Dec 7, 2011

120812 Thursday

Games WOD # 2

For time

Run 800


13 12 11......3 2 1 Reps of

Something to Something (TTB/K2E/KAH) @ minivan
Wallball @ mini van


run 400

If you are part of the IMCF games then this is the second scoring WOD. You don't need to do this WOD with your partner - but both your individual scores count towards your team score. The following applies to your conduct of this WOD.

1. You must have a L1 trainer judge you against the following movement standards:

2.  The start/finish for the runs is an East west line across the carpark from the entrance to the bubble that will be marked by a cone tomorrow.

3. You scale this WOD depending on what type of minivan you are(see note).Scaling up is permitted but no bonus points will be awarded.

Run 800m
Run 800m
Run 800m
Run 800m
13 ...1 Reps
M – 20lb WB @ 10’ Line
F – 14lb WB @ 10’ Line
13....1 Reps
M – 20lb WB @ 9’ Line
F – 14lb WB @ 8’ Line
13....1 Reps
M – 14lb WB @ 10’ Line
F – 10lin WB @ 10’ Line
13....1 Reps
M – 14lb WB @ 9’ Line
F – 10lb WB @ 8’ Line
M/F – 13.....1 x TTB
M/F – 13....1 x K2E
M/F 13...1 x K2E
M/F – 13....1 x Knees above hips
Run 400m
Run 400m
Run 400m
Run 400m

3. Please post your time and name of your judge to comments. Note: Trainers, we tried hard with the scaling, but it might not be perfect. Please intervene and make adjustments if this scaling is stopping this being fun for someone. Judges do not need to run with athletes ...they just have to trust them.


Julie said...

See you early James! Looks like fun! :)

Greg M said...

Looks like it is time for Get'er done to move on up!! Tomorrow is our day Tiffany!!

Iron Major CrossFit Coordinator said...

Zoran - I spied your CrossFit Skopje IMCF games WOD video. Nice work. Between Hohenfels and Skopje we have the international scene covered!!

LRH said...

Did Cindy today with 2 classmates in SG17B. 13 and change.

Erin Anderson said...

Hi, will any level 1 trainers be available to judge anytime between 5-6 at the bubble tomorrow?

james said...

of course Erin - I guess I will be done with Julie around 0530.

Meg Smith said...

I plan to be in around 5:40, so I can judge will stretching, etc. Would appreciate the chance to get judged between 6-6:15.

nonif: "It's not nonif Alex and James realized it's winter in KS."

Iron Major CrossFit Coordinator said...

Hi Meg,
Susi here. Did you get my email about judging Karin and myself tomorrow? The first one bounced back.

Amber said...

Had some almond butter tonight in hopes that I'll perform like Amy tomorrow. ;)

Amy said...

Don't forget the red wine Amber. It's important.

Thanks for the compliment!

Erin Anderson said...

James, hi, I am not communicating well, I neglected the pm part. So please work with someone else after Julie! Thank you James!

Debbie said...

I'll be able to judge in the AM until 0645ish

blersed- my hands after 91 TTB!

Greg M said...

I just downed 2 bottles of red wine and a huge tube of almond butter, I sure hope this works!!

Amy said...

That's the spirit Greg. Go get em!

Meg Smith said...

I'm glad I'm not on Greg's team!

Susi, I did, and emailed back. I'm sure we can figure something out, whether it's me at noon or another L1. Just let me know!

gronnowe: I'll groan later when I'm pushing through the WOD, but reading it makes me gronnowe.

Tiffany said...

Greg! My dear partner...we need to have some words tomorrow...

"Creda" - the tub of almond butter inhibiting flawless execution of gregs k2e.

scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

19:13 @ Sienna

scaled WB to 18lb and 10ft target (all we have is 18lb ball!)

Julie said...

James judged me at 17:23.

See you all tomorrow! Alex and James, please place me in second heat. I will be coming straight from my daughter's ballet class that finishes at 530pm (I might pull her a little early) and I will be ready to go. Thanks!

Derek P said...

25:16, Sedona. Not for the games but fun anyways.

Adam "Big Helper" Latham said...

26:34 Sedona. Ed was my judge. That was a tough go.

Roger W. said...

16:20 per Sienna
Graded by Alex.

Well done Bridget.

Arod said...

22:46 Sedona

graded by Dan

Bridget said...

Quest 20:10.71
LV1 Kay

Thank you Roger.. Team R & B s doing alright...
slow & steady, giddy up! ; )

John T. said...

That was a painful 20:50 @SEDONA. Thank goodness for the running part so I didn't have to feel too horrible about the workout.

L1 Soraya

Greg M said...

