Dec 17, 2011

Whole 30 days update!!

"Interested in participating in the Whole30 Challenge for clean eating in January?  Join us on Facebook.  Just search for 'Fort Leavenworth Whole 30 Challenge' and request to join the group.  We'll be using the page for recipe sharing, shopping tips and help, as well as for moral support.  Additionally, consider downloading the 'Whole 30 Success Guide" available at for $39.  Several of us have already committed to purchasing it, so if you choose not to, expect excerpts to be shared.  

Our anticipated start date is Friday January 6th, but we would like everyone to start no later than Monday, January 9th if the weekend is needed for fridge stocking and food prep.  We will be doing weigh-ins and measurements for anyone desiring empirical data Thursday, Friday, and Saturday of that weekend."

Please post to comments if you have questions.

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