Dec 4, 2011

IMCF Games Teams

"The incredible efforts extended in the pursuit of 'points' suggests an indispensable tool for the forging of men."
- Coach Glassman

The games teams are listed below along with your 'type" of minivan. Remember what type of mini van you are ...its probably important....but try not think about it too much. The only time you must workout with your team mate is Friday, for the games workouts on the other days the combined score from your individual workouts is your team score.

Please use the blog and the workout on Monday to book in your level one trainer to grade you. If you are a participating level one trainer who hasn't graded someone yet, then stop bludging. The program for the week is:

Monday - is not a games workout, but could be a good time to link up with your teamate and consider your strengths and weaknesses.

Tuesday - Games WOD

Wednesday - CAC run

Thursday - Games WOD


1730 - 1745 - Competitor brief
1745 - 1805 - Heat 1
1810 - 1830 - Heat 2
1830 - 1915 ish - Presentation and food
Clean up

Virtual Teams
Noah (Sedona) and Scott Hohenfels (Sienna)
Lance (Odyssey) and Arod (Sienna)

Live Teams
Amy J. (Odyssey) – Jill P. (Quest)
April (Sienna) – Matt (Sedona)
Brian S (Sienna) – Susi (Quest)
Chris C. (Odyssey) – Yolanda Z. (Quest)
Dan (Sienna) – Soraya (Sedona)
Debbie (Sienna) – John T. (Sedona)
Wildcard – Karin (Quest)
Erin A (Sedona) – Darin A. (Quest)
Greg E. (Sienna) – Jess (Quest)
Greg M. (Sienna) – Tiffany (Sedona)
Jay (Sienna) – Julie (Quest)
Jimmy S. (Sienna) – Michelle W. (Quest)
Kay (Sienna) – Adam (Sedona)
LTC MacDonald  (Sienna) – Meg Smith (Sedona)
Mac (Odyssey) – Jacque (Quest)
Rich M. (Sienna) – Stacy P. (Sienna)
Roger W. (Sienna) – Bridget (Quest)
Ross (Sienna) – Jeff (Sedona)
A.F Steve (Odyssey) – Amber (Quest)
Wade (Odyssey) – Michele S. (Quest)


Meg Smith said...

I mentioned it the other day, but have the coordinators come up with any options for my M/W/F group? I don't want to ask them to do a double on Friday in order to complete the WODs, and most are not available to come in on Tues/Thurs.

Greg M said...

We got to include the BAMs, they are the fiz-nizzle of IMCF!!

Greg M said...

I love being compared to a Sienna, that vehicle is a beast. Hopefully someday when I retire I can afford one and Jacque and I can cruise in Crossfit style!! :)

james said...

Meg - we intend to release both to you tonight by email so your girls can do them Mon and Wed. For other folks they will post Mon and Wed night.

Games committee

Alex E. said...


Drinking and blogging is not a preferred method.

Maustals. A gaelic word for teamwork.

Alex E. said...

Non-hohenfels Scott,

Are you planning on competing?

Games Committee

Untingli - how you'll feel by Friday

Dan said...

Greg - I sooo would've/could've made you a sweet deal on a Sienna right before I came out here! If only I'd known you were in the market...

...and I'm just sayin', having been in the minivan market and compared the Sienna and Odyssey head-to-head, I went with the Sienna.

So here's to mini-vans!

thyptamb. A medical condition of a mental variety often causing those who play with spreadsheets to classify people as mini-vans.

Greg M said...

Dan - looks like KSU could be playing Big Blue in the Sugar.

Burpee bet in our future!

Meg Smith said...

Thanks guys...looking forward to it!