Dec 1, 2011

120211 FRIDAY

Coaches training. Unfortunately neither Greg nor can run coaches training tmw. I will leave it set at 0615 - 0700 tmw in the bubble if people want to self organize. Otherwise I will be there at around 0700 to move whatever equipment is required for Saturday.

Three rounds for fun of:
3 Hanging ring extensions (right arm + left arm = 1)( see video)
3 attempts for max time of L- sit (rings or parallettes)
15 Toes to Bar

Rest one minute between rounds. The idea of this workout is not to go crazy and work hard too hard. Play around with it, scale  - put one foot on a box for the ring extensions if you need to.

If you find you need to mobilise to improve your squat position after yesterday  then watch this.


Alex E. said...

As of right now the following times are missing for the IMCF Games Master Computer Programmer

Arod - Josh
J. Gibson - Josh and Nanny Goat
Jess - Nanny Goat
John T. - Nanny Goat
Karin - Nanny Goat (Doing it tomorrow)
LTC McDonald - Nanny Goat
Meg - Michelle, Yolanda, Jacque, Jill and Laura's Nanny Goat times (I know they are doing it tomorrow this is just for my accounting procedures)
Mr. Monroe - Josh and Nanny Goat
Scott - Nanny Goat
Scott competing virtually from Germany - Nanny Goat
Soraya - Nanny Goat
Susi - Nanny Goat (I know you are doing it tomorrow with Karin)

Just a quick reminder. The bubble closes at 0900 tomorrow.


Iron Major CrossFit Coordinator said...

April - we will bring some plastic cups, plates and napkins and a table next Friday(but probably only enough for 40 -50).


Greg M said...


Major Cakes (Jacque) will be providing a Cake and we can bring a table as well.

April said...

Sweet guys, thanks! I've got some cups/napkins/plates as well.

scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

Did Nanny Goat from yesterday

26:14 scaled 1/2 of DU to SU for first two rounds as Rx'd otherwise.

Good luck, all, with the Games!

Rich M. said...

We will bring our table too!

Kay said...

Alex - Please see yesterday's blog comments (by me) for Kim E's time for Nanny Goat; she did it this morning, and I was her grader.

8:42 for this morning; I forgot exactly what the WOD was, so I didn't rest 1 minute between rounds, and I had 1 foot on the box for most of my hanging ring extensions.

thfunre - the excitement leading up to the IMCF Games next Friday.

Kay said...

LTG Ferriter (IMCOM Cdr) was in the bubble this morning taking a look to see how he might be able to provide more CF-type facilities to other installations. His kids (he said they were about my age, so they must be in their early 20's) also do CrossFit, so he knows how good CF is for producing results. Let's hope we see more CF gyms around the Army.

nonsi - what happens when your NVG batteries die.

james said...

Kay, great news about the IMCOM Cdr visit ... and about the age defying powers of crossfit

I specifically signed out so I get a word.

clocare - the health care of choice for clovers

Erin Anderson said...

I did the fun part of the workout and worked on some goats.

Tiffany said...

The WOD for today was non-existent for me so I worked on skills and helped move equipment to harney for tomorrow followed by a 3 mi. jog.

"flert"...need I say more?

Ed said...

I took my time with the WOD this morning, getting pretty good extension on round 1 for the ring stuff, not so good at the end.

L-sits on the rings, held 10 sec for each.

Subbed GHD situps for TTB, my torn up hand would not have handled the TTB.

"proillyi" - as in proillyi will drink some beer this evening and rest my sore muscles.

Rich M. said...

no wod- can't lift my arms.

"effinsore"- how I feel after this week.

Alex E. said...

Meg - can you please confirm which of your girls are going to be competing on Friday night.

Games Committee

Alinis ....not sure but sounds like it hurts

Air Force Steve said...

We would like to use childcare next Friday as well. Thanks

bersne, a very expensive red wine

Greg M said...

Alex - Jacque will be competing.

Meg Smith said...

Alex: To keep it all straight--
Michelle W
JOSH: 35# Blue Band all reps 11:20
GOAT: SU, 20", Knee PU, 45# 18:06

Yolanda Z
JOSH: 35#, Green Band, all reps 9:57
GOAT: SU, 15", KPU, 45# 19:54

Michele S
JOSH: 21/15/9 both, Green Band, 25# 6:36
GOAT: SU, 20", KPU, 55# 21:49

Jacque M
JOSH: 21/15/9 both, Jump PU, 15# 6:25
GOAT: Greg will judge

Jill Z
JOSH: 35#, GB 13:24
GOAT: SU, 20", KPU 45# 22:13

Stacy P
JOSH: 35#, Red Band, all reps 11:40
GOAT: SU, 20", 55# 16:29

Only one uncertain about is Laura S, who did Josh, but I didn't judge Goat. If I hear that she's in, I'll let you know tomorrow.

Please keep me posted on who needs childcare so our provider knows if she'll need backup!

tater: a delicious form of the sweet potato

Greg M said...

Jacque's score:

SUs, Tuck Jumps, KPU, 45#s

Jess said...

Alex E. Are you tracking my nanny goat score? I posted my time later thursday evening on that days thread

Alex E. said...

Jess -

I have your time.

Meg -

I don't remember if we discussed this today but is Laura participating?

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Soraya said...

John and I have been out of town for a few days, so we had to do the Nanny Goat in our local globo gym and grade each other. After figuring out that you can stack step class steps to do box jumps on and the akwardness of everyone watching us run from the aerobics room to the weight room and back 3 times, we got it done. The pushups were by far the hardest for both of us. This also makes me appreciate our facility at home so much.

John- 14:15. SUs, 115# front squats, 24" (step stack) box.

Soraya- 15:45. SUs, 65# front squats, 20" (step stack) box.

My arms are shaking as I type this.

james said...

John and Soraya - got it - thank you - don't worry the arm thing will stop in few days.