Nov 30, 2011


IMCF Games. 
Games Seeding WOD #2 "The Nanny Goat"

84 x Double Unders (2:1 scale for 168)
42 x Box jumps (24/20)
42 x Crossfit standard pushups (Scale CFS pushup to knees)
11 x Front Squat @ 135/95
60 x Double Unders
30 x Box jumps
30 x Crossfit standard pushups
8 x Front Squat @ 135/95
36 x Double Unders
18 x Box jumps
18 x Crossfit standard pushups
5 x Front Squat @ 135/95

At 0530 there will be a short skills clinic to explain the movements and scaling options if anyone requires it. Meet James at the whiteboard to participate. Or post your questions to comments.

If you are part of the IMCF games then this is Seeding WOD #2. Remember, seeding WOD's don't count towards your two person team score they let IMCF workout the teams and appropriate scales for them. The following applies to your conduct of this WOD.

1. You must have a L1 trainer judge you against the following movement standards:

These are standard double-unders with the rope passing twice around the body in a forward motion with each jump. Swinging the rope backward is not permitted. For the rep to count, the rope must clear twice. Attempts where the rope catches before clearing twice do not count. You are permitted to use your own rope.

Box jump
This is a two-foot jump onto the box. The hips and knees must open fully when you are standing on the box. Both feet must be on the box at the same time when your hips are extended. You may jump down or step down but you must jump up.

A straight body position must be maintained throughout. No snaking, sagging or pushing up from the knees. The elbows and shoulders must be locked out at the top with the feet no wider than shoulder width. At the bottom, the chest (nipple-line or above) and thighs must touch the floor and the hands must be lifted.

Front Squat. Weight starts on the ground. Hips must be open at the top of the movement and below the knee at the bottom.

2.You need to decide how to scale this WOD for yourself, plan on doing it in between 15 and 25 minutes.

3. Please post your time, including scale (weight/bands/box/singles instead of double unders), and name of your judge to comments.


Rich M. said...

Oh good Lord!!! James- confirm that you are still in for 0510 to judge Julie?

Iron Major CrossFit Coordinator said...

correct - I hope she has her double under shoes on

james said...

Believe or not ...the IMCF games coordinators have day jobs. So ... we were kind of hoping that someone might take on the job of coordinating food and drink for after the games on Friday 09 Dec 11. We thought maybe pizza, some Jimmmy Johns and a few coolers of beer - we can collect cash on the night ...we are cleared hot to eat and drink in the bubble.

Please post if you are happy to pull this cart.

April said...

Jeff and I will take on the heinous task of gathering and sampling the beer.
Will we have a rough idea of the # attending sometime next week?

james said...


1. You and Jeff Rock.

2. we have about 40 athletes

3. We have a fair few Husband and wife teams so I imagine that we can Budget for another 40 in kids and supporters. Total maybe 60 - 70 adults and 20 - 40 kids.

If anyone can make a better swag then post away.

Alex E. said...

I think that a pretty good number. I bet that it wouldn't be higher than that.

Greg M said...

I say who ever had the fastest "Josh" time should coordinate the food. He obviously needs to eat more pizza to slow down a little. Go Air Power.

Rich M. said...

I can get the pizza and Jimmy Johns if you would still like the help. Just let me know.

James supervised me today.
All SU jump rope, all 20 inch box jump, all CF PUs, and all front squats 33 1/2 bar

Great WOD! Thanks again James!

Rich M. said...

Sorry, didn't realized I was signed in as Rich. The last post was for Julie!!!

Adam "Big Helper" Latham said...

16:52, with SU rather than DU. All else as RX. Thanks to Alex for the grading assist and keeping me honest. Another killer WOD!

Let me know if more food and beverage assistance is required.

Adam "Big Helper" Latham said...

By the way, where did The term nanny goat come from?

April said...

April 20:42 SU, PU sets 30 & 18 from the knees. All else as Rx'ed.

Jeff 23:05 SU, 95#, all else as Rx'ed.

Judged each other, but we were in the presence of Meg and Debbie, so no "friends & family discounts".

Roger W. said...

17:10 Rx'd

Graded by Greg.

Matt said...

Matt James-
Front squats: 95#, all else as Rx'd.
L1: Wade Henning

I hate DUs.

Jess said...

