Dec 13, 2011


Mobility  work:

Skill work: More Double Unders - spend another 5 mins working on Double Unders. Try to link as many together as you can, then post your best to comments.


3 rounds for Time:

30 Kettle Bell Swings (53lb/36lbs)
30 Box Jump Burpees
30 TTB - scale as necessary. KTE/KT Armpits/Knees to high as you can.

Work on full range of motion for all three exercises.

Burpee Box Jump Example:


Dan said...

In case you share my curiosity of movement standards for these exercises during the CF Games, they follow.

Kettlebell swing:
At the top of the swing, the kettlebell must be fully inverted (bell over the handle), centered over the feet with the hips and knees fully extended and the arms straight. At the bottom, the wrists must touch the thighs and the bell must pass behind the heels. There is no requirement for flexing the knees.

There will be two 45lb competition plates stacked together. Athletes will face the plates. The bottom of the burpee has the athlete face down with the chest and thighs touching the ground. There is no requirement for how they stand up. The athlete must then jump from two feet and land on top of the plates with two feet (the entire foot on the plates is recommended but not required). The top of the movement is the athlete standing on plates with the hips and knees fully open. Reaching full extension only in the air is not permitted. This is the same as the top of the box jump in Workout 3.

The athlete must go from a full hang to having the toes touch the pull-up bar. The arms and hips must be fully extended at the bottom and the feet must be brought back to behind the bar, not out front. Both feet must touch the bar together at some point. The arms can be bent or straight.

misha - Dutch for OCD.

james said...

Golly...I did some box jump burpees the other day - this is going to be epic.

Mac said...

90 TTB...yes, epic describes that.

Greg M said...

This is my last workout in the bubble before Christmas, so I thought I would make it enjoyable. :)

Meg Smith said...

Are we stacking weights to jump on, or using the boxes?

Anyone interested in doing the Whole 30 Challenge--on Facebook, search for "Fort Leavenworth Whole 30 Challenge." It should pull up a page that you can request to join. There's nothing there yet, but I'll start adding info soon.

Greg M said...


April said...

epic = this WOD
enjoyable = the rest of us slapping you silly for it

Don't get it confused.

scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:


Subbed 55lb DB for KB (no KBs)
TTB = TT something (somewhere between TTB and KTArmpits)

Box Jump Burpees suck. Definitely could have used some group motivation on this workout.

You all enjoy!

Greg M said...

24:18, Great WOD!!! These kind of WODs are my favorite.

I linked 10 together this morning, slowing getting better at Double Unders.

The family an I are off to Disney World for 8 days, so have a Merry Christmas everyone!!

Meg Smith said...

30:12 Rx.

Faced the challenge of intensity--burpee box jumps suck, and so I found myself resting between sets of 10. But at the same time, it was intense by volume. Great workout. Have a great time, Greg and fam!

oudent (OW! DEnt)--what happens if you miss a box get an oudent on your shin.

Iron Major CrossFit Coordinator said...

thanks for the encouragement IMCF Hohenfels !!

26.08 rxed

Tiffany said...

24:15 (nice time Greg)

Scaled to 20# KB and KT-up-in-the-air :) Thanks James for the squat lesson!

I did 33 DUs on my first try and after that it was between 15-20. I finally found the rhythm.

"doweeb" - how I feel after not taping my hands today. I will help fix the bars.

Erin Anderson said...

33:24. 35# KB, scaled half of the TTB to knee ups but was very happy about getting toes to touch the bar on a dozenish. I think the TTB are partly a mental thing for me. Unlike Greg who enjoys them. Have a good holiday & thank you for all of your coaching at the bubble!

I was impressed by all the effort at the gym today!

Dan said...

Only managed 6 consecutive DUs, but they're getting sexier.

When it came time to pick a KB, there 5s and 70s, so 70 it was. Failure to manage time and an annoying 0730 class resulted in considerable scaling IOT make class. It went like this:
Round 1:
20 KBS @ 70#
30 BBJ
30 TTB
Rounds 2-3:
15 of each


skisk - the sound Alex makes when I have early class

Mac said...

