywhere?

scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

28:20 as Rx'd

Jess said...

IMCF Vilsek:

round 1 as RX except push jerk 3x65# then remainder at 45#
rounds 2-5 all exercises at 45# except DL- this stayed at RXd weight

Good job to everyone who competed this weekend!

Rich M. said...

Way to go guys! You all did great this weekend! :)


james said...

awesome work by the A4A crew.

This morning I was obliged to comply with doctrine I have previously endorsed regarding the efficacy of working out when less than 100% healthy. Instead I did some mobility stuff and drills from www.againfaster.com/en/blog/categories/micd-instructor/olympic-lifting/

Rich V. said...

Great turn out for the BEEP TEST!! AF set the standard level 11 WOW. I will have the next BEEP TEST in 3-4 weeks. Good job to all of the athletes on the Athletes 4 Athletes CrossFit competition!!

Scott said...

28:24 as Rx'd. Man my forearms are pumping.

Go Giants!!!

Greg M said...

23:35, good WOD. Nice way to start off the week.

Couple of thoughts from this morning. IMCF did a poor job of bar management this morning. Sorry if you had to turn around and leave or cut your WOD short due to this. This is a great WOD, but we can do a better job of managing the bars. We can start in waves, or make substitutes with other equipment for some of the exercises.

Secondly, IMCF in my opinion, needs to get back to starting in groups more, even on non-team WODs days. This helps with overall community and will help push yourself to keep up with others(intensity). Community helps with intensity and this also promotes great teamwork. This is all part of the Crossfit culture and I think we have gotten away from this recently. We do have lots of people who work out in individual groups of 3-4, but I think it would work better and for Gym management if we try to go off in waves.


Greg M said...

I forgot, thanks for the push Rob, you killed this one!!

Rich M. said...

26:01 RXd. Was pretty happy with it given 4 hours of sleep. Great to see Rob home with IMCF!

Lance said...

As Rx'd...21:44. Grip was shot by the Jerks in RD 1.

Agree with the group starts. Things just seem to move faster as a group comes off the bars. Also leaves a group of people to Q/C and motivate.

Meg Smith said...

I'm with Greg...GREAT WOD, but waited 35 minutes for a bar before I could start. I think waves are a good idea, but think we only find it to be an issue on days where both groups are using bars like today, or exceptionally long days with the same pieces of equipment. I think waves would be great for those WODs.

Did 21-15-9-6-3 in the interest of time-18:12.

rob said...

19:33 as Rx'd. I was off a PR by 13 seconds but I was under 20min which was good. Rounds 12 and 9 were extremely slow and was nothing but a gut check. Neal Mayo still amazes me with his 18:19 time on this one.

I've been gone for 7 months and there are a lot of new faces in the bubble. What a great testament to the enduring capability of IMCF in a transient environment.

Greg and I had a great WOD this morning and like him I would have rather done the WOD with a few more people. CF is as much about community as it is the WOD. In observing the numerous small groups doing the WOD, I didn't notice any of them have a specific "start". Except for a very few athletes e.g. AF Steve, the rest of us "mortals" need a group to help us reach max performance. When we WOD as individuals, we don't get that. When an athlete starts on his own he's accountable to no one. He starts alone, finishes alone, and there is no one there to encourage him, high-five him, or tell hime to quit 'slacking'. We don't need 20 or 30 doing the WOD at the same time, but we need accountability to eachother even in our small groups of 4 or 5. I'd like to get a group to WOD with because 1) I will perform better 2) I want to have someone to chase or stay ahead of, and 3) I want someone to talk to about it when it's over.

Brian S said...

21:05 Rxd. Grip was shot after the round of 21, legs were jello after the round of 15, felt like fist bumping a clown for about an hour after this one. Great workout. I concur with groups and waves, I usually chase or precede Lance and his ability to heckle me always makes me work a little harder.

Oh by the way my word verification for today is "heaves" which is entirely appropriate considering how I felt all this morning.

Erin Anderson said...

Did the beep test first because I need to work on running. Only got to level 8. So glad you are doing this again in a few weeks Rich! Thanks for fascilitating!

63# only had time for round 21 & 18. Partnered up so had rest between each set.

Greg, I think start times are a great idea. Other cf gyms have more than one start time each day. I would suggest something like a 5:15, 5:45 & 6:15 for the morning. It's great that the group is growing! If the workout is a longer one it could be adjusted on the blog the night before to 5:10, 5:55, 6:40 or whatever works. I bet the afternoon people may have suggestions for a start time later in the day.

Ross said...

19:24, RX'd with 95lbs.......Shoulders are smoked...

Noah said...

26:00. 95# proved to be too sucky for me so scaled to 75# in the final reps of the round of 21. Still plenty of suck at that weight.

This time doesn't work for alot of people since the bubble is practically empty, but Ross and I are always there about 0730 and start at 0800. Plenty of bars available at that time.

Tiffany said...

