Dec 20, 2011


Tabata this!!

20 seconds work, 10 seconds rest for 8 rounds each of the following exercises


GHD situps
Ring Dips
Box jump (24/20)
Thrusters (95/65)

W/O equipment

weighted lunges (hold something over your head...suitcase, child, surfboard of beer)

Not exactly mobility ...but The Disposable Heroes project is a worthy cause. Get your self a t-shirt.


scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

8x reps incline sit-ups (no GHD)
6x dips (not ring dips)
6x box jumps
4x thrusters @ 75lbs

What I learned today:
1. Tabata anything is HARD!
2. Thruster are harder than they seem
3. Having 24/7 access to the unit gym rocks! (despite not having rowers, rings, KBs, etc.)

james said...

did yesterdays HSPU fest in Zion natl park.

30 HSPU for time 4.12

then 5 sets max reps, 2 minutes rest btw sets: 5,4,4,5,4

Tiffany said...

7 x GHD
5 x ring dips (red band)
7 x box jumps
4 x thrusters @ 65#

For the thrusters I did 3 rounds of 4x, 3 rounds of 3x and 2 rounds of 2x. Good workout! Thanks Rich for telling Erin and I about how tabata's realy work or else we would have been running around silly!

Lance said...

1xRd of Cindy
1xRd of Cindy
1xRd of Cindy...and on like this until completed 10 DLs and a final round of Cindy. As Rx'd with 205# on DL, 13:01.

Noah said...

Tabata thrusters crushed my will to live. Good WOD though.

Ring Dips 4 (with band)
Box Jumps 8
Thrusters (75#) 4

James, please tell me you have a picture of yourself doing a handstand on a rock ledge in Moab or Zion?

Amber said...

Did SU, dips, BJs, thrusters at 45 lbs and then some undetermined lower weight (random bar at gym here). The box and I had a big fight on one of the BJs. The box won and my shin lost big time. Lots of ice in my future. Also, I found a Tabata timer app for my iPhone which was very handy! "Tabata timer" is the name.

Mike said...

Wow - this was tougher than it looked.

GHD - 8
Dips - 6
Box Jumps - 6
Thrusters - 4

Did a 2K Row and worked on DU afterwards

"ingenes" latin for really smart 'That's ingenes!'

Mac said...

Stopped in at Crossfit Boomtown in Rochester, NY for some attitude adjustment, and damn...try this on for size:

12 Days of Crossfit (done like the song...1, 2 then 1, 3 then 2 then 1, etc)
1- 135 lb clean and jerk
2- 70lb kb thruster (one each arm)
3- strict toes to bar (no kip)
4- 70lb KGB swing
5- burpee barbell jumps
6- abmat situps
7- 135 lb dead lifts
8- 30 inch box jumps
9- 70lb kb sdlhps
10- chest to bar pullups
11- air squats
12- wall climbs


Brutal. Check out Crossfit Boomtown if you are in the Rochester area!

Erin Anderson said...

I did the workout but I didn't count.

Thanks to Rich we did it correctly instead of 8 rounds of four exercises.

Sorry Tiff for leading us to the wrong strategy, I'm clearly not a trainer.

Dan said...

Smoker. Not sure on my #s, but seems about right on GHDs and box jumps. Ring dips - which I'm horrible at since learning the movement standard - was more like 3. And thrusters, well, just 2. They were brutal.

No extra credit today.

Scott said...

SU - 13
Dip - 5
Squat - 13
Thruster #75 - 5

Squats were the only ones that stayed the same, all others went down by 1 - 3 reps from the starting set.

Tabata is no joke. I am spent.

Kay said...

7xGHD, 7x dips with legs on a box, 7x box jump, and 4x 53# thrusters. Tabata is definitely not a joke!

Ouch, Amber! Hope your shins heal quickly. Tabata Timer was a definite plus - I had my kids time me, too.

Brian S said...

4hrs is skiing on Whistler. My legs are smoked. Good times.

Jess said...

Made it home to utah...chased my son, nephews and niece around. plan to resume the true wods tomorrow. Looking forward to some slope time too! James, enjoy Moab! I did my first half marathon there last year.

Ed said...

Caught up on this a day late:
SU: 13
DIPS: 14
SQ: 14
Lunge (beer case): 8