Dec 5, 2011

120611 Tuesday

Games WOD #1

For time

Lunge steps @ minivan


Deadlift @ minivan
Ring dips @ minivan


Lunge steps @ minivan

If you are part of the IMCF games then this is the first scoring WOD. You don't need to do this WOD with your partner - but both your individual scores count towards your team score. The following applies to your conduct of this WOD.

1. You must have a L1 trainer judge you against the following movement standards:

2.      You scale this WOD depending on what type of minivan you are(see note).

100 Walking Lunges
(50 Each Knee)
90 Walking Lunges
(45 Each Knee)
80 Walking Lunges
(40 Each Knee)
70 Walking Lunges
(35 Each Knee)
M – 225
F – 135
M – 205
F – 115
M – 185
F – 95
M – 165
F – 75
Ring Dips
M – No Assistance
F – Red Band
Ring Dips
M – Red Band
F – Blue Band
Ring Dips
M – Blue Band
F – Hands on 24 inch box feet on 20 inch box
Ring Dips
M – Green Band
F – Hands on 20 inch feet on ground
100 Walking Lunges
(50 Each Knee)

90 Walking Lunges
(45 Each Knee)
80 Walking Lunges
(40 Each Knee)
70 Walking Lunges
(35 Each Knee)

3. Please post your time and name of your judge to comments.

Note: Trainers, we tried hard with the scaling, but it might not be perfect. Please intervene and make adjustments if this scaling is stopping this being fun for someone. Nothing good comes from someone taking 40 minutes to do 21 ring dips.


Greg E said...

This is going to be Awesome...

I will be in at 0530 to help grade and knock this out.

April said...

Someone is going to have to send Toyota an apology. I have a feeling these games are going to solidify my aversion to all things minivan...

Jeff and I will be in around 0540 for grading and for minivaning.

Brian S said...

Alex/james if we don't think a scale is required for something (like I'm a sieena and maybe I don't need a band for ring dips) do we get some extra credit for upping the ante? I know this has the potential to be confusing to the "all knowing spreadsheet" sorry.

Alex E. said...

You can use it but you don't have to. Remember you have to turn your thumbs to 12 o'clock at the top.

And no you don't get extra credit. Skynet is seriously watching you.

Julie said...

See you at 5:10am James!

Chris C. said...

I don't have a IMCF shirt but I will be in at 0530 to help grade. I'll wear a gold under armor shirt if anyone needs a grader.

April, tried emailing you but it kept getting returned. I'm good for drinks Fri. If there are any special requests or details let me know.

Mike said...

I'll be at the Bubble from 0530-0630. I'm going to grade Darin and anybody else that needs it.

Brian S said...

Thanks Alex. I'll gladly take the band then!

Greg M said...

I am going early around 0525-0530.

My minivan is already broken and needing repair.

Tiffany - I have Basketball practice at 0600 so I will be going a little early so I can go to practice. Hopefully I can walk or run after all the lunges.

Greg M said...

Jacque: 11:33

Scale - dropped DL weight at full extension on every rep.

Grader - Greg M.

Erin Anderson said...

Are you feeling the pressure Greg? Tiffany was my partner on the 11/11/11 workout, so I will just say good luck!

Matt said...

No excuses. I am expecting big things from Team APATT!

Kay said...

I promise to be there in the morning; no sleeping in this time. Go Team Twin-ners! (Both Adam and I are parents of twins.) Adam, if you don't like that name, feel free to change it; this is what a glass of wine does at 2130 hrs. I'm just disappointed there is no Eurovan level.

ingerti - what a glass of wine at 2130 hrs does to the brain.

Dan said...

Alex and I plan to be in around 0515 should anybody need an early morning grader. Need to roll out around 6 for basketball practice though.

coflace: the look on the rest of the team's faces when they witness my (lack of) ball skills.

Tiffany said...

Greg M. - I will be there early too!

scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

No judges, no rings, was feeling spry so...

subbed split jumps for walking lunge and subbed bar dips for ring dips

15:58 for "Sienna"

Neal said...

The WOD (and the whole IMCF Games concept in general) looks awesome! Anna and I discussed last night beaming ourselves back to Leavenworth for the week...that'd be sweet! We miss being a part of IMCF. Good luck on the Games this week!

