Dec 26, 2011

122711 TUESDAY

Pre snatch mobility

For Time W/ Equipment

Snatch x 30 (95/55) 
DUs x 100 

W/O Equipment Bear Crawl 

5 rounds for time 

Burpee standing long jump 25 metres*
Bear crawl 25 metres

*do 5 burpees after every 3 standing long jumps


Derek P said...

Is the bubble opening at 0500 tomorrow?

james said...

Open hours: Mon - Fri, 5 a.m. - 9 p.m., Sat & Sun, 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. and 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. on holidays.
Holidays hours: Dec. 24, 8 a.m. - 6 p.m. / Dec. 25, closed / Dec. 26, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

So ..based on that they should be

scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

w/ equip

11:12 as Rx'd

DUs were hard to come by this AM after yesterday's WOD.

Jacob Heppner said...

w/ equip
snatch weight 135#, other than that Rx’d at 7:38.

I’m seriously considering signing up for the Athletes 4 Athletes Crossfit competition at CF Lee’s Summit January 21st if anyone else was on the fence.

Noah said...

9:58. (10 at 95#, the rest at 75#). Coordination on the double unders afterwards was right out the window. Rich "The Double Wunder" Martin however had no trouble at all.

Ed said...

8:56 w/o equipment.

My daughter (almost 2) thought it was pretty funny watching daddy jump and bear crawl outside this morning.

Derek P said...

12 snatch at 95# with ugly form then 18 snatch at 75# with better form. 20 x DU and 60 x SU

james said...

yesterdays WOD at Carlsbad, CA. ran for 30 minutes - not sure how far - then admired the sunrise, pelicans and waves.

Greg M said...

8:17 w/o equipment. Ed, my 2 year old daughter was laughing at me as well. When I came in she wanted me to do some more bear crawls around the house, Daddy did not want too, but I did.

Having a great break so far, hope everyone else is as well.

Nugant - the grumble of a Daddy having to do extra bear crawls with his little princess.

Rich M. said...

7:47- Squats at 75lbs. I could have done 95, but my form sucks, so I stayed at 75...Thanks for the help Noah...
DUs unbroken- my one saving grace.

Brian S said...

7:26 rx w/equipment. Nice to be back at the bubble.

Greg E said...

This is the first I have heard of the Athletes 4 Athletes Crossfit competition.

I am all about signing up.

Chris C. said...

7:00 with equipment

Dan said...

Wish I knew how to upload pic...

11:39 on the south shore in Maui !

Erin Anderson said...

6:37. 55# and 300 not so smooth singles.

Rich, thx for the du tip. One of these days.

Brian S said...

Dan I'm jealous. You should go run Haleakala or surf jaws while you're there.

Matt said...

Thanks IMCF for pushing me today! Who'd have thought I could do 100 DU? I was proud that my first 13 DU went D-S-D-S... unbroken, but by 50 I was doing D-D-D-D... Who'd have thought I could do 75# snatches too? Warming up with Burgener helped to string together the snatch movement. Fired up!

ps. if I could upload a pic I'd proudly show off my cable welts on the back hammy! Thanks Jacob for lending me an Rx Rope.

monroe said...

Did oly workout with Trish then:
6:01 with equipment. DU's were not smooth today. Finished the snatches in under 3:00!
James, that's an awesome run, use to do it every day from Carlsbad to Lucadia along 101. The hardest part was passing Angelo's on the way home, you could smell the onion rings and burgers from a mile out.

Lance said...

Jacob...A4A is a good comp, introduced me to burpee box jumps. Not for sure if I will be able to go this year.

For everyone else, the link for registration is:

At Crossfit United:

3 RFT: 10 CFSPU, 20 S/U
Rest 1 minute
3 RFT: 10 DL (185#), 10 Box Jump (24"), 10 Pull Ups

As Rx'd...3:52

Tiffany said...

9:54 w/equip.

OK, so as I am on #29 snatch with a whopping 35# Erin says to me " why are you doing an overhead squat with your snatch?" Son of a....I wanted to cry. Thanks rich and alex for technique tips.

Scott said...


30 Snatch 65#
300 Single Rope.

Followed up with 30 min on Elliptical

Bridget said...

John plated w/ @ JBLM
8:38 W/E
Snatch scaled #45 need to work on form
300 singles must work on this w/ tomorrow's fun
Worked a few other goats
Red band PU
TTB- 5, 4, 3
Scaled Pistols

Soraya said...
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