Jan 4, 2012


It's time for the Whole 30 Challenge!  Join us for a meet up in the Bubble at 1730 on Thursday to learn more!  We will discuss what the Whole 30 Challenge means, what foods are allowed, and how to work around some common obstacles during the process.  Additionally, we will do weigh ins and measurements for anyone desiring empirical data for comparison at the end of the month.  (If you want to do numbers, please come in light weight, loose clothing.)  We will also be discussing the Whole 30 Challenge Competition for those interested in taking the Challenge an extra step!  Including a buy in, a point system, and a "Winner Takes All" conclusion, the Competition should be a lot of fun!  Check out whole9life.com for more information about clean eating and the 30 Day Challenge.  Whether you are looking for new ways to fuel your machine or for some healthy competition, we hope you'll join us Thursday night!  If you aren't able to come on Thursday, we'll post note on our FaceBook page (Fort Leavenworth Whole 30 Challenge--request to join) and can make arrangements for measurements another time.  

Warm Up

50 jumping jacks
3x 50m high knees
3x 50m butt kicks


For time row 5k, or run 5k, or swim 1000m

Jamie Z's 0530 Class

Overhead Squats  5-5-5-5-5


As many Double Unders in 5 minutes as possible


james said...


5k route if anyone wants to run from bubble tmw

scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

No pool, no rower, and trying to heal my heel (plantar fasciitis); therefore, did the Jamie Z WOD


150 DU in 5 min (not sure that helps the affor mentioned condition...)

james said...

apologies the map was for a 3 miler (4.8km) - 19.49

Tony said...

5K Row at 22:21 with bar set on the line between 8 and 9.

Greg M said...

Mobility issues in my left anke, so I did:

250m row buy in:

3 rounds of
10 GHDs
20 KBS 55lbs

250m row buy out

Damn basketball got me last night and a big man fell on my ankle.

Tiffany said...

23:41 on 1000m swim.

"boodedig" digging your heels into your bootie on butt kicks :)

Mac said...

1000m swim, 21 min. Starting to feel a little more comfortable in the water, but still swim like a hippo.

Erin Anderson said...

28:03 swim. May have done an extra lap or two!

Very impressed with all the healthy eating from some of the 30 day challenge crossfitters!

Scott said...

Did Chief Today with 115# Power Cleans
1. 5 rounds
2. 4 rounds + 3 PC
3. 4 rounds + 3 PC
4. 4 rounds + 4 SQT
5. 4 rounds + 3 SQT.

Alex E. said...

21:47 on the rower.

Jay Luck said...

2130 row

Ed said...

20:03 run.

April said...

??:?? run

It is useless to try to keep accurate time with the dog stopping to sniff and leave 'presents' along the run.

WODs are family affairs around here whenever possible, as is the Whole30. The dog approves of almond butter.

Matt B. said...

Traded in my Asics 2100's last night for NB Minimus and took them to the track today. Shot for 10x200s, but calves had me stop at 6x. 200/200 sprint/rest interval.


Dan said...

Row: 23:19

It would appear that snorkeling between Mai Tais wasn't the metabolic maintence I hoped it was...

Bridget said...

Body trying to recover from holiday break.. Motivated to swim.. sucked out of me w/ the warm pool water that made me want to bust out is unorganized synchronized swimming, I refrained from embarrassing myself.
21:46 (20 x 50)
kick board (10 x 50's)
Cool down free style (3 x 50's)
37:55: Total 1 mile (or 33 x 50s)
Next week 1.5 mile
*Meg I was zapped by the warm H20 or the exciting class today.. I will try to link-up Monday for day 1 of 30

Jess said...

Good to be back in the bubble today! Did the row in 24 min...did 5000 m