Dec 12, 2011

121311 TUESDAY


Skill Work: Work 10 minutes on DL form, then have a Level 1 trainer certify your movement before you begin the WOD. Concentrate on the Pumpkin movement from yesterday, and properly load yourself before each rep.


7 Min AMRAP:

2 x Deadlifts at (315lbs/195lbs)
2 x Muscle Ups (scale as needed)
      Dips and Pull-ups are 3/1
      Progressions are 2/1

Push yourself here, but don't let your ego get in the way. Scale as needed.


scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

3rds + 1x DL

Scaled DL to 245
Scaled MUs with green band on pull-up bar (2:1 progression)

MU #4 on round 3 was my undoing!

Ed said...

5 rounds + 2DL and 1 MU

DL @315, MU as Rx

All were singles, probably should have back off to 295 or 275 on the DL as I was losing form towards the end.

The second hip mobility drill in the video is very effective, the first one was simply hard to get into without falling over.

Iron Major CrossFit Coordinator said...

Concur with Ed about the mobility drill - its a revolution

8 rounds rxed

Soraya said...

5 rounds plus 2 DLs.
Scaled DL to110 and subbed 3:1 PU and dips.
Feeling stronger each time on DLs.

Mac said...

6 rds, as Rx'd. MU's were definitely the limiting factor. Really need to clean up my technique.

Brian S said...

4 rds +2 DL.

Scaled DL to 255 lbs.
Did MU on first two rounds. On last two rounds I did progressions.

Ross said...

6 rds, and 1 DL. Used 315, scaled the MUs to pullups and ring dips...

Lance said...

As Rx'd...5 plus DLs.

Tiffany said...

Somewhere between 4 and 5 rounds
Scaled DL to 105#
Scaled 3:1 PU (no bands) and Dips (purple band - had the thickness of the rubber band around my newspaper...dang)

Note to self: Set timer to 7 min. instead of 7 hrs next time.

Erin Anderson said...

Almost 6 rounds, very scaled. Red band pu, dips red band ring and feet on box. (trying the rings or I will never get a MU, need significant strength increases first) 135 DL, no trainer certification as I slept in.

Mac, thanks for the tips you posted on DUs.

I have extra time in Jan & Feb to help with the bars.

Adam "Big Helper" Latham said...

Scaled the muscle ups to transitions (2:1), the deadlift stayed at 315. Did 7 rounds.

Jess said...

8 + 2 DL
DL@ 145#
scaled MU FOR 3:1 dip/pu
Personal best on DL...previous max rep weight was 135#

Dan said...

Scaled DL to 265#. Managed one "muscle up", then went to jumping MUs as a progression (2:1). Lost some time looking for a second MU. And the MU I got was in quotes b/c I have a new found respect for movement standards after the games. Not sure I've ever gotten a muscle up starting at full extension.

All that said, 4 rounds + 1DL.

ingir - the feeling you get when you can't quite get there on a MU in the middle of a workout.

Scott said...

7 rounds with 8 seconds to spare.

Scaled DL to 225
No rings so I did 6 Pull Ups and 6 Dips

Good WOD

Bridget said...

Elizabeth LV1 DL LTC Mac helped me w/ the scaling
DL @ 165
PU & Ring dips w/ blue band on both (squirrely to the least)
6 x 2 rounds of progressions from ground

Added excitement to our workout w/ DL @ one end of the gym and running to the other side for the PU & Dips... Evening PT decided they didn't like the rain, Soldiers melt when wet.. kidding!