Jan 1, 2012

Rich's Promotion Ceremony

To all of our IMCF brothers and sisters-

We hope that everyone had a wonderful Christmas/ Holiday Break and a Happy New Year evening last night. As you settle back to Ft. Leavenworth, we wanted to share something with the IMCF crew.

Because of CrossFit, I have a healthier heart that beats much more efficiently. Therefore, because of my palpable pulse and ability to fog a mirror in record time, I am being promoted. 

In all seriousness, Julie and I would like to extend an invitation to all of our IMCF friends still at Ft. Leavenworth, to come to the promotion ceremony on 4 JAN 2012 at 1200. There are so many people I would love to send an invitation to, but I don't have everyone's email....so I'm doing it this way!

If you are in class, and can't get out, we completely understand.  If you can make it, we would love it if you would share this moment with us. And yes, there will be a party on a later date, with information to follow (plan is 14 Jan!). The ceremony will be a short walk from Lewis and Clark, in the SAMS area. Flint Hall, Bldg 315, on the 2nd floor.  See map below. There will be a very NON-ZONE, NON-Paleo friendly cake, made by none other than Major Cakes, inc!  (advertising plug for the McLeans!)

Happy New Year everyone, and we hope to see you there!!  3....2.....1.....GO!

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Michael Tremblay said...

Seriously are you paying for the alcohol if so its trouble


Rich M. said...

He is at the Promotion Party!!!

Rich M. said...

That was Julie answering Mike....and we might get a keg just for you! :)