Julie said...

7:31 supervised by James. Thanks again James!

Dan said...

Brian graded

Dan said...


Did Sedona: 10:41

Grader Greg E

J.Gibson said...

Great WOD. 14:55 (215lbs DL & some really crappy dips).

For Thursday: recommend having available judges standing at board or designated place so athletes can walk up and get a judge.

Looking forward to CAC run! Right.

Adam "Big Helper" Latham said...

Sedona, 11:15.

Graded by Kay. GO TEAM TWINNERS!!!

Dan said...

Chris C did 12:15 w/ me grading

Roger W. said...

10:20 per prescribed Sienna (red band and 205 lb DLs).

Graded by Deb

Soraya said...

9:43 for Sedona.
Graded by Jeff.

Ed said...

11:35 for Sienna (205 lb DL, red band)

No grader as I can't be here on Friday evening.

"secerso" as in wait a secerso, I'm still laying on the floor after my WOD

John T. said...

I did 12:20 (Sedona) with Jeff grading.

mersati - Cheap wine produced by a Kansas label but given an Italian name to sound expensive.

Matt said...

One half of Team AP-ATT:

9:36 (Sedona)

LV1: The Man, The Myth, The Air Force Legend - Wade

Bridget said...

Quest: 7:40
LV1 Soraya
: )

Tiffany said...

7:43 Sedona (with crappy DL form, thanks LV1's for correcting me afterwards, I'm sure I'll pay for it later).

Graded by Alex E.

Jimmy S. said...

15:12 @ Sienna
Graded by Chad

james said...

The games computer is churning...13:45 - I mis-timed my run to rings so did 190 lunges in a row - it sucked.

Kay - Given that you are only one of 17 Eurovan owners in the US we couldn't really include it.

Dan - are they live scores you are posting!

Neal - I think you and Anna could have your own category "1993 GMC Suburban"

Tiffany - you Julie and Erin can compare sore lower backs!!

I suppose I should do some school work now.

Greg M said...

15:53 (Sienna, Red Band, 205DL)

The lunges killed me on the back end.

Graded by James and Dan

Nice Job Tiffany!!

Jess said...

Finished (quest) in 10:04 this morning. Soraya was my grader, thank you for the motivation this morning!
James, my email is

Wade said...

Odyssey RXd - 13:04

LV 1 Grader = Matt J

Debbie said...

10:27 doing Sienna
LV 1 April

ersanish- a condition in which you find yourself at the end of the day with 3 children!

Meg Smith said...

For myself: 13:18, upgraded to Sienna, Rich/Amber L1

For my morning group:
Michele S: Quest 13:40
Jill Z: Quest 14:07
Stacy P: Sienna 12:54, dropped DL from full extension each rep
Yolanda Z: Quest 17:49

stershti: how you feel when your mouth is dry and you can't in, "During the WOD, I was stershti."

Greg E said...

14:08 this morning (Sienna)

Lance said...

The wheels fell off the Odyssey during the last round of ring dips...rx'd 14:29. Alex was my grader.

james said...

Nice upgrade Meg - you must have had a good trade

Brian S said...

11:36 For sieena class. Grader was Roger.

Erin Anderson said...

Darin, 17:32, quest, scaled DL to 65 for 2 rounds and 45 for 3rd round (still learning form), ring dips green band 2 rounds 3rd scaled to bar dips.

Erin, 11:07, Sedona. 90% effort which is improvement, I'd like to get to 100% effort level.

Thanks James for the coaching! I'm slowly getting it.

Adam, we are going to cancel Darin's reservation for thur. morning, he is not feeling great so we will have him do the workout in the afternoon. Give him a little bit of a break by sleeping in. Thank you!

Air Force Steve said...

I'll be in around 1630 if anyone wants to join.


Alex E. said...

15:10 for Sienna. Graded by Dan. Just received an update from our team at games headquarters, the games machine is fully operational and chugging along

bewalt - how I felt after seeing Mac time this morning.

Brian, he might actually be the terminator. Not sure he is human.

Lance said...

I'll be in the bubble 1530ish until 1630ish if anyone is needing to be graded...just let me know in the blog.

Greg M said...

