Nov 22, 2011

A910 CrossFit Fundamentals!!

Mobility is a family affair- Lydia Martin
At 1330, Wednesday, 30 November, will be hosting the A910 Comprehensive Soldier Fitness elective for class 11-02.

I need volunteers to assist with instructing an abbreviated version of the fundamentals course and a short WOD for a total class time of approximately 2 hours.

This class will be much smaller than the ones we hosted earlier this year, so it would be a great opportunity for some of the new Level 1s to do some instruction in a low threat environment.

If you are interested in helping, please let me know NLT this Friday.  Also let me know if you have a preference for what you feel comfortable instructing or not instructing.  I will send a coordination/informational email this weekend and be prepared to meet Tuesday morning around 0630 to go over a few things.

Be aware the current Strawman has SGs A&B in class until 1730 on the 30th and it's also one of the days the Master Log test is scheduled.

Lance & Marine Matt, please just confirm your availability.


Ed said...

I'm in for the 30th. Willing to instruct any portion. I'm out of town until Sunday after Thanksgiving. Let me know what you need.

Lance said...


I'm one of the the lucky ones that will have class until 1730 on the 30th. With all the BS brushback I got for the one time that I had to miss a whole 2 hours to do a "Strategic Engagement" requirement from the all knowing and omnipotent civilian Sith Lords, it's doubtful that I will be allowed to help out. You can always count me in in the future for nutrition discussion and other long as it doesn't interfere with me learning how to be a Major.

Alex E. said...

Apparently Lance and I have the same SGA. I would love to help but will just barely initiating my new course on Army Major requirements. Much better to learn CFLCC planning than actually teach someone something that matters!