Jan 3, 2012


Bergener warmup

"The Chief"

 max reps in 3 min, rest 1 min, repeat 5 times. 

 3 135lb power cleans, 
 6 pushups, 
 9 squats

Each year in the United States Navy, a highly qualified and elite cadre of Sailors are selected and promoted to the join the ranks of Chief Petty Officer. Since 1893, "The Chiefs" have been relied upon by subordinates and superiors alike for their personal example, technical expertise and above all, their unique leadership capabilities. As the induction process for newly selected Chief Petty Officers is now underway throughout the US Navy, we thought it appropriate to inaugurate "The Chief" in honor and recognition of all past and present CPOs. Thanks to them and their families for their self-sacrifice, ability to adapt, tireless dedication to mission and devotion to country.

Jamie Z's 0530 Class

5-5-5-5-5 Deadlift


For time:
30 Box jumps
30 Pullups


scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

3rds + 2 PC
3rds + 3 PC
3rds + 2 PC
3rds + 2 PC

Total = 16rds + 9 PC

*watch failure (or operator failure)

Mike said...

5 rds + PC & PU
4 rds + PC
4 rds
3 rds + PC
3 rds + 1xPC

During the L1 Cert in Oct the trainers did this workout during lunch on Day 1. I remember Spealler did 8 rds during the first two iterations.

Brian S said...

5 rds
4 rds + 3 PC
4 rds
4 rds
4 rds

I got dizzy on the last round. Maybe its the lack of fast food in my diet!

james said...

Brian - low blood volume - a result of slight dehydration you normally have first thing in the morning - cleaning big heavy things sucks all the blood into your legs if the volume is low your brain misses out - therefore dizzy.

Amy - I have no come back to a zealous Trinidadian and Tobagian getting almond butter engorged people off the couch with fury.

4 +1PC, 4 + 1PC, 4,4,4

John T. said...

4 rds
3 rds +PC & PU & 7 AS
3 rds + PC & PU
3 rds + PC & PU
4 rds + 2PC

Yes, my last round was my best as I must have been feeling sorry for myself the first few rounds. It took me a while to get my groove on the power clean. No hip explosion on the first few sets.

Soraya said...

4 rounds + 2 PC
3 rounds + PCs + PUs
3 rounds + PCs + PUs + 2 AS
3 rounds + PCs + PUs
4 rounds + PCs

Nice to see everyone this morning.

Tiffany said...

4 + 1PC
3 + 3PC + 6PU

Did 65#, probably could have done 75 but I think I would have lost some intensity. Good workout!

Lance said...

As Rx'd:


414 total reps

Also, who had the discount code for the AsRx ropes? I know that I saw a post that had it, just don't feel like digging back through them.

Tiffany said...

Lance - I used "WODTALK" and that one worked.

Scott said...

Did the Killer Kay WOD today.

6:28 with 400M run on Treadmill (no falls :)) and Bench jump burpess since no boxes here at G4.

then got to 9 reps on OHS with 65. I really wanted to ensure good form so I went light.

Safe Travels Kay and good luck at PPTO. Looks like you had a great year at ILE, now back to the real world.


Alex E. said...

4+1 PC
3+5 Sqt
4+1 PC
3+2 Sqt

Mac said...

5, 5, 5, 4, 4 rds. Amazing how painful a three minute stretch can be, and how short a minute can seem.

How the hell can someone do 8 rds in three minutes?!? Humbling.

Erin Anderson said...

17 rounds at 2 seconds over. I just started where I left off at the end of each 3 min. round. oops.

95# for 5 cleans, failed on 6 then 75# for the rest.

Ross said...

Great workout
4 + 3pc/6pu/2sq
4+ 2pc
4+ 2pc
= smoked

Ross said...

Sorry still smoked, sets two and three .make that +3pc not 2

Mark said...

Can someone school me on the point of the little jump at the end of Bergener warm up/clean. What the heck is the point of jumping when you already have the weight up?

Dan said...

My back and power cleans weren't getting along... shut it down early this morning.

Thanks to Alex for helping me with my form afterward.

Noah said...

4 rds.
3 rds + 3 PC.
3 rds.
3 rds + 3 PC.
4 rds.

Power cleans had my number today. They were messin' with my mind for some reason.

Lance said...

Tiffany: Thanks, I'll give it a shot.

Mark: the Bergener warm up breaks the snatch into its basic moves...shrug, high pull, hip extension (which includes the jump), and the catch. Although you most likely won't leave the ground under heavy weight, it's a cue for rapid explosion...muscle memory.

Julie said...

Thank you for everyone for coming today to support Rich at his promotion! It meant a lot to see all of our friends! :)

And a big thank you to Greg for helping us set up the whole thing and run back and forth to my car! :) The cake by Jacque was amazing as always!!!

And thank you for my clean up crew- Rich, Tiffany and Erin! Thank you for staying to help me load up again! You are all the best and helped me get Lillian back to school on time and Lydia down for a much needed nap! :)

And another shout out to Erin! Thank you for taking pictures for us today! It means a lot!!

Thank you everyone! We couldn't have done it with each of you!


Matt said...

Hesitated on the 135#... but as Rx'd!

3rds + 3 PC
3rds + 3 PC
3rds + 1 PC

I was on the fence for buying an Rx rope (after trying Jacob's) or building my own. I went with the latter, and built one from the following website for $6. Home Depot near Zona Rosa had all the components. Lowes near Zona Rosa did not. I got my measurements from the Rx Jumprope site - I was 91" with both measurement techniques.


These weren't hard to build. If you want, I could get some more materials and build a few more for the bubble. Seems we're down to about 2 jump ropes.

Ben said...

I am from the 526th MP Company here on post and am currently in the middle of planning our quarterly training which will be taking place at the end of January. Part of that training event is going to be a Crossfit MTT from Combat Crossfit in KC for 15 of our Soldiers. This training will be taking place 30JAN - 02FEB from 0630 to 0830 and I have coordinated this with Harney. I know that IMCF is usually in the bubble up to right around 0630. I just wanted to give a heads up so that no one is blind sided and in an effort to try to workout some cooperation so as to ensure that the IMCF WODs run smoothly as well as our training event. Thanks for all of your help and understanding in advance. I will post a reminder as the event draw closer.

Chad said...

Let's just call it 3 per round for both Melissa and me. Me as Rxd her with 45lb bar. Good work!

Tony said...

3 rds
3.33 rds
4 rds
4 rds
3 rds

Bridget said...

Pretty horrible WOD for me today
Warmed up w/ Roger eating much of my will and more of the power needed for this one... but form is important (#95)
3 per round average
1- #95
2-3 #85
4-6 #75
10 bonus form work at the end #65
Jogged in & back & played w/ goats @ end

Meg Smith said...

Felt like a total slug today...must have been those 19 hours in the car yesterday. Bleh.
4 rounds + 2 PC (1st)
3 rounds + 4 squats (2, 3, 4)
3 rounds + 3 squats (5)

My father in law built me an adjustable weight KettleBell! I'll get the specs, as it would be an ideal home gym addition, and might help us out with some of those in-between weights we're missing.