Dec 25, 2011

122611 MONDAY

Max distance row or reps in 30 minutes

Run, Row, Swim, Double unders



scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

30 min of DUs is a long time to be jumping rope.

653 with cool new rope from RX. Thanks to to my wife for such an awesome gift.

In one day went from stringing 20-30 DUs to 30-50!

Tiffany said...

946 DU's in 30 min.

I could barely get a few strung together at first and I considered going for a run instead, but I took the music out of my ears and knocked them out. There's something about hearing the rope that keeps my rhythm going.

I was shooting for 100 every 5 minutes, but did a little better. I put markers down on the ground for every 100 so I didn't lose track.

Ed said...

Went for a run this morning. Surprisingly mild at 30 degrees in Wisconsin. 15 min turnaround put me at 4.36 miles in 30 minutes. Not fast, but not bad considering my diet the last few days.

Arod said...

Right under 4 miles this morning.. A bit nippy