I think the wine and the almond butter paid off.

16:55 (Sienna)

Meg was my grader

Good work this morning Tiffany!!

Ed said...

19:09 @ Sienna

Not for the games, so no grader. Nice brisk morning in the bubble today!

Tiffany said...

18:49 sedona.

Great job Greg! Way to keep Team Get'er Done in the running :)

LV1 Brian S.

james said...

I smeared almond butter on my hamstrings this morning. It didn't help.

17.16 Odyssey

james said...

Can everyone please post results as early as they can so we feed the games computer - it gets very slowwwww late at night

Soraya said...

21:13 Sedona.

My K2E were way more knees above hips the later on it went....

L1 John

Lance said...

20:11 for Odyssey. Brian S was my CFL 1.

Arod and I will be doing the team WOD tomorrow morning...any CFL 1s interested in grading?

Jimmy S. said...

I'll be in the bubble after class- around 1700- and will need a lvl 1 grader if anybody is available. I'll be there until about 1800 if any else needs a grader.

james said...

Lance - the team WOD for Friday morning won't be an exact replica of Friday night when Carl Von Clausewitz is the guest of honor.

Debbie said...

22:44 Sienna

LV 1 April

Chris C. said...

18:43 (odyssey) with compensation for my inability to follow instructions.

James was my grader. Thanks again!

If I had only known about the almond butter and wine last night.........

Greg M said...

Lance, I will be in to do some Mobobilty work, so I can grade you.

Mac said...

18:09, Odyssey as Rx'd, James observed me (thanks for keeping me honest!).

So, almighty games scheduler, every muscle in my body now screams in protest whenever I stand up...what more can you do to me?

"mizin" - as in "where is your mojo after this morning's wod?"
"It's mizin".

Jeff B said...

21:58@ Sedona. Ed graded.

Amber said...

19:05 Quest. Should have added red wine to my almond butter yesterday. ;)

rhytzqfp: "that's rhytz. My "q"uads are "f"eeling "p"ain."

Erin Anderson said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Dan said...

Alex graded me.

Erin Anderson said...

23:31 or 23:51. Scaled KTE to KTwaist at round 4 because it wasn't going well. Dan observed. Thank you for your encouragement!

Jess said...

Will there be a CFL 1 in the bubble around lunch time today to grade? I am looking to be in there right around 1130-1145 today

Brian S said...

Lance can you confirm my time? Was it 17:37 or 17:57 my mind was mush at the end of this. Workout was Sienna. I'm still waiting for bear crawls to make an appearance.

Wade said...

18:34 Odyssey RX

Wade said...

Forgot to say that Matt James graded me.

Lance said...

@Brian S...17:37.

April said...

21:07 @ Sienna

LV1 Jeff

abiestr: The oxygen-deprived version of "a bastard". Exactly what I was whispering in Alex's direction this morning.

Lance said...

James: I going to miss the great CvC? I was hoping to get him to autograph my copy of On War. Is he going to proctor Grant and Sherman's discussion?

Greg E said...

17:14 per Sienna
Graded by Alex.

Jess.. I can be in the gym to grade you over lunch. We can come up with a team name for tomorrow during warmup!

Jess said...

Sounds good Greg! See you soon!

Meg Smith said...

For me--23:07, mostly Sedona, but I did some Sienna WB, then some T2B when my Sedona WB was only meeting the 9ish ft line. And I like to mess with the computer. Greg was my L1 motivator...thanks for the yelling. :-)

My group:
Yolanda Z 18:56
Michelle W 19:41
Michele S 21:29
Jill 20:30
Jacque 18:57 (1000m/500m row)

Stacy 20:33

Brian S said...

Alex, 17:37 Sienna, LV1 was Lance. Still waiting to see bear crawls....just saying...

Susi S said...


LV1 Kay

Thank you Kay, I appreciated the encouragement because I certainly needed it this morning.

Way to go Karin, you totally crushed it!!

dicarki - afrikaans for a no-rep wall ball (sorry Karin - I should have shown you what it was like against a wall as opposed to the verandah)

Karin said...

12:16 @ Quest

Kay was the judge, thanks again!!

Don't worry Susi, not your fault I didn't figure out that you actually have to touch the wall in wall balls.

james said...

Whoa - the computer will NOT like the last two quest results. Karin and Susi I have feeling you will be driving Sedona's on Friday.

Lance - not the Prussian himself ...more like his spirit

caliz - pronounced Clausewitz

Alex E. said...

17:02 Sienna this morning. James and I are currently completing our protective custody applications.

dings - what everyone has right now.

Greg M said...

Susi, are you eating Almond butter as well?

Susi S said...

