Jan 12, 2012

011312 FRIDAY

"Buddy double"

Buddy teams can start with either WOD A or WOD B:

WOD A (setup - 53/35 lb KBs lined up near the tire, and 20/14 lb medballs lined up on the wall at the opposite end of the bubble)
30 KB swings
bear crawl to medballs
30 med ball wallball shots
bear crawl to KBs
20 KB swings
walking lunge to medballs
20 wallball shots
walking lunge to KBs
10 KB swings
burpee broad jumps to medballs
10 wallball shots
burpee broad jumps to KBs

WOD B (conducted wherever the team can find space)
Buddy pushup ladder
Partner 1 - 15 pushups
Partner 2 - 15 pushups
Partner 1 - 14 pushups
Partner 2 - 14 pushups
etc until you reach 0


Julie said...

Anyone planning on starting a little earlier tomorrow? If so I can go a little earlier, too. Otherwise, I'll go when the majority shows up.

Ed said...

For WOD A, does each partner do (for example) 30 KB and WB (60 total for team), or is 30 a total for both combined?

Mac said...

Sorry, should have been more specific on that...both partners do the full amount. The main partner interaction takes place with the pushups.

Dan said...

And to make sure I understand, we do both WODs for a single time, right?

james said...

Correct dan

prode ...sounds blunt and painful

scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

Subbed as required based on equipment and facilities...but as close as to Rx'd as possible

27:33 as an Army of One

Burpee broadjumps were my undoing

Brian S said...

22:30 with my partner Cedric. I did rx and had him scale to 35lbs for KBS, 14# for Med ball and scaled pushups from #9 down. Great workout, good overall week of programming.

Mac said...
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Arod said...

20:36 with Chris. Mostly following his lead...great WOD especially if you did the PU portion last, my arms became Jello towards the end.

Mac said...

21:55 with a good push by Greg...thanks for that! Good WOD for the end of the week.

Erin Anderson said...

24:52 Partnered with Tiffany. Rx

Adding the burpie with the long jump sure made me try to maximize the jump. Great variety Mac.

Tiffany said...

Great workout today, I was smoked. My shoulders are mush after this week!

Nice job today Erin, you were very motivating especially when you were 20 kbs ahead of me and I thought oh crap I need to get movin'.

Tiffany said...

Reminder: The Athletes for Athletes competition in Lee's Summit is next Saturday. Here is the link for more info if anyone is interested.


Has anyone else signed up besides myself, Jacob and Greg E?

Greg M said...

Really enjoyed todays WOD, thanks for push Mac!!

Fetru - Who the "Fetro" put burpees with long jumps!!

Rich M. said...

22:14- if you include the 1.5 minute break between WOD A and WOD B....24:00ish. Good WOD.

As a reminder, I don't have everyone's email addresses...so if you are free...my promotion party is tomorrow night, 1900 at the High Noon. Shoot me or Julie a note (rich.martin95@gmail.com) if you can come!

james said...

WOdded with CFculdesac at lunch

AMRAP 10 minutes

row 100
30 foot tire flip
30 foot stone carry
5 burpee box jumps (50inch box)

4 rounds plus change

thanks Greg M for the idea

Ed said...

22:38, though I didn't wait too long between pushup sets as my partner had scaled the second WOD to 10 to 1.

Did this at 4pm today, interesting how different working out in the afternoon felt.