Jan 1, 2012

010212 MONDAY

Warm up

2 rounds regular warmup, then 20 slow burpees, then work some hip mobility like Kstar shows you below.



 "Crossfit Football Total"

1 rep max:

Power Clean
Bench Press
Back Squat


james said...

If anyone is AFG bound - Coalition Crossfit is worth checking out www.coalitioncrossfit.com

Alex E. said...

How many Crossfit blogs do you run?

james said...

am I under oath when I answer the question?

Debbie said...

What time does the bubble open up tomorrow?? Thanks

james said...

In so far as i can tell from the Harney website it should be 0500.

Air Force Steve said...

The MWR site says the Bubble is closed all day:

Debbie and I got in 5 WODs in Spokane WA at 4 different boxes (CF Spokane, Predation CF, CF 509, Spokane Valley CF). Lots of variety out there (good and bad) but was fun to "get around" and meet more CrossFitters. We also ran the Spokane Bloomsday 12k route...good times. If you're ever at Ft. Lewis, Bloomsday is a great May event (50k runners) to visit Spokane for.

kyle hogan said...

Long time no post miss you guys in the bubble!

Quick list while on the road:

CF TakeOver in VA Beach
CF Long Beach in LB, CA
CF Sola Fide in Clarksville, TN
Red Point CF in Fayetteville, NC.
I'm headed to NM with week & I'll check out CF Albquerque, while I'm there. These places are all very friendly and usualy don't charge if you belong to a ox else where.

Congrats Rich!!!

scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

Total - 1010 lbs

PC - 195
BP - 205
BS - 295
DL - 315

Happy New Year!

Tiffany said...

The bubble is closed today.

james said...

James - crawled back under a barbell

PC 205
no bench
BS - 235
DL - 365

Mac said...

Here's an alternate, no equipment, wod for today:

5 rds, 3 min rest between rds
20 pullups
30 pushups
40 situps
50 air squats

Greg E said...

First day back and I was thankful for a heavy day.

Total - 1150 lbs
PC - 225
BP - 295
BS - 295
DL - 335

IMCF was blowing up Grueber today.
Happy New Year everyone!

Mac said...

Definitely a different vibe in Gruber...looking forward to getting back in the bubble.

Power Clean - 205
Bench Press - 275
Back Squat - 215
Deadlift - 425 (PR)

Total: 1120 lbs

Alex E. said...

165 - PC
0 - No bench
255 - Back Squat
295 - Dead Lift

Wade said...

Total - 1220

PC - 245
BP - 275
BS - 335
DL - 365

Debbie said...

After a few acts of buf'foonery...thank you Greg E for not letting Amber ans I get hurt, here are my numbers:

PC 85
BP 95
BS 205 PR
DL 215 PR

Thanks for the help guys

Brian S said...

Total 1005
PC-205 (PR)

Amber said...

PC: 55
BP: 65
BS: 95
DL: 115

Total: 330