Dec 8, 2011

Games Rankings Updated

Brian S.
Karin D.
Stacy P.
Roger W.
Greg E.
Greg M.
Amy J.
Jill Z.
LTC MacDonald
Jimmy S.
Michelle W.
John T.
Michele S.
Chris C.
Yolanda Z.
Erin A.
Darin A.

Two of our esteemed contestants went to the "Price Is Right" showcase showdown and were able to upgrade their current model.  Congratulation Susi and Karin you are now Sedonas!!!

If you have pull-up bands please bring them to tomorrow nights games.  If we run out of bands you do pull-ups RXd.


Susi S said...

I've just got used to driving the Quest and now you're asking me to change cars before the race! Although does the upgrade matter when we get to pick the number between 1 - 100?

james said...

The morning people get to pick their number - unfortunately Clausewitz will choose yours ....

Greg M said...

Are you guys sitting next to each other?

Iron Major CrossFit Coordinator said...

No we were in different houses but I really only posted for the word.


Bridget said...

CF Games questions being this is my first CF Games rodeo..

1. Do we need to bring reflective belts?
2. Can we pick the order of the workout?

Giddy up!

Iron Major CrossFit Coordinator said...


- reflective belts - yes please.
- yes and no.....more to follow at the games brief


Debbie said...

As for music...
Black Eyed Peas
Lady Gaga

Alex E. said...

As for music no black eyed peas or lady gaga

John T. said...

Awesome time today everyone. Soraya and I had a blast. Thanks to James and Alex and all the folks that coordinated the food and drinks.

Erin Anderson said...

Completely agree! Thank you James, Alex, April, Jeff and Julie for organizing this event! You guys put a ton of work into the planning and it showed!

Congrats Tiffany and Greg!

Julie said...

Thank you Erin and AJ for helping me with my kiddos last night! I couldn't have participated with you guys and Mike helping me with the Thursday WOD. It was so much fun and thanks Jeff for a great partner! Also, my girls had a great time and hopefully we didn't cause to much trouble being on the workout machines. I was talking a little too much and not watching as much! I just never get to see everyone since I am in so early in the morning. It was putting a name with the face. Thanks everyone for doing this and I know it was a lot of work and planning! I hope I can help more the next time!

Kay said...

Jingle kettlebells, jingle kettlebells, jingle all the way,
Oh what fun it is to WOD in the IMCF way, hey!

Great fun yesterday! We have the best CF community ever! Thanks so much James, Alex, April, Jeff, Julie, and everyone for a great games! Jacque, thanks for bringing that unbelievably cute CF cake!

Weespe - the feeling you get right before your heat starts, when you think you have to pee but you really don't.

Mac said...

Fantastic job by the organizers and athletes last night! My first time competing in a crossfit event of this size, and hope everyone had as much fun as I did.
Now it's off to stuff my face with beer and pizza and cheer on the Army team...we'll worry about cleansing the body next month!

mangrow: there are many definitions that I could assign to this one, so I'll just let it go.

Jess said...

Thanks to all who organized the event last night! I had a great time and it was an awesome first event to bring my husband to!

Erin Anderson said...

A few Pictures of The champs, The cake & a few others. Wish I had pictures of everyone. Next time!

The Games Pictures

Amy said...

Where can I refill my trophy?

Also, Thanks so much to everyone who volunteered their time and energy to organize such an awesome event. The James family had a great time. The cake was incredible too!

Greg M said...

Great Job by all who put this on. It was a fun event and I already am looking forward to the next one.

On our way home last night Jacque and I realized that our trophy was an open container since Tiffany and I opened them up and chugged a little. Oops, wouldn't that have been a fun one to explain.

james said...

Greg M - since they were a gift from the govt of Australia you could probably claim diplomatic immunity.

Amy J...Woop Woop ..

Conpun. Part joke part hoax.