Any lvl1 judges available this afternoon around 1530?

Greg E said...

Good WOD:
15:40 graded by Ed.
Single unders for all rounds
BJ, PU, and FS - RX

Ed said...


Single Unders subbed for DU, all else as Rx.

L1: Greg

Debbie said...

SU, all else as Rx'd. I was given grace on some PU, need to work on not doing the worm and save it for the dance floor!

Great WOD!

Meg was my LV1

james said...

Pizza and Jimmy Johns helpers, thank you for the help, please form a consortium with April and Jeff and attack.

19.58 - it is interesting watching the interplay of exercise, times and athletes ... the IMCF games committee spreadsheet continues to churn

james said...

Nanny goat ...its the mother goat ..

Greg M said...

21:02 - another great WOD!!

Work capacity needs to improve. To many breaks.


Bridget said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Chris C. said...

As RXd: 15:29

Alex was my grader. Great WOD! The Box Jumps and push-ups killed me.

I should be able to assist with beer if necessary.

Lance said...

As Rx'd...16:29. Ed was my CFL 1.

Ed verify that time for me please, my cognitive skills decrease in direct relationship to an increase in intensity at times.

Jess, I have class scheduled till 1530, but could swing by the bubble after that to grade if you haven't found anyone.

Meg Smith said...

DU Rx, BJ Rx
1st 15 PU Rx, remaining CF from the knee
1st 5 FS Rx, remaining 83#
Struggled today on my DU, and broke form, having to go to knees on PU, much sooner than I anticipated.

Debbie was my L1. Thanks for sticking around.

Meg Smith said...

I'll be at the Bubble judging at 0930 today if anyone needs watching.

April said...

Chris C. would you be willing to grab some soda/Gatorade/juice/water for the kids & other non-drinkers?
My email is we can further coordinate that way.

james said...

I was also thinking for Friday that we might cordon off a kids corner in the bubble and put maybe a big screen in there or some toys, books etc. Any takers to own that sideshow? If we want to do the big screen Alex and I can set it up.

Mac said...

13:19, as Rx'd, observed by Alex.

That was cool, but man those CF pushups are rough!

Ed said...

Lance, your memory did not fail you. 16:29 is correct.

Noah said...

17:30, judged by Rich (with an M) and Brian (with an S). Squats scaled to 115# after the first 11, pushups had the knees down for sets 2 and 3. Felt like I spent about 80% of my time in the pushup position since they are my eternal goat.

Jess said...

I will be there waiting for you- I will use the wait time to warm up and stretch :) Thanks!

Ross said...

Clock trouble had to restart at the 15 min mark, finished somewhere between 21min and 21:30. Scaled the rope jumps to singles and stepped off the box probably about 80% of the time, have trouble tellinig my body to jump backwards off of something for some reason....

Tiffany said...


Scaled to SU and front squat @ 75#. Everything else was Rx.

Whew, CFPU was my momma goat today. "Padsuck" was my word for the day...ironic since that's what it felt like I was doing when my face was on the floor sucking air during the CFPU.

Brian S. was my LV1 - Thanks for the push!

Arod said...

18:24, with mostly SUs and 95 lbs on the FS. I, like Ross, found myself stepping off towards the end as well during the box jumps..great WOD though..

Bridget said...

Roger was my LV1 observer, he kept me on track much appreciated!

I scaled the Front Squats 65#
RX'd the rest (lifting arms the rest of the day is optional)..
I did all singles on the Jump rope.


Kay Natasha's class rm is 2316 11D

Brian S said...


Did SU in lieu of DU
RX on Box Jump, pushups and front squat.
I think I found a new goat, high repetition box jumps...I hate them now.

Noah kept me in check and pushed me along, thanks Noah.

Rich M. said...

15:30. Scaled FS to 115. All else RXd

Kay said...

18:42 as Rx'd (DU, 20" box-jumping up and stepping down, CFPU, and 95# FS). James was my L1; thank you James for pushing me and not letting me re-rack during the FS.

Teregat is my word.

Thanks Bridget for Natasha's room; I'll put it in her mailbox this afternoon.

Kay said...

Chuck Brisbois - Sorry for the post on the blog, but I don't have your email. I have your sweatshirt; let me know how I can get it to you; cost is $15.50. Thank you.

