Dec 22, 2011

122311 FRIDAY



W/ Equipment
Power Clean x 2 135/65
Front Squat x 3 135/65

W/O Equipment
Pistol x 10 (5 ea leg)
Burpee x 10


Tiffany said...

Erin and I thought it would be fun to celebrate Christmas with some of our favorite goats. If anyone else is up for it, we will be at the bubble Friday morning at 0630.

“Christmas Goats”

1 round - 1 minute of each exercise – No rest in between

Clean and Jerk (95/65)
Box Jumps (24/20)
Wall Climbs
Double Unders
Wall Balls (20/14) 8 ft. target
Handstand Push-Ups
Suicide sprints (half the length of the bubble)

Here is our disclaimer – we are not trainers, we have no idea how to plan a WOD, and this is not the official workout for Friday. We made this up for fun :)

Scott said...

That is a serious workout. Have fun. One min of Wall climbs alone would kill me. :)

Myself, I am going to so AMRAP of hugging my kids this weekend, as I leave GA tommorow to go see them for the weekend.

Merry CrossFitmas to All !!!

james said...

Please note - the numbers for fridays workout have been changed.

At Las Vegas 5 rounds 25 yard lunge walk, run 400, 25 yard broad jump 13.49

Tiffany said...

The bubble doesn't open until 0800 today. Erin and I will be there at 0945 if anyone wants to join us.

james said...

10.26 of rope wrestling today ..otherwise known as annie

Ed said...

5 minutes came up pretty quick.

3 rounds + 7 pistols.

Very slow on the pistols, one of my greatest goats . . .

Arod said...

I wish i was in town to participate in the Tiffany Christmas Goat workout..You and Erin are awesome! Here is my modified Dallas, TX WOD:

-Run 2 Miles from Hotel to a local Park
-WOD w/out weights--4 !/2 rounds (had to use park bench to assist w/pistols)
-3 rounds of:
Air squat X 10
Handstand PU (against a tree) X 5
Dips (on park bench) X 10
Boxjump to top of park table X 5
-Run 2 Miles back to hotel in time for free breakfast

Feliz Navidad everyone!


Dan said...

With equipment, 7 rounds even. That's a tough way to spend 5 minutes...

Nice to have appearances this morning by Margo and Sally. Good times!

Merry Christmas!

jurstaca - I'm gonna drink jurstaca beer this weekend.

Mike said...

I got 11 rounds with very ugly cleans.
After the workout I tried to clean heavy, got 255 but 275 wasn't even close.
Darin did 6 rds, scaled to 45 lbs.

'sansh' I felt like sansh after that workout

Alex E. said...

9 Rounds this morning.

Erin Anderson said...

12 Goats Workout with Tiff.

Clean/press, 65 - 10
Box J - 16
Wall Climbs - 2 but all the way to the wall, thanks for the tip Alex!
Pullups - 14 red band (wish I didn't need it)
Single DU - 49
Dips - blue band - 17
Wall ball 14 - 18
TTB - ?
Hand Stand pu - ? lost time switching bands, only one red band in the gym
Abs - 15
PU - 15 tried to keep tight
Suicides 10M - 10

At one minute each we lost too much time transitioning so we think next time we do 20 of each exercise except wall climbs maybe 5. Arod - we will let you know when we do it again!

Merry Christmas everyone!

Tiffany said...

Clean/press, 65# - 6
Box Jumps - 14
Wall Climbs - 3
Pullups - 5 reg. and 7 red band
DU - 20 and 15 SU
Dips - 20 blue band
Wall balls 14# - 12
TTB - 7 (for real, my toes hit the bar. I used Amy's technique and took my hands off the bar and stood on the box for a second in between)
Hand Stand PU- 6 (blue/red band)
Abs - 22
CSPU - 17
Suicides 10M - 12
Starbucks & Sushi :)

Each workout was more like 45 seconds each because of transition time. Erin blew me out of the water today. I definitely wasn't feeling it and the goats ate my breakfast, lunch and dinner. Time for a break!

Thanks Dan for showing me your beautiful butterflies. That's my next project.

Merry Christmas crossfitters and family!

Matt said...

Help. Having trouble getting the proper rack for FS. My wrist/forearms are rather inflexible, and my shoulders aren't meaty. I usually do FS with my shoulders "internally rotated" to create the shelf, with my thumbs touching the bar, and my other fingers/inner hand touching my cheek. I watched a MWOD last night for clues on fixing the rack. I did the Burgener warmup for the first time today, pre-WOD. Also did some forearm stretching, pre-WOD. Starting the WOD though, I just can't get that good rack with arms parallel, the bar on externally rotated shoulders, supported by index/middle fingers. Any thoughts on training a progression to a good rack. I resorted to doing 6 sets, 3 reps of hang clean @ 115#, then 3 sets, 6 reps of FS with the thumb-supported bar.

Merry Christmas!

Brian S said...

11 rds rx. JBLM has a great crossfit setup.

james said...

Matt http:


Amber said...

Did Helen today. 20 lb KB and had to use that pullup machine at the gym cuz I forgot my band. 13:16.

Meg Smith said...

Matt, if you think you can work towards the mobility, I think that's a great focus. In the interim, you can continue working on weight regardless. Atleast a few of the top men and women at the Games did FS with their arms crossed in front (opposite hand at opposite shoulder, elbows straight out, arms parallel to ground). I'm guessing it helped those who can clean and squat the weight but struggle with a solid rack.

Merry Christmas everyone. Hubby and I did 150 for time as our WOD yesterday to keep us humble. Hope your holidays are great!

Meg Smith said...

Burpees, that is. :-)

james said...

10 rounds - subbed 35lb dumbells