Dec 15, 2011

121611 FRIDAY


'Happy holidays'

Four rounds of:

100 foot Walking lunge with 45lb plate held overhead
30 Double unders
20 Wallball shots, 20 pound ball
10 Handstand push-ups


April said...

Can we assume standard female Rx weights are 25lb plate for lunges and 14lb wall balls?

james said...

I think that is a good call April

scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

scaled green-blue band combo for HSPUs and 18lb WB

DUs killed me!

Brian S said...

23:35. Scaled HSPU to 8 per rd and did SU for RSS 3 and 4. Definite smoker today. Are we going to bring back the Friday team wods after the break?

Iron Major CrossFit Coordinator said...

Brian - Mac is programming Jan - get in his ear.

21.06 rxed

I posted the bubble hours yesterday and there is a link to them on the right hand side toolbar.

We will keep posting WODs during the break - each day there will be one WOD to do if you have equipment and another to do if you are one the road.

Meg Smith said...

19:44 Rx, except ROM on HSPU.

What's the IMCF vote on "ROM scaled, no bands" versus "Full ROM, scaled using bands"? My last 2 boxes encouraged minimal use of bands/boxes as soon as you can get more than about 2-3" per HSPU attempt.

Tiffany said...


Scaled HSPU to two black stacked boxes.
14# WB, 25# plate and DU's.

Thanks Soraya and John for the tips on extension during the lunges and Debbie and Meg for the HSPU coaching.

Safe travels to everyone!

Dan said...

Whew! HSPU w/ green and red band. All SU. 23:27

Arod's time:
Scaled rounds 3-4 to red and green band HSPU. Mostly SU w/ a few DU mixed in. 21:56.

chlogg - as in I chlogged through the overhead lunges.

james said...

Meg - I am an advocate of ROM. Lets say you couldn't front squat 500lb - you wouldn't do it with limited ROM - you would scale the load. That said, I think you should do what you can at full load and ROM before scaling. So do the 2 - 3 HPSU you have and then go to the bands.

Does that make sense?

Michet - what drunk people call midgets

Alex E. said...

18:28. Blue/Red Band for Rds 1-2 and Green/Red Band for Rds 3-4. All single unders. Hopefully Santa will put double unders in my stocking.

Mac said...

17:45, using the blue and red band combo for hspu's.

About the ROM vs no-bands discussion, I am a solid believer in executing full ROM, using bands to the minimal extent necessary to make that happen. If you don't move your joints through the full ROM you aren't getting the full benefit of, and won't increase your work capacity in, that movement. Doing a half-assed hspu where you barely bend your arms is like doing an air squat where you don't even get to parallel...doesn't get to our desired endstate.

ougains - gains made through pain

Soraya said...

18:40. 25# plate, 14# WBs, SUs, and stacked black mat HSPUs. I had no mojo this morning, so I will rest and drink for the rest of the weekend until it comes back to me.

Merry Christmas and I hope everyone has a great break.

Ed said...


Agree with the ROM goal on HSPU, I should have gone with bands after round 1 and the first few in later rounds. I didn't and ROM suffered.

DU happened this morning again, able to get 10-15 (hit 20 once) and still retained the welts for poor execution.

Rich M. said...

FYI- IMCF's very own Kay Wakatake received a very big honor as a top lawyer! Check out the article!

Congrats Kay!!

Matt said...

First off, CONGRATULATIONS KAY! That is awesome!

As for "ROM scaled, no bands" versus "Full ROM, scaled using bands", I am not sure if there is one right answer. I know that some say that the full ROM is the only option. However, what if we were to apply this logic to another exercise, such as the squat? For instance, we have an elderly individual who is unable to achieve the full range of motion while executing a squat. Should I tell this individual to never squat or should I tell the individual to squat as deep as possible until they are able to achieve the flexibility/strength to go slightly below parallel. I think that the same applies with the HSPU.

Although the use of an abmat is technically scaling a HSPU, some use it for the purpose of safety. I know that it helps to have it under your head when your arms give out on your fourth round of ten HSPUs. After all, “…safety, efficacy, and efficiency, the three most important and interdependent facets of any fitness program…” Some like the use of an abmat to put their head on while at the bottom of the ROM before kipping back to the top of the ROM.

Either way, if you are really going for full ROM, HSPU should probably be done from parallettes.

No matter what you decide, I found an interesting video on the CrossFit Kids website demoing handstand pushup progressions.

james said...

Kay !!! you rock. And just think you have another 13 years competing in the under 40 category!!

monroe said...

28:32 Whew! Been a while since I did a metcon. Should've scaled. Paused for more than three breaths more than a few times. Drew inspiration from watching John. He did thrusters and handstand walks as subs!
Congrats Kay!
Happy Holidays everyone.

Erin Anderson said...

Congrats Kay. Very nice article, it's interesting to read about your career. Are you leaving this Dec? I appreciate all of your tips & encouragement at the bubble!

18:07. Scaled HSPU to box. Hard to get started this morning.

Julie said...

So proud of you Kay!! You are amazing and I loved the article! WAY TO GO!!! I will miss you...will I see you before you go? If not, good luck and nothing but best wishes!!!

Bridget said...

Late! Traveled to Cozumel..
21:42 had some logistic issues as well as not double checking how far 100 feet is in the bubble.. sooo
SU-- tired and had plane to catch
Some tips from the God father on my descending w/ ball
HS w/ blue bands
Great workout...
Happy Holidays!
Anyone in JBLM AO 23 DEC- 3 JAN hit me up here I will be playing in the gym there, until then I am playing in the H2O in Cozumel! CHUSE!