Dec 28, 2011



15 Min AMRAP

W/ Equipment

Squat Clean  x 10 (135/95)
Tire Flip x 10

W/O Equipment

Handstand walk x 10 m
Front Roll x 5
Tuck Jump x 15


scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

Only 2rds + 1 squat clean

Subbed 120lb atlas stone lifts ILO tire flip - much harder than I had expected! Still, it beat doing tire flips (with a HMMT radial no less) in a 37 degree rain!

james said...

no such cold rain in Phoenix this morning

100 doubles unders as a warm up


7 rounds for time

7 35lb dumbell push press
7 burpees


Tiffany said...

4 Rds w/eq.

Scaled squat cleans to 65# and used the smaller tire. I couldn't budge that Bigfoot tire to save my life!

Brian S said...

4rds plus 8 squat cleans. Had to sub in 20 flips on the small tire on 1 rd because the tractor tire was occupied at the time. This one was a smoker.

Noah said...

Felt like a slug today and performed like one. Subbed burpee pullups for the tire flips and scaled cleans to 115 and then 95. 2 BPU shy of 4 rounds. Ugh.

Lance said...

10 RFT of 3 ring dips, 3 strict pull-ups, and 95lb strict press...6:33

Lance said...

Should've been 3 strict presses

Ed said...

w/o equipment

10 rounds + handstand & front rolls

Subbed 15-sec handstand hold for the 10m handstand walk. Once again my daughter thought it was pretty hilarious to watch daddy doing rolls and handstands out in the yard. Dizziness was the biggest slowing factor.

Rich M. said...

3 rounds plus 8 cleans- scaled the weight to 115. Form was decent (I think...I was completely solo in the gym!) The tire was a beast!

Mac said...

Did a WOD with a Crossfit box in NY today...give this a try:

4 rds of tabata DU's, then a 135 lb power clean ladder (1 rep in first min, 2 reps in second min, 3 reps in third, etc).

Ended up with 64 DUs, and 12 rounds complete (did 12 reps for round 13...argh!).

Bridget said...

Did Mondays WOD due to family logistics
What goes down must come up.. or what goes up must come down.. forgot about run route into Steilacoom, WA isn't friendly.. my planned 3-5 mile turned into a solid 6 miler.. mile 4-6 were my best times.. horses smelt the barn.. view was great cloudy light rain but GREAT!
Catchup tomorrow @ JBLM CF wing

Meg Smith said...

Bridget--check out CF Finish First in Oly at exit 111. It's my old box and they are AWESOME!!

Arod said...

i should of taken tiffany's cue and used the small tire. with the big foot tire and scaled cleans to 75 lbs i was three cleans into round 5..

Kurt K said...

I did not have a tire so I did "Hidalgo" in 48:32. Ugh and it almost killed me. Watching the Notre Dame game finished me off.