Greg, I didn't know about the almond butter till I read today's blog but I have been trying to drink at least 2 glasses of water a day (even on the days I'm not working out) and I think it is making a difference. That Kelly guy is on to something - hydration is my new thing!

Greg E said...

One of the gym employees approached while I was in the bubble over lunch concerning 2 points.
1) a large number of bands have come but the staff is resistant to putting them out until they know that someone specificity didn't order them. The staff at Harney ask that someone come online if you are the owner of a new box of blue, green, and red bands that were delivered to post.
2) Harney staff asked that everyone keep an eye out for a abmat thieves. Currently only 7 of 30 have been inventoried by Harney staff.

Jess said...

Wow, I am smoked now! WOD complete in 16:37, CFL 1 judge was Greg E.

We will now be known as Team Crossover :)

Jess said...

My "van" is the mighty Quest

Greg M said...

Greg E - thanks I will talk to the staff. The ABMATs have been at that count for about 6-8 months now. So I think the thieves are long gone. There has been less stealing since they are manning the desk better the last few months.

Thanks for the info.

Greg M

Greg M said...


Update on the heater in the bubble. They are aware of it and have had a repairmen look at it. They have determined that it needs parts, but they do not have an estimation of how long it will take to get the parts or to repair it.

Short answer is: Could be a while, so bundle up when you come in until further notice.



james said...

Greg M - I think if temp stays like it was this morning its okay. It will keep the beer colder for Friday.
Which reminds me - we haven't tasked anyone to bring Almond butter and red wine, Amy?

Alex E. said...

The games machine is glowing right now. I think it with the spirit of CvC is working to upgrade on certain minivans.

Greg M said...

Cold Almond Butter and Beer, that is a great combo!

Greg M said...

I am looking to downgrade on my trade-in, is that possible?

james said...

I doubt you would find a buyer...

Noah said...

19:40 for Sedona but with 20# of wall ball. Typical December day, 64 and sunny. Didn't help my time much though! Kicked it old school with Gary P. who is alive and well in San Diego. Have fun at the finals manana.

Kay said...

17:18 for me as Sienna on Team Twinners. L1: Greg M, aka Mr. Major Cakes! Maybe an almond butter cake is in order.

My word verification doesn't appear anymore for some reason, so I'll make one up: heh Ida - what autocorrect inserted when I typed in random letters.

Great job Susie and Karin! You ladies made the WOD look so easy!

Alex E. said...

Sorry Greg M., all sales are final. No refunds or returns.

cancomat - what some people felt the need to do with the ABMATS

Adam "Big Helper" Latham said...

Lance, you still need assistance tomorrow am?

Kay, I may need to roll tomorrow early as well...I'll email you here in a second.

Gonuc- the sound one makes when the person in front of them took the last donut.

Greg M said...

FYI...the heat has been fixed inside the bubble, but we will still have cold almond butter and beer Friday Night. :)

Alex E. said...

As the afternooners roll in please send in your times. As James mentioned earlier a week of O199 makes the games computer move very slowwwwwwly.

Erin Anderson said...

Darin: 27:34. Scaled wall balls from 14# to 10# but used correct form and the 9' line.

Should we bring money for food tomorrow, i didn't bring any all week?

Ross said...

Not in the games so not grader... Did Odessy with a 27:55 - smoked right now..

Kay said...

Susi - sorry for misspelling your name; it was that darned auto correct, and I didn't see it until now.

Amy said...

17:53 Rx'd Odyssey
Lvl 1 Matt

Alex E. said...

Missing times for the following individuals:

AF Steve
Amy J.
Jimmy S.
LTC MacDonald
Matt J.

Jimmy S. said...

21:10 graded by Matt

Air Force Steve said...

AF Steve - 17:00 Odyssey Lvl 1: Kevin "Big" Mac

Kevin MacDonald (wearing the Underdog t-shirt) - 16:52 Sienna Lvl 1: Me

I've been wondering where those bands were! I'll talk Helen if Greg doesn't beat me to it.

Goats completed: ring dips, TTB
Goats to be completed: HSPU, Burpees, pistols...Leeroy Jenkins!


Matt said...

LV1 - The Air Force Machine formally known as Wade

Sorry for the late post. I have been busy planning on how the 2nd MEB will single handily save Azerbaijan...and trying to figure out why Google has decided to honor Diego Rivera.

Gary said...

22:37 with 20# wallball and knees to elbows. Great WOD with Noah even though he killed me today. It reminded me that part of what I loved about IMCF was the daily motivation to "get better" because you got to compete against people you knew. I think I find myself "refocussed" now. Thanks Noah.
As an aside I did set a PR in deadlift while we were warming up/screwing around.