23:03, with 55 lb KBs and scaled the TTB to KTE. Awesome WOD.
Have a great time, Greg. And I'll be dissapointed if I don't see pictures of mickey doing burpees when you get back!

Humpt - the sound your body makes when smacking the ground after the 80th burpee.

Roger W. said...

Did someone find my soul and spirit? I dropped it sometime during round two.

Ed said...


Full TTB for round one, then KTE by IMCF games standard for the rest. Slow point was definitely box jump burpees, very hard to maintain speed on those.

First time trying out the gymnastics-style taping on the hands - worked out well (read: no new ripped callouses), but a little too tight so they made burpees painful on the wrists for the first round.

Alex E. said...

29:49 as RXd. I agree that the burps where definitely the roughest spot in this WOD. Being up sine 3am helping my sick 5 year old definitely added to the constanly varied portion this morning.

Have fun Greg!

Ross said...

30:54, smoked.. Used full 53lbs KB, 24 in box and TTB...

Jeff B said...

22:52. Scaled KB to 36lb, KTE. This one sucked big!

Derek P said...

35# KB, 50ish TTB then struggled to get toes above the waist. This was brutal, thanks Greg!

Amy said...

20:15 Rx'd

Amber said...

Greg- Was this workout a revenge to Clauswitz's revenge?

31 something. Can't remember. The box jump burpees used up energy and brain cells too apparently. :)

Soraya said...

Finally getting the DU thing down. Strung 5-6 together multiple times today.

The workout was brutal...25:38 with a 20# kb. Did 4 K2E, but the rest were knees as high as possible above waist.

Question- does anyone know how we can order kettlebell weights that are somewhere in between 20 and 35 lbs.? I'm sure there are other weights jumps like this also. I will be more than happy to work on it, just not sure what the official process is.

rapard - what I felt like when I smacked my right shin into the wooden box and shouted out loud

John T. said...

Strung together 17 DUs. My form needs a lot of work so hoping to improve on that.

Scaled to 35# KB. I did 15 TTB and then went KTE.

Grip is still an issue for me on all of the bar work exercises like pull-ups, TTB and so forth. I'm using tape, but does anyone have suggestions?

Bridget said...

21:42.. but likely need to add 10-12 seconds, Elizabeth stopped me to comment on the evening a@@kicking I was in the mist of.

KBS: started w/ 35 lb 1.5(45) rounds finished the last 1.5 w/ the 20 (45) agree w/ Soraya we need some 25-30's KB's
30 x 3: 20" BJB slow & almost ate it on the box in the 3rd round.. and almost lost my lunch.. then too..
30 x 3: TTB- Scaled Knees to waist

Once I could breath finished w/:
6 min: SU & some DU about every other or so..
2 x 10 Red band PU
3 TTB getting the kipping thing slowly
Thank you Meg & Elizabeth!

Meg Smith said...
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Meg Smith said...

Soraya and Bridget, when we put in our last budget expenditure "wish list" we included 25 &30# KB (or somewhere around those weights). Hopefully we'll hear about it soon. :) In the interim, an option to scale if you can't get the right weight for a two handed swing would be using the 15# for one armed swings and split up the reps.

Amy said...

John T,
For me, I use chalk on my hands and a taped bar (always) in order to have a good grip on the bar. The combination of sweaty hands and a metal bar do not mix, no matter how strong you are.

Also, I personally do not think that tape on your hands does a whole lot. Daily callus maintenance will help prevent ripping on your hands.

For both toes to bars and pullups I attempt to keep my hand in a static position on the bar, even as I am kipping. Once your arms get tired, your grip loosens and you get more friction, which can cause ripping and slipping.

Hope this helps a little.

james said...

John - I don't tape or chalk but like Amy I don't move my hand when it's on the bar - my thumb is on top of the bar which kind of locks it down - any movement required comes out of my wrist.

Jess said...

Ugh! So total time for me was 32:55. Burpee box jumps killed me!

John T. said...

Thanks all. I monkey grip now on a taped bar with tape on my hands. I think my issue is I still let my hands move during the kip. I'll try all your comment. Amy, Soraya has been wanting me to do callous maintenance since we started. Something about not liking it when I snag her clothes when I hug her....