Jan 11, 2012



A reminder for those folks helping me tomorrow with the group that I will brief at 0550. For other users just be aware that we will be using the wall and the center part of the gym.


Push press


Power clean and jerk


Jamie Z's 0530 Class

"300" 25x Chin ups 50x Deadlifts (135lbs) 50x Push-ups 50x Box Jumps 50x Floor Wipers (135lbs) 50x KB Clean and Press (55lb) 25x Chin-ups


Rich M. said...

James- I'll be there as soon as I can tag out with Julie...may be closer to 0600...

Greg M said...

I am going off script tomorrow morning. I got an Atlas stone mold for Christmas and it is time to put that new stone to work.

Looking forward to moving 116lbs of pure concrete!!

Air Force Steve said...

Greg - I thought we were going in on that together? Or do I just get to "rent" it? fliff...excuse me!

Mike said...

How do we check in the morning if the Bubble is closed, other than knocking on the door and not finding Calvin at the desk?

Greg M said...

I got the mold as a Christmas gift. I say we go together on a smaller one so we can all leave with two atlas stones.


Greg M said...

Last year it was normally open unless it was really nasty. We submitted a phone roster for them to call James and I. Hoefully they will so we can then update the website early in the morning.

Mike said...

Thanks, Greg.

scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

Push Press -

Clean and Jerk -

Lots of soreness this AM despite the mobility work...not the BAD soreness, just sore

Ed said...

A second on the soreness vote - the mobility work this morning simply highlighted the sore areas, all good of course.

Push Press:
135x5, 135x5
145x3, 155x3, 155x3
155x1, 165x1, 165x1(f), 165x1

Power Clean and Jerk:
155, 185, 185, 205(f x2), 185

"dease" . . .

james said...

Thanks to the trainers who helped out this morning. The whole activity was an interesting insight - the group will be around half that size on the 26th.

I merged the clean and PP by taking the weight off the deck instead of the rack - the rep scheme got a little hazy as well

5/165 5/185 5/185 3/185 3/185 2/195 1/205

Brian S said...


For Power Clean and Jerk 165-175-185-195(PR)

The mobility video last week that discussed alternate setups for cleaning and deadlifts has helped me gain a lot of power coming off the floor. The weak part of my clean and jerk used to be getting it up to the front rack. No longer the case.

Lance said...

Was at 205# on 3rd set of C&J...probably could have went 10# more, but not feeling the greatest today.

Rich V. said...

Talked to some of the soldiers who participated in the WOD. LOVED IT!!Liked the wall ball and box jumps. All were smoked!!
Good job all!!

Greg M said...

Did Atlas Stone WOD.

3 x rounds

15 x burpee box jumps 43" box
25m stone carry
15 x GHD
25m stone carry


Loving the stone so far!!

Alex E. said...

PP - 95-95-115-115-115-135-155-175(f)-165-170 (PR)
C&J - 155-155-155-155-165

Ross said...

PP : 135x5,165x5,175x3,185x3,195x3,205x1,215F,205x1,205x1,205x1

CJ: 135,185F-cracked my chin with bar, 175,175,175,185

Dan said...


Erin Anderson said...

Nice variety on the workout.

PP: worked up to 93.
Clean/jerk: failed at 103.

Greg E said...

115 x 5
135 x 5
155 x 3
175 x 3
185 x 3
205 x 1
215 x 1
205 x1
205 x 1

135 x 1
165 x 1
185 x 1
205 x 1
205 fail

Tiffany said...


(Failed on one round of 83# when I busted my chin with the bar. Moving head out of the way = good thing)


Minus the bloody lip, pretty happy with PP considering I was doing 65# in Nov.