Jan 16, 2012

011712 TUESDAY


The next fundamentals is on 04 Feb 12 from 0830 - 1100 at Harney Gym. This course is a great introduction to Crossfit and will help you understand the basic theory and some of the movements.

Dan is going to get out some instructions in the next few days regarding how to sign up and what trainer support is needed.


25 x body weight DL
200m run
25 x 45lb thrusters
200m run
25 x 45lb front squats
200m run
25 x 45lb push press
200m run

Okay so maybe today's MOBWOD isn't relevant to you but it was filmed down-under at CrossFit Brisbane and it is probably important to know this stuff as a coach.

Jamie Z's 0530 Class 

 Swim 200m warm-up, then 20 x 25yrd Sprints 30 sec rest between each. Finish with 200m kick


Meg Smith said...

I'll be going in around 0900 to do this if anyone wants to meet up then.

Thanks to all of the IMCF folks that joined our team WOD this morning!

scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

11:15 as Rx'd

Noah said...

The next fundamentals is on a Monday, then?

Rich V. said...

Did the swim work out. The last five hurt.

Ed said...

10:03 Rx'd.

james said...

good point Noah - I might be on crack ...lets try the Saturday after that 11 Feb 12

9.59 @ 175 and 75

John T. said...

Soraya and I did the alternate workout yesterday. So after 150 shoulder presses yesterday, this was a little rough and I was dragging butt. Time was 11:21, but I should have been better.

Tiffany said...

16:38 Rx'd

118# DL
45# Thrusters, FS, PP

I tried to focus on my DL form and it slowed me down a little, but it was much prettier than before and I'm not sore this time. My crossfit total in Nov. was 115 for DL, so I was pretty happy doing 25 today at 118.

Brian S said...

9:40 Rxd with DL at 205

Erin Anderson said...

14:45. DL 143 (broken in 5 sets of 5) Treated myself to the 33# bar for the rest after the DL.

Sharing Time Part II: (Because an unnamed trainer kindly recommended I add part II because my point may not have been clear.) I have only lost half a pound doing cf for months but that should not be the only measure of success. Since I am stronger & healthier I have gained muscle and lost body fat. But the scale didn't move much. So, that is initially hard mentally based on my choice of measurement but that is not the way I should process that.

I simply wanted to encourage anyone who doesn't see the scale move and congratulate those who do see the scale move!

Feel free to add unnamed trainers! Especially since we are all putting our weight out there based on the workout today! Thanks Mac! Maybe that is good mental therapy because the number really doesn't matter, right?

Soraya said...

13:20 with 125# dL and the rest on 35# bar.

Lance said...

As Rx'd with 175#...8:20.

james said...

Well numbers do kind of matter ....but only your numbers, and only the time and load ..ideally one comes down and the other goes up...what you weigh and is kind of immaterial to these calculations

Alex E. said...

9:47 RXd at 195# DL.

Mac said...

9:15, 225lb DL and 45lb bar for all others.

Erin, I would agree with James...the numbers matter, but only relative to you and your goals. The numbers, for this WOD, mainly have to do with your time. Even 45 lbs can challenge you depending on your intensity...try a pvc pipe Fran sometime and you'll see what I mean.

With that said, if you are counting individual pounds on the bar, seconds on the clock, or measuring ounces of protein, I believe you are missing the point. The point is to constantly vary all the variables of fitness, and increase your own - numbers don't always reflect that.

Erin Anderson said...

I agree with everything you said Mac and James!

Noah said...

8:50 at 170#DL. Running in the cool, refreshing Arctic wind was not awesome.

Arod said...

10:36 with DL at my body weight (165) and RX for the rest of the events (45lb).

Greg M said...

Did the partner WOD with Jacque late last night. Both partners did individual work, cheered each other on except during ABMATS and DUs, during those we had 45/10 lbs weight overhead.

200m Farmers carry (55/20 KB) each hand

36 Box Jumps
36 TTB (team total)
63 DUs
36 Burpees
36 KBS (55/20)

Time of 22:09, this was a good WOD and really fun to work out together at home.

Thanks for the program Meg! Sorry we could not make it in the morning, we had some family time planned.


I think Mac and James are right on, you have to worry about what metric you really worried about. Weight is irrelevant, but you should be improving your in all of the 10 physical skills. What I have found during the Whole 30 Challenge is that "Nutrition" has been the missing link to my programming. I have lost 2.5 inches on my waist in 16 days, that is proof enough for me. Keep up the great work Erin you are killing it!!

Ross said...

9:08 w/ 235lbs on the DL - lungs aching from breathing in the ice this morning on the run though...

Rich M. said...

9:53- used 175lbs for DL. I took about a 5 second break during the front squats since my form was breaking.

I should have run faster!

Dan said...

Confused about the foundations date... 4FEB is a Saturday, and that's what I've asked for. Surely it's not too late to change it. I must be missing something.

Thanks to everyone who's volunteered to help. We can use more though. If you want to get involved, send me an email at dkent_goblue@hotmail.com.

14:34 @ 205#. Much love to Alex for keeping me straight on my DL.

Still a little perplexed by the whole "pelvic floor" thing...

Adam "Big Helper" Latham said...

10:05. 255 pound deadlift was AWESOME!

I'm finding on the Whole 30 that I have only lost 5 or 6 pounds, but my pants are MUCH looser!

Mike said...

11:20 with 255# DL.
I wasn't happy with my 200s.
Great WOD.
Thanks to Brian for the setup help on DL and cleans.

Matt B. said...

I'm a IMCF nooner, but made it in for my first morning session. Quite impressive seeing so many folks working out at the same time and encouraging/coaching each other. Thank you to whomever gave me DU pointers about hand position. Once you walked away 5-10 in a row got lots easier.

After reading CFJ this weekend, I spent my WOD time doing "The Drill" for cleans.

I agree on metrics. I'm passionate about fitness, and passionately against bad (i.e. infomercial) fitness propaganda. Read an article in the KC news a few weeks ago comparing CF to a treadmill workout, and using pre/post-workout heart rate as the measure of goodness. The conclusion: CF was better because the single subject's HR was was higher than with a treadmill! *flabergasted* As for weight, I've been 183-185 for the last several years no matter what, and I'm happy with it. However, I have "winter pants" (36 waist) and "summer pants" (34 waist). For the last 6 months my summer pants are too big, and I've added more holes to my belts so my pants don't fall down.

Meg Smith said...

DL 140#, 45# bar, 300m rows instead of run, which added to the smoking of the shoulders 18:56

Pelvic Floor video will be helpful--thanks!

Greg, did you skip the squats? ;-)

Erin, glad you're seeing improvements in strength and health...it's tough road for (most) women to look past "my weight is..." and see health, fitness, strength, etc. Congrats!

Debbie said...

10:20 as rx'd

Did not have fun doing this by myself at Genesis but Steve is out of town.

james said...

My bad Dan - 04 Feb 11 is fundamentals

Greg M said...

Meg - no we did not, I skipped it in the post. We did 36 x squats as well.

Amy said...

10:49 Rx'd.

Amy said...

Oops, not Rx'd, I rowed 200m instead of running.