Neal and Anna we are allowing virtual teams, get'er done and post your scores!!!

oh I almost forgot,


Kay said...

Team Twinner member Kay: 9:53 Sienna; went to red band on round 2 and 3 of ring dips; everything else as Rx'd. L1 grader: Adam.

discry - the cry you make when someone disses you.

Scott said...

I did Sedona variant, but probably should have done the Sienna.

80 Walk lunge
185 DL
Regular Dips unassisted [no rings here]
80 Walk lunge

james said...

Scott - are you here on Friday? I don't think we have you in a team?

Mac said...

10:04-odyssey as Rx'd. Observed by Chris.

Didn't realize how much gas I burned until I rode the bike to class...ouch. Looking forward to tomorrow's run with nice sore legs...thank you IMCF!

james said...

Mac, How could you not realise how much gas you burned? Your non aerodynamic family friendly four wheeled conveyance is not going to haul at 150 miles per hour on the smell of an oily rag.

Tiffany said...

Greg M. - I think you found our team name...

"Team Get'er Done"

Greg M said...

I like it!!

April said...

16:30 as RX'ed Sienna, Meg as a grader.
My minivan was crippled by my thumbs.

Rich M. said...

11:56 RXd for a Sienna-graded by Ed. unfortunately, I am now not going to be here Thursday or Friday, so I won't be competing in the games. Sorry Stacy.
I'm am officially the head cheerleader for team Julie (rocking a 7:31!) and Jay- Go get it baby!

Greg M said...

Rich - I know you are in class. Pay attention, no wonder I have to carry you in class all the time.

Ross said...

Not in the games so no grader, I did odessy, at Hood this week. my dips were sloppy but chipped away at them, post a 15:01, great workout....

Jay Luck said...

20:52 sorry partner whom ever u r. My minivan blew cylinder today. Or Greg made me turn my hands out on dips; every rep!!!!!! Two games of bball were great immediately after too. Ranger Tab for sale:(

Roger W. said...

Time today for Michelle W.

9:21 at Sedona.

Graded by Roger W.

Roger W. said...

Correction! Michelle W. is a quest. My understanding of Mini vans is weak, very weak

Amy said...

9:31 Rx'd Odyssey
Lvl 1 Matt

Air Force Steve said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Air Force Steve said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Air Force Steve said...

12:20...ouch! Goat, thy name is ring dip. You call me an Odyssey, but I felt like an Astro. Can we get a 1-rep max back squat for Thursday?

Grader/No Rep-er: LTC Kevin "Big Mac" McDonald


Iron Major CrossFit Coordinator said...

Amy - we are dope testing you tmw.

Amy said...

IMCF Coordinator,
I am fueled by red wine and almond butter.

Iron Major CrossFit Coordinator said...

I had to post that as the IMCF coordinator because it was official and very serious business... but given that you are only abusing paleoish substances we can probably let it slide.


Amy said...

The ish is heart of my paleoish lifestyle. Thanks for the reprieve James.

james said...

maybe we should just make you do the sobriety test prewod

Amber said...

This last conversation made me laugh, James and Amy!

10:56 Quest

Iron Major CrossFit Coordinator said...

Live from games HQ we are still missing times for LTC Mac and Jeff.

reroo - when susi and james have another child they will reroo.

Karin said...

8:06 - Quest.

James was my grader. Great WOD, thanks!

Erin Anderson said...

I will try red wine tomorrow night. I may sub something for the almond butter! Impressive Amy!

Gary said...

11:49 for the Siena WOD but with static dips no band.

I was 86'd from the gym today so Noah and I chatted briefly but no scoring was done as I was not allowed on premises with child. I did my WOD at home hence the static dips.

Thursday I will get through the door and I am excited.

Gary said...

I think I meant Sedona. . .160 lunges 185 DL

Greg M said...


Good to see you on the board. Hope you are all doing well. Have a Merry Christmas!!

Jeff B said...

Sedona @ 12:12 DL scaled to 135. John T graded.

Noah said...

Sienna for Noah...15:45, dismal performance on my part. Sorry IMCF Hohenfels. TAD wreaks havoc on my Zone diet and my WOD always suffers a little as a result. No band on the ring dips until the set of 21.

Noah said...

Make that Sedona, the Korean one not the Japanese one.