Jan 5, 2012

010512 FRIDAY


On 12 and 26 Jan a group of 20 -30 soldiers would like to come and do a CrossFit workout at the bubble. This is all good. It has long disturbed me a little that so few soldiers seem to do CrossFit, I am not sure if that is because there isn't many at Fort Leavenworth or they are all too busy running four miles at 9 minute mile pace. Either way, we need to help young leaders to get involved.

There are two implications of this; first the bubble will be a little crowded on those days, but I have checked the programming and it should work well with what Mac has planned. Second, I would like about 5 or 6 trainers to help me run the workout. It will be from 0600 - 0700 but I really only need the trainers from 0600 - 0640. Post to comments if you can help or feel like you should earn some of your scholarship cookies.

1 round regular warmup, 100 jump rope (double or single under)


"Support for a fellow "Iron Major" Crossfiter"

As a buddy team complete 100 thrusters, doing 5 burpees at the top of every minute, then run 1 mile carrying one med ball.

Message from Mike A:

A good friend of mine from Ft Carson was just diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.  He’s the guy that got me turned on to CrossFit and a really good guy.  Instead of a Hero WOD (because he’s not dead and he’ll beat this) I wanted to do a Get Well WOD to show support from the CF community for another CrossFitter and Iron Major.

Erin A. will take pics and probably have a big card to sign for him.  Once we post the pics I’ll tell him about it and he can see the pics and read the blog.

Jamie Z's 0530 Class

5 rounds for time:

10 L-Pullups
10 Ring dips
10 GHD situps


Alex E. said...

I'm in to help James. Also what is the thruster weight?

Alex E. said...

I guess grammatically, it should be "I can help, James" or "James, I can help". I have officially crossed over now that I am worried about my grammar on the IMCF posts.

Lance said...

James, I'll help out. I could even talk the benfits of Paleo if you would like, lol.

Brian S said...

Does the whole team stop and do burpees at each minute or can one continue to do thrusters while the other services the burpee requirement?

james said...

Help...Mac or Mike, I didn't see a thruster weight or burpee stuff so in the absence of further guidance:

Weights:Rxed (95/65)

Burpees: the whole team stops and does burpees

Mike said...

Both partners will do the burpees - we don't want anyone to miss a burpee opportunity.

Rx'd wts are correct - 95/65.

We'll meet at 0540 at the White Board for a demo and to make sure everyone knows the workout and route and start at 0545.

Rich said...

I would like to help,let me know what I can do.

Dan said...

I'll help coach. And I'm think it's really considerate that y'all made sure we didn't miss any burpees tomorrow.

james said...

So for the PT session on 12 Jan - I have Lance/Alex E/Dan/Rich M and probably Greg M. The IPC will be at 0550 at the bubble on the day of the event. Its a simple concept.

Any helpers for 26 Jan ?

Mike said...

Jacob - you left your ID Card at the library. Do you want me to
a) leave it with the librarian
b) bring it to the bubble in the morning
c) keep it and steal your identity

I'll be here for about 20 more minutes. If I don't hear from you I'll leave it at the circulation desk.

Brian S said...

Darn...does anyone else feel like its burpee fiesta this week? I'll be in right at 5 to knock this out cause I have a meeting at 0730. If anyone else wants to come in to join me, great, if not I'll half it and roll with that.

Alex E. said...

I can help on the 26th also if needed.

John said...

I can help out either on the 12th or 26th or both if needed.


james said...

John you are in for the 26th, Alex E you will get picked if I don't get others for 26th

Matt said...

James, I can assist on the 26th.

Matt James

Noah said...

Do we both thrust at the same time or is only one person thrusting at a time? Sorry for the image everyone just got in their mind from that question.

James...I can do 26 Jan. And if 12 Jan needs help I can do that date as well.

mytert...as in these thrusters tomorrow mytert.

Soraya said...

I can help on both days. Count me in.

Rich M. said...

James, I can help on the 12th and the 26th if you need me. The first Rich to reply was Rich Vick. Do you know if these guys are bringing their senior NCOs?

Kay said...

Looking forward to my last WOD with IMCF tomorrow morning. Team WOD is a perfect way to finish, and even better that it's a get well WOD.

scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

29:00 as Rx'd (as Army of One - or my half of thruster/burpee combo)

Included the time it took me to snivel up in order to run in the snow and 30kt winds!

Mike, I'll say a prayer for your friend that he recovers soon.

Kay, good luck with your move.

scottnkelly9901 said...

Correction...not completely as Rx'd

had to sub an 18lb med ball ILO 20lb because of equipment constraints

Spence said...

Beginning the transition from P90X to Crossfit today. Modified. 55 x thrusters with 25lbs dumbells. Five burpees for every ten thrusters. Nice.

Julie said...

Good bye Kay!! See you on Facebook and good luck with your new adventure! You will be missed! :)

Thanks Brian for teaming up with me today! Great workout!

