Dec 14, 2011


Mobility: Spend 10 minutes playing around with your squat position, understand the connections between foot position, knees out and joint stability.

Skill: Attempt 50 handstands. Either freestanding or hand stand holds against the wall.

Run/row/double under or swim at "I hate myself" pace:

9 rounds for time:
1 minute on
1 minute off

Post distance or reps to comments.


Noah said...

Have you ever noted the little icon that registers the number of visitors to the IMCF page? I started paying attention to it about two months ago and was initially amazed at how fast the number climbs. Granted, the IMCF Games generated record numbers for posts (and hence views). But today it was at 214,226 and it was not too long ago that it was at 200k. I attribute half of these page views to Dave H and Greg M but the numbers are still impressive. Can there be a contest to see who can be the 250,000th visitor? It would require a screen capture I guess, but maybe the 'winner' gets a an erg rower or one of AF Steve's headbands.

Ed said...

Good WOD this morning. I chose double unders, my favorite goat. I got better as the rounds progressed. The way I 're-learned' on the Rx rope was to go back to how I originally started DU, which was putting a single in between each double. For whatever reason, two rounds of that got me combining about 10 DU (with the requisite singles) in a row. For the later rounds, I worked stringing DU and got up to a max of 16. I also have lots of welts from missing - "tactile cues" for poor technique should be advertised for these ropes.

Great to see Jacob H. back in the bubble this morning on his winter break!

Handstand work went pretty well, able to hold free-standing for a max of 20 seconds or so after using the wall initially to stabilize. Most attempts were in the 5-10 second range.

Lance said...

For anyone interested in competing in January:

Brian S said...

Did the row cause it was cooooold out this morning. 2,640 meters on my fake lake in my fake boat. Anyone know if the hours for the bubble will be significantly different over the break (other than xmas etc) or will it be standard hours?

Ross said...

Hand stand went amazingly well, I was a little tired after 50 of them but was able to work in about 5 free standing for about 5 sec..

Row this morning for 2617meters...

Scott said...

Making up the WOD from yesterday.

24:31. DB swings $45#; Bench jump burpees; KTA

Forearms are burning.

james said...

Harney Holidays hours: Dec. 24, 8 a.m. - 6 p.m. / Dec. 25, closed / Dec. 26, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

315-325 DU's

I counted to 320, but may have double counted or counted missed reps.

Tiffany said...

I did DU's as Rx'd with the following total #'s per 1 min. round:

1. 63
2. 58 (46 consecutively)- PR
3. 49
4. 60 (43)
5. 54 (33)
6. 60
7. 55
8. 64
9. 58
TOTAL = 521

I am having a hard time believing this myself, but I have Erin as a witness! DU's started "clicking" for me this week. :) yay.

Did 10 handstands against the wall to warm up and then did 50 freestanding ones. I had about 10-15 that were between a 5-10 second hold.

james said...

Tiffany - how much red wine and almond butter have you had this week? or is it the Funyun's?

uppedmas = the result of too many Funyun's

Rich M. said...

I chose the row this morning....2700m total distance. It was good to be back in the bubble!

Tiffany said...

James - The secret is as follows: Add "Amy James" as a friend on facebook and you will magically reveal powers beyond measure.

May the Force be with you...


james said...

I think you might have just crashed her facebook account due to overfriending ...

Soraya said...

This was a great swim workout. Since I got about 65m distance in 1 minute the first time, I just rounded it to 75m each time as fast as possible with the 1 min rest in between. Total 675m.

Amy said...

9 rounds of DUs - didn't write down score but hit between 70-74 for 8 rounds and 69 for 9th round (640 ish total). Got a delayed start on my 9th round when I witnessed a few near neck breaking handstands near me.

1 x freestanding handstand @ 60 seconds

Nice work Tiffany!

John T. said...

Swam and did the same thing as Soraya. Swimming isn't my favorite so it was a smoker.

Bridget said...

I hated myself outside on the track.. it was VERY chilly..
1 x .14
6 x .15
3 x .16
Total: 1.86 mile
Played in the bubble 60 hand stands
Worked on DU's.. still getting about 1 SU then 1 DU etc.

james said...

Nice work Bridget