Jan 10, 2012



5 rounds for time

400m row 
10 GHD situps 
10 back extensions 
10 95lb OHS
10 pullups 
10 ring dips 
10 pushups 
10 knees to elbows

If you have rings you might want to bring them in.

Jamie Z 0530 Class

Overhead Squat 3-3-3-3-3


15-12-9 of: Burpee Box Jumps Push Press 95lbs Barbell Roll out


james said...

I like it Mac - Variance doesn't always mean difference !!

james said...

if any of the whole 30ers out there want to maintain the rage ...The Eat clean Diet by Tosca Reno is a great little book with lots of helpful ideas and info

Rich V. said...

I have had some people ask about the pool length. 1 length from the shallow end to the deep end is 25 yards. If you had to swim 1000 meters that would equate to 44 lengths.(1000 meters = 1093.6133 yards) Hope this helped!!

We have the East gym reserved for the beep test on the 23rd of Jan. I will have the score sheets and set break down posted on the white board on Friday. Looks like a great work out on wednesday!!

scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:


Bench Press 3-3-3-3 @ 185
Then - 37:45

Had to make substitution b/c lack of all necessary equip. Subbed hanging power cleans ILO 400m row(10x PC @ 95), abmat (towel) situps, and bar dips.

Julie said...

Thanks for the website James! It looks awesome!

Brian S said...

35:44 rx. It was a battle royale in the bubble today for equipment. Good times and lots of new faces. If these crowds keep up we may need to request a second bubble.

Scott said...

Well I introduced my office to CrossFit today.
Did modified Standard Warmup: Run 400m, then 2 rounds of
- Sampson [10 sec each leg]
- 10 Pull Ups
- 10 Air Squat
- 10 PU
- 10 SU

4RFT of:
- Run 200M
- 20 CFSPU
- Run 200M
- 20 Abmat SU

I did it in 11:50.
My troops were happy with the change of pace and the WOD. They were all smoked in that good happy way. This will become a regualar part of their PT regiment, hopefully, I will be able to conduct a little Fundamental type session in the future and expose them to the full gambit of CrossFit, but for now Bodyweight WODs will do. No more worthless "bend and reach" for us.

Also got a surprise in the mail last night. It was my Barbells for Boobs T-shirt from the Grace WOD we did back on 21 OCT 2011. Boy was I surprised, I was happy just to have my money go to a good cause and I got surprised by this gift from the CrossFit magi. :)

Greg M said...

31:25; 1st Rd OHS Rx'd, 2-5 rds 65lbs.

Great WOD this morning and good energy in the bubble. We probably need to to a better job of starting in groups on big days like today.

james said...


Mike said...


I did knee raises instead of KTE so I wouldn't tear my hand more.

Good WOD.

Meghan Smith said...

43:53 @55# OHS and 1 knee in a blue band for dips...should have done the red instead. I haven't done any OHS since before Christmas, so I opted to scale and remind my body of form. Proved to be a good choice.

Scott, glad you got your shirt. I got an email from B4B about a week ago saying they were sending out the second batch because they ran out due to such a huge response this year. The program raised over $600,000 for mammograms!

Erin Anderson said...

40 min. Scaled pullups to bands, last 2 knees to elbow to tucks. 45# bar. Need to work on intensity not just form.
Greg, thanks for the 300 tip!

The lifting gloves really help when the blisters are open.

Rich M. said...

Scaled OHS to 65 and only did 3 rounds due to time constraints.

Noah said...

36:37. OHS went to 75# for rds 3-5& ring dips were assisted as well. Copious amounts of tape were also involved.

Ross said...

I too had to tape my hands up after yesterday, and wondered why I did not think of taping my hands before my skin ripped...

38:36 - had to use the band on sets 4 and 5 of the ring dips. Great work out this morning...

Mac said...

32:16, and probably spent 3-4 minutes waiting for equipment. Did not expect so many people in the bubble this morning, but it was totally motivational.

Reading a lot about people ripping their hands doing pullups. During my first year of crossfitting I probably tore my calluses badly three times. That's 15 days or so spent healing. I swore that wouldn't happen again, so I tape up if I am going to do 60+ pullups. Remember, it's the cumulative stretch on your hand skin. Anyway, spend the $2 on a roll of athletic tape, and check out this website:

Soraya said...

I performed an alternate workout of squats, lunges and situps due to the hand issues. 8:22 and legs are smoked but feeling great. Yes... rookie mistake yesterday in not taping (I normally do), but I certainly won't make that mistake again. Also purchased the grips from Again Faster. Thanks for the tip, Lance.

Greg E said...

Smoker this morning,
37:24 round 5 I used a band for dips

monroe said...

I got my B4B shirt this week, too. Mary won't let me wear it though.

For those unaware we (FTLV) are hosting a USA Weightlifting meet this weekend on Saturday. IMCF is billed as one of the sponsors/supporters. If you have the opportunity to attend it's a good chance to see some of the best lifters in the area. There will be several local area teams and around 100 lifters participating.

If you would like to help with setup we will meet at 1700 at Gruber on Friday. The meet lasts from 0700-1800 on Saturday.

We need loaders for the meet, as well. Loaders do what the name implies, load the bar between lifts. If you have time let us know Friday. No prior experience necessary, and it's a fun way to participate and learn something about the sport.

Day 10 of the Whole 30, feeling great! Preparing post-workout meals and consuming them immediately following the workout is a big help. Protein and carbs, no fats.

Rich V. said...

Scaled James(Burpiesbox jump,ab rolls, PP 15-12-10) work out could not get the last set of PP. Hit the wall.

Tiffany said...

39:23 - Came back at 9:30 because of the crowd/time constraints this morning.

Scaled OHS to 45#, red band dips. Also had to scale pull ups and KTE because of my hamburger hands. I used rings and started on the ground for pullups and KTE were more like KT up as high as I could because I was hanging onto the bar with my fingertips. Thank you Erin for your gloves!

Lance said...

Got through 3 rounds before cumulative skin loss and my lower back let me know that was enough. 18:50 with OHS scaled to 75#.

Glad someone mentioned post-workout nutrition. As soon as I can breathe regularly and drink something after a WOD without drowning I get 15g of glutamine and 30g of whey protein/carbs (3:1 ratio) down the gullet. Post work-out (within 10-20 minutes) is critical to warding off catabolic effects of cortisol, enhancing muscle recovery, and ...well, I could go on for awhile. If you are supplementing, make sure you look for the "Clean Manufacturing Process" stamp of approval and gluten free at a minimum. Poliquin and NOW are a couple of quality brands.

Matt B. said...

FYI, there was a sighting of MAJ Rob Craig at TRAC today. He arrived to KCI last night, and apparently was on the local news. We're certainly glad to have him home safe, and looking forward to seeing him in the office and at the bubble.

james said...

I am a little disappointed that Rob's first stop wasn't the bubble...

Greg M said...

What is up with that - TRAC - seriously???

Ed said...

38:13, subbed 400m run for row. Quite busy in the bubble this morning.

Bridget said...

Afternoon WOD group entertained by piecing together equipment and moving around the kids CF (they are fun to watch)
40 min
Scaled #45 bar working on form (knees hurting from Monday WOD)
Blue band PU
Green band dips (noticed there was only 1 blue band)
Knees to waist

33 x 50 (down & back) is 1 mile they also have a little slip you can see how far you go there @ the desk)

Colin said...

40 min scaled pu with green, and 65# for the ohs.

Susi S said...


Blue band
OHS @ 33lbs
Dips with 24in box and feet on 20in
Had to go to knees on push-ups after 2nd round
Knees to above waist.