Nov 24, 2011

112511 FRIDAY

Bubble open at 0800-1800 today


20 min AMRAP

5 x Pull-ups
10 x Crossfit Push-ups
15 x Squats


If you are traveling we want you to come up with your own WOD.


Looking for 15-20 mins of Work
Must include gymnastics and squats

Post your WOD and time, last thing: Be creative!!

You can always post your WOD first to bounce it off us before if you are unsure.


Brian S said...

18 rds + 5 pullups +10 CFSPU + 5 air squats. PR for me on this one. My pushups got sloppy towards the end but otherwise I felt pretty solid.

Dan said...

Subbed (an attempt at) "Eva"
800M run
30 KBS @70#
30 PU

Scaled rounds 1-2 to 20 PU; scaled 3-5 to 20 KBS and 15 PUs.


Arms are shaking out of control... Can anybody drive me home?


Meg Smith said...

11 rounds+3 pull ups. PR. It's my first time doing CF pushups for the WOD. When they started getting really sloppy (around 13 min) I deferred back to full ROM chest to ground pu instead.

Soraya said...

Subbed two rounds of:
1 mi run as fast as possible
50 squats
10 x 10 seconds of modified L-sits (crossing legs instead of straight out).
Took me 21:34. Good quick WOD.

Tiffany said...

WOD @ CrossFit Finish First in Olympia:

50 double unders
40 wall balls (10#)
30 grasshoppers
20 pull ups (blue band)
10 handstand pu (used box)

3 rounds for time: 19:14

I was feeling energetic after my 45 min drive home so I ran 2.2 mi around a lake in 16:30...I am done.

Jimmy S. said...

16 rnds + 5 PUs

My carbo loading from yesterday did not help.

CFPUs killed me. Very happy with my PUs though. This was the first time the we're not my limiting factor.

Michele joined me and did 15 rnds of 3-6-9.

Time for more leftovers.

Bridget said...
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Bridget said...

Took husband w/ me to JBLM or Ft/ Lewis WA. McVeigh gym has a CF room nice sized....

I was able to do 14 - 5 squats
1-2 red band rest blue
John did 13 rounds, he loves me.. lol!

Almost lost my turkey lunch.. Good WOD!

John T. said...

I either did 13-14 rounds as Rx. I lost count at the end. Great workout.

Noah said...

13 or 14 rds. Lost count between 9 and 11.

Amber said...

16 rounds scaled as follows:
2 rounds blue band pull ups, 14 green band
Pushups on knees at some point fairly early when I started doing the worm doing them standard.