Wade said...

Switched to single-unders for rds 2 and 3.
Matt James watched.

Air Force Steve said...

I'll be in the "Bub" @ 1630 if anyone else wants to have a go (myself included). I will gladly consume much Friday.


Jimmy S. said...

16:50; scaled to all SU; the rest as rx'd.

Unfortunatly, no lvl 1s here but me. Guest speaker must have motivated everybody to go do monograph work.

Meg Smith said...

From my morning group:
Stacy: 16:29, SU, 55#
Michele: 18:06, SU, 45#, knee PU

The rest will go tomorrow morning.

Amber said...

15:43...SU jump rope, 20 inch box jumps with 50-75% of them stepping on and off vs. jumping (think my legs were still tired from yesterday!?), PUs on knees, FS 40#.

Amber said...

Oh, forgot to add that Meg judged me.

AF Steve:
asitatat was my word ver. Say that 5 times fast.

Dan said...

Grader: Alex

Rd1: 56DU/56SU
Rd2: 120 SU
Rd3: 24DU/24SU


Lance graded Jay:
All SU


Erin Anderson said...

Darin - 23:56 SU, PU knees, 35#

Erin - 18:54 SU, 65#

April, if I can bring a table or help set-up on Friday please let me know.

Amy said...

17:42 Rx'd

Alex E. said...

15:24 as graded by Dan.

All SUs, everything else RXd. Whoever designed that workout is evil.

sumaxi - Is an ancient Incan word for pilot who works out in sweatband.

Meg Smith said...

The woman that does childcare for our morning group is available to help with kids on Friday if we want. We usually use a racquetball court upstairs in Harney main and bring toys to play with. If everyone with kiddos chips in a few, she's willing.

james said...

Meg - we are in for the childcare at any price.

Air Force Steve said...

13:21 Rx'ed...drat those two seconds.

"persalip" - Elbonian for "Man who kills my box jump mojo"


Derek P said...

Kay, Wade lives on the same street as Chuck and can get his sweatshirt to him. If he's not there, you can give it to me and I'll take it over to him. I'll find you in the morning.


Alex E. said...

As of right now the following times are missing for the IMCF Games Master Computer Programmer

Arod - Josh
J. Gibson - Josh and Nanny Goat
Jess - Nanny Goat
John T. Josh and Nanny Goat
Karin - Nanny Goat (Doing it tomorrow)
LTC McDonald - Nanny Goat
Meg - Michelle, Yolanda, Jacque, Jill and Laura's Nanny Goat times (I know they are doing it tomorrow this is just for my accounting procedures)
Mr. Monroe - Josh and Nanny Goat
Scott - Nanny Goat
Scott competing virtually from Germany - Nanny Goat
Soraya - Nanny Goat
Susi - Nanny Goat (I know you are doing it tomorrow with Karin)

Just a quick reminder. The bubble closes at 0900 tomorrow.


paizathi - Krasnovian for "one who would have had fastest time today if he could read the standards posted on whiteboard"

Amy said...

We would use childcare. Just let us know how much.
Amy and Matt James

Amy said...

Forgot to post that Matt J was my level 1.

April said...

A table would be excellent! Thank you! We have one that we will bring also. Bring it by whenever is convenient for you on Friday.

Have you published a timeline for Friday that I missed?

My word: amess. A MESS. Like how I feel after Josh and the Goat.

Alex E. said...

April -

Games will start at 1730. Should not take any longer than one hour. James and I will be in early to setup.

Alex E. said...

John T. - I found your Josh time.

Jess said...

17:34 was my time today. Scaled for SU, 65# on FS, managed 18 CFPU on round 1 before going to knees for the remainder. Box jumps stepped down
Thanks Lance for grading and motivating (Jans also for the motivation) this was a tough workout to complete!

Air Force Steve said...

True...I just don't agree with that therefore I am whining and I always tell my kids to "stop whining!"

hylycal (what my favorite maple donute is)

Kay said...

Kim E. did Nanny Goat today (Friday morning), so I'm posting her results:

17:29 scaled to SU and 65# FS; Rx on 20# box jumps and CFPU. I was her L1 grader.

ingedr is the word.

Karin said...

Time was 13:52. Did SU, 45# FS and 50% of PU on knees.

James was my judge, thanks mate!