AF Steve - Here's a rundown of the WODs from the A4A competition (I couldn't find it posted on the website, I think they took it down):

• WOD 1 "Fight Gone Nasty"
7 - 1 minute rounds in fight gone bad style timing. All athletes will move through the movements in the same order. There is only 1 round. Score is the total reps completed in the 7 minutes. Divisions are MRX-MS-WRX-WS weights and heights are listed in this order.
Stations are :
1) Burpees
2) Row for calories
3) Overhead Squat (95-65-65-45)
4) Box Jumps (24-20-20-16)
5) Russian KB Swings (88-53-53-35)
6) Squat Cleans (135-95-95-65)
7) Burpees

• WOD 2 (Surprise, announced at registration)

3:00 3 rep front squat max. Score is the %'d of weight lifted vs. body weight.

• WOD 3 "Quick and Heavy Deads and Doubles"

5:00 AMRAP 5 Deadlifts (295-175-175-115) 15 Double unders/25 singles both scaled divisions. Deads and Doubles will be done at opposite ends of the basketball court. Every rep counts and score is total reps completed.

Dan said...

scaled to 21-15-9, 22:51.


Big props to the A4A peeps - way to represent!

Soraya said...

25:18. Deadlifts as RXd, but switched everything else to 45#s in the interest of speed and keeping a decent pace.

Kay said...

After a month of irregular WOD'ing, my search for a a CF box has come to an end; I will be WOD'ing at IMCF-PAC (Pentagon Athletic Center). There are many gyms around here, but the closest one to my house is expensive, and I could only make it there on the weekends due to long commuting times. Today was my first full day at the Pentagon, and I checked out the PAC, and it is very nice. It has a CF section in one of the old racquetball courts - rings, wallballs, boxes, KBs, pull-up bars, weights. It's lacking bands (I'll purchase my own), GHD, and a climbing rope, but I can improvise from there. I haven't met anyone from PAC CrossFit, though they have a website with a M-F WOD posting. I've decided to stick with the IMCF WODs because I enjoy reading and posting on the comments and still feel like I'm part of IMCF. So, if anyone comes to the Pentagon, you can definitely do CF here! Cost for annual membership is $240 + $25 initiation fee; $4 for drop in rates.

I did a partial WOD of 21-18-15 with 65#, then I had to stop due to time constraints (yeah, good excuse, right?). 1 month of irregular WOD'ing definitely showed because I had to drop to 45# push press (I didn't realize it was push jerk).

james said...

IMCF Pentagon - welcome!!!!

Greg M said...

Great to hear from you Kay!!

Mike said...

I agree with Greg and Rob. Since starting my internship I can't workout at 0545 and usually start on my own shortly after 0500. My intensity working on my own is awful and my work capacity is proof. This morning's WOD was a great example; once my forearms got smoked I started taking way too many breaks.
I'll be doing the internship through AOC. If anyone is interested I can kick off a 0515 wave with anyone that wants to get started earlier.

Chris C. said...

18:04 as RX'd

Good WOD!

james said...

Mike A - if I can steel myself to leave home at 0445 everyday I will be in the 0515 crew - Julie M should probably get on the same train

Debbie said...

Did the "Filthy 50" today with Amber. She made me include the K2E which took my the longest to complete. Everything Rx'd but 35# on push press, which was a mistake because that was my fastest 50!

Thanks for the push Amber!


Scott said...


The gym is inside the Pentagon and you still have to pay. Wow that is incredible. Guess I am just used to all MWR gyms on post being free, but then again everything is different in DC.

Compared to CrossFit gym prices, $250 is not bad, but I would have expected it to be free.

Doug said...

25:35 w/ no round of 9 (a bit rushed after waiting for a bar). Weight as Rx. The name of the workout out fit well...

Kay said...

Scott - Yes, it's a NAF entity, so it should be free in my mind. But perhaps they have so many civilians at the Pentagon who wouldn't normally be entitled to it? I don't know. The on-post gyms in Belvoir and Myer are free, so I don't know why the extra charge. However, it is a nice big facility with free towels (yeah, Harney had that too), a swimming pool (Harney, ditto), and other facilities. They even have massage therapists for a fee, but I've seen other MWR gyms offer that, too. Oh, well.

Derek P said...

Rich, thanks for the help and the push on the Beep test. Nice job to everyone there.

Air Force Steve said...

Rob...I'll take that as a compliment, but James thinks otherwise. Speaking of working out alone - the good thing about working out in the afternoon is that I have some times to chase. If I don't have a time to beat, I struggle with intensity as well (just one more breath...). That being said, keep posting.
I buffooned "the 95#s Suck"...I forgot the front squats for 2 rounds, so my front squats went something like: 21, 18, 0, 0, 9, then a standalone sets of 15 & 12. So, a no counter...may have to re-attack next week.

Amber said...

Debbie and I attacked the Filthy 50 today, KTE included.
Burpees about killed me and she was an amazing friend and did burpees with me after she finished her WOD to help me through mine. Now that's love! :)