Arod said...

Great to see my neighbor again, look forward to teaming up with her at the pentagon this summer. Kay, drop me a quick note at:

As for today, i had to scale down for the thrusters a tad. I believe Tiffany called 21 ish min for my team as we passed the finish line. Great WOD.

Mike, your friend is in my prayers.

Alex E. said...


Something to inspire you as you collect more converse...


Erin Anderson said...

Partnered with Tiffany. 20:18, 55# bar.

Thanks for coming in early & for doing more than 50%!

Pictures to be posted this afternoon!

Chris C. said...

I can coach either on the 12 th or 26th

Did the workout this morning with Jacob. Total time of 15:45

Great workout!!

Tony said...

21:32 using 35# dumbells, then 30# dbs, then 20# dbs. No partner.


Get well brother. If you want some company, just let us know and Mike and I will head West to visit you.


Rich M. said...

13:47- I was a team of one today...so I split it in half- including the run. 50 Thrusters, RXd, with burpees on the minute....and 800m run with 20lbs ball.

Mike- my best to your friend. Julie and I will say a prayer for him. It says a lot about of your character to do this for him....you're a good man!

Mike said...

Team Montana (Mike and Darin) finished at 28ish. I think the Med Ball got heavier throughout the run.

Thanks to everyone that came out and did the WOD to support Toby.

Toby - A bunch of CrossFitters on Ft Leavenworth are pulling for you. Let us know if you need anything. WP3

Kay said...

A get-well WOD and message for Mike's friend - keep fighting on!

Team Debbie-Kay's time was 19 min and some-odd seconds; I don't remember. Debbie carried the weight in this one; it was great to team up with you, Debbie! Hope to see you in DC.

I will miss everyone here at IMCF. This group made my year here very tolerable. It is such a great, friendly community, and most of my friends are IMCF'ers! Keep up the great work, IMCF. I look forward to seeing some awesome performances during this year's CF Games Open.

If anyone is coming to the DC area, drop me an email at kwakatake@gmail.com. I'll help you in any way I can. I will miss you all! (far too many to mention by name, but I think I said goodbye to most of you personally.) The Army is a small place (entire military, in fact, and it'll only get smaller), so I hope to see you again!

Julie said...

So glad I had the chance to do this for your friend. Wish him nothing but the best from Rich and I!

Greg M said...

Still dealing with ankle mobility issues, worked out at the house.


Pushups: 14/14/12/12/13/8/8/8

Ab-Mat: 12/12/12/12/12/11/11/11


Greg M said...

Mike, I plan on doing this next week. Your friend is in our prayers.

Noah said...

Team Ross/Noah 24 mins and change.

We started with burpees at time zero, finished the thrusters in ~12 mins, shared a 20# med ball but did not do burpees during the run. Not sure if that was as intended but it smoked us both all the same.

Toby...from one cancer survivor to another, keep your chin up. Enjoy the pampering from doctors, nurses, friends and family. Before too long you'll be back in the fight.

Erin Anderson said...

A few pictures at the link below or on the IMCF fb page.

IMCF WOD Pictures

Toby, hope you recognize a few people, get a good laugh from one of Tony's pictures, and hope your body fights this thing smoothly!

Soraya said...

Sorry we couldn't make it this morning to join in on the WOD. John and I partnered to make it up this afternoon in approx 18:05. I started as RXd, but had to take it down to 55#s after about 20 reps. The 1 mile with med ball was painful! Awesome workout and good way to end the week.

We are thinking about Toby and wish him much strength in the future.

Rich said...

Swam 44 laps 30 MIN

Rich V. said...

44 laps 30 min hard work out!!

Derek P said...

With Jon R,

25:21 total. We started at 95# but I dropped to 75# after my second set of 5 thrusters. 20lb ball, and I think our run time was 11:38. Great workout, and my shoulders are destroyed after this week!

Ed said...

just under 19 minutes, partnered with Colin (new for SAMS 12-02)

Toby - best of luck - you'll beat this. 3-2-1-GO!

Bridget said...

Great WOD with LTC MaC he kept the time so not sure what we made it in @.
Started @ RX and worked my way down.
14 pd ball both did 1/2 mile w/ ball.
Worked on some goats.
Thank you for the weekend smoker!

Mac said...

If you're looking for a good, quick, weekend lung blow-out, give this a try:
150m run
40 burpees
300m run
30 burpees
450m run
20 burpees
600m run
10 burpees


Meg Smith said...

Couldn't make it in, but will do the WOD next week. Did 1000m row, 25 abmats, 750m row, 25 abmats, 500m row, 25 abmats.

I can help with either of the morning WODs if needed.

Kay, good luck in DC. I grew up in NoVA and love the area, especially for kids.

Adam "Big Helper" Latham said...

James, I'd love to help on the 26th.