Dec 8, 2011

120912 FRIDAY

The bubble will be closed tomorrow between 1615 and 1715 for setup.

'Clausewitz's revenge'

For time as a two person team:
Run a distance between 100 and 2000 metres
Pullups (pick a number between 1 and 100)
Air squats (pick a number between 1 and 100)
Burpees (pick a number between 1 and 100)
Box jumps (pick a number between 1 and 100)
Push Press (pick a number between 1 and 100 and a corresponding weight)
Medicine Ball clean (pick a number between 1 and 100 and a corresponding weight)

1. If you are doing this in the morning then you get to decide the scale and intensity of the WOD. If you are doing the WOD as part of the IronMajor CrossFit games tonight then you can anticipate that fear, chaos and uncertainty will play a much more significant role.

2. Team members may share the reps but only one person can work out at a time. The person not working out can rest, beat themselves with a wet bootlace, stretch or do burpees for all we care.

3. The minimum reps for any team member on any exercise is 10. That is to say one person can't do it all.

4.  Movement standards are below.

5. If you are competing in the Ironmajor Crossfit games tonight then please be warmed up and ready to go by 1730.

6. Timeline:

1615 - Bubble closes
1715 - Bubble opens
1730 - brief
1740 - 1800 Heat 1
1805 - 1825 Heat 2
1830 - Trophy presentation and food
1915 - 1930 clean up

7. We will need 10 level 1 coaches from heat 2 to assess heat 1 and vice a versa. Lanes, heats and coaches will be announced at the brief. You will not need to decide how to scale - we will do that for you.

8. Please post, like Julie did, if you need to be in a particular heat for some reason.

9.  People, who know who they are, are bringing beer and pizza. If you are not one of those people then bring money to give to them ($5 -10).

10. Good luck. Questions to comments.


Debbie said...

Just to there childcare and if so what time is it available? Thanks

Amy said...

James, if there is not childcare, I would prefer if Matt J and I are in different heats. Thanks!

April said...

Do you want beer early or when I show up?

Greg M said...

Trying to decide if I should eat 1 or 2 tubs of Almond Butter tonight? That stuff really works!! I am all out of Red wine though, I am substituting Boone's Farm, Strawberry Fields, hopefully this works better.

Tiffany said...

I like your strategy Greg...classy. Team Get'er Done is going to be in rare form tomorrow as I am taking in some lovely fruity martinis to keep up with your Boone's.

Dan said...

Beer... Hmmm. Is it too late to add an event for tomorrow night? I think we've found something I'm legitately good at...

Julie said...

If there is not childcare available, then can someone please help me with my two little ones? Rich is out of town and we will be coming straight from ballet class. Just keeping a watchful eye will help me. Thanks a ton!

Tiffany said...

Sure thing Julie! I can watch your kiddos if we are in different heats.

John T. said...

Soraya and I can watch children also so long as we are not in your heat. Of course we can split which heat we are in if required. Be forewarned I will bring a 5lb bag of pixie sticks and show your children how to use them as a straw to drink Jolt cola. It will be fun.

Alex E. said...

Anyone with bands needs to bring them tomorrow. Just to clarify we mean red, blue, or green assistance bands not your garage grunge band...

Childcare concerners - we will check with Meg or force her to post for screwing up the games computer

April - bring beer when you show up, James and I need something to do.

illsizin - How karin and susi were ill-sized for their minivan.

Amy said...

Boone's and almond butter don't mix. I recommend pairing Boone's with something like Funyuns.

Greg M said...

OK, Funyuns, I am on it!!! Extra large bag of course! :)

james said...

What the hell are Funyuns?

Meg Smith said...

Childcare IS being provided during the workout by 2 employees of the chapel's childcare program. The team will arrive in the upstairs racquetball courts at approximately 1700. They anticipate staying until 1830, under my assumption that kids would be picked up and brought to the bubble for chow. Please bring a toy or two to share. No food is allowed in the rooms. Also pre-potty your kids. (Is that a word?)

The morning group usually pays $3 per child. Please be discreet about handling money in Harney, as someone at Gruber complained about the paid childcare available during CF.

Questions or concerns? Let me know!

Greg M said...

FUNYUNS Onion Flavored Rings are a deliciously different snack that is fun to eat. These playful rings have a crisp texture and are packed full of zesty onion flavor. Next time you're in the mood for a snack that's out of the ordinary, try FUNYUNS Onion Flavored Rings.

Greg M said...

They are not on the Paleo diet, this is a truly american treat!!

They go great with Boone's Farm>

james said...

So bring some tmw Greg M.

As well - you are now Rhett therefore you own the music for tmw, please refresh your playlist Sir. Everyone else can post music requests to comments.

Mine: Cypress Hill - Trouble

Alex E. said...

I am sure discreetly passing money in Harney will lead to NO problems tomorrow...

Greg M said...

Playlist is currently building..... anyone else?

Susi S said...

RATM - Renegades of Funk

scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

Did the WOD as an Army of One. My "team" scaled to ~80% of the max; shouldered my share of the task and then some. Of course, the fog of war set in and the order was messed up.

37:11 as follows:

1600m run
46x pullups
46x squats
46x box jumps
46x push-press @ 95lbs
46x burpees
46x med ball cleans (18lb)

Good luck to all contestants tonight. This was fun!

Wade said...

Alex/James - If you could put michelle S and me in the first heat, that'd be great.


Ed said...

Fairly quiet in the bubble this morning. Lance and Arod were rocking the full 100 when I got in. As a team of one, I went with 50 per exercise.


400m Run
50x Pullup
50x Air Squat
50x Burpee
50x Box Jump
50x Push-Press @ 75 lb from rack
50x MB Clean @ 20 lb

Side note, I got the IMCF promo-business cards in last night. I put about 50 or so in a holder in the bubble. I have another 450 ready for PAIR days and other IMCF events. If anyone has suggestions to update the design, the next 500 will cost about $10.

Lance said...

Arod and I decided to not allow chance or uncertainty to affect our WOD and therefore executed all exercises with 100 reps. We ran 1600m. As for the PP, we did 95/65, although I have learned that that may have been a tad light. Primordial hatred and enmity were with us on the Burpees and as for rational thought...there is really nothing rational about this. At the end of the day...30:02.

monroe said...

Muse, Super Massive Black Hole; Beasties, Sabotage.

Kay said...

I think Rich wants some Justin Beiber.

Ben said...

What is the situation for those of us not participating in the games? Will the bubble still be open for us to get our WOD in during the 1700-1830 time frame? Being permanent party and that the bubble is closed on the weekends, this will be the last opportunity to get my last WOD in for the week and I hate going to Gruber. Thanks!

james said...

The bubble will be closed tomorrow for general use between 1615 and 1900 the IMCF games.

There are two options to circumvent this:

1 - if you are warmed up and ready to go by 1730 we can include you as a participant in the final games workout.

2 - the bubble will be closed for setup from 1615 to 1715 - you can workout at this time but we will be moving stuff around that may interfere with you.



Jess said...

Add in some Powerman 5000- When Worlds Collide, Supernova, Super Villain, Show Me What you Got; Rob ZOmbie- Dragula, Superbeast, Never Gonna Stop; Ozzy Osbourne- Crazy Train

Julie said...


Lillian and Lydia would LOVE Justin